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All my life, I've had an image of what my life is supposed to be like, and I've worked towards creating that life. I've gotten a higher education, been the best partner, parent, and friend that I could be, taken care of myself....yet, what does it mean when reality keeps giving the crappiest bad luck? Some might say 'God/Devil' is trying to tell you something, some might say karma from a past life is kicking you to the curb, some might just say it's just plain bad luck. What would you say?

gypsyjane 5 Feb 17

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Choices dictate results. Look at tim tebow. Probably a great fellow. But he isnt successful by a money standard. But he keeps trying to be a pro athlete. Bad luck? Bad choice? Or a life passion?


There's no guarantees in life. All you can do is your best and appreciate what you have more than lament what you're missing. I'm saying this after years of focusing on the negative. Letting go of expectations has given me the freedom to live more fully and be more grateful.


The journey is what matters, more so than the destination.


It is hard to provide a thoughtful answer as I have never felt this way, though my life has wandered in ways that I neither planned nor predicted. Still, I am happy both with my choices and how things worked out. The Chinese say that "He who expects nothing is never disappointed." Sometimes, what passes as luck, is just managing expectations. What would be an example of something that could only be chalked up to 'Bad Luck'?


Simply that life happens. That’s what I’d say. Ya just gotta keep on keeping on.


Lol I'd say i feel the same way!


Bad luck .. there is no evidence of a higher power.. i give a little leeway on karma even though i know logically it can't be real. But seen so much weird stuff over my years, so still have an open mind about (why i am not atheist but agnostic)..
But ya .. bad luck..
Can also sometimes be self imposed. Many times we humans put ourselves in situations that make it easier for bad luck to happen ..
Ie: having a car get a flat the day of an important job interview because we didnt think to check the tires that week. Etc etc


I went from an abusive home to an abusive marriage at 16. I was widowed at 22 with 5 & 4 year old boys, I never had a chance to have an image of what I wanted out of life before it came at me full bore.

More than anything else, I expect shit to happen and it usually does.


I would agree with the comment below by skado, with the exception that we can access it. We can re-program it, neuro-lunguistically or otherwise . . . . you have to listen to what you tell yourself when you are going about your everyday affairs . . . . people who are constantly telling themselves bad things usually get what they expect. If there is a problem with that, it has to be remedied by changing the self-talk, simply by repetition.

THHA Level 7 Feb 17, 2019

This does exactly that . . . . but it never claims that it is ALL that.

@HomeAloneSunday "Or did I subconsciously create snow?"
No. But you may have subconsciously increased the risk.. an important interview, many would leave an hour early and grab a coffee down the street.. others wouldnt , and in a way put themselves in a situation where they might be late.
And of course sometimes bad luck is just.. bad luck.. can't do anything about it.

@HomeAloneSunday if you can't leave early.. then book a different time.. book time off .. etc etc.. all risks can be assessed and appropriate safeguards put in place.
But i do believe when we get a "string of bad luck" one of the causes can be we are not assessing the risks correctly..

If the job interview was not important enough to give yourself leeway, then it is a risk you felt comfortable taking.. but still your decision..

Everyone has bad luck.. but logically if a person has way more bad luck then the average person, then its either something they are doing. Or their perception of said luck is incorrect. (Maybe they missed that interview, but the job would of been a horrible fit for them)


I would say... that a large portion of our decision-making apparatus is hidden in the unconscious where we can't easily get our hands on it, or even see what it looks like. If there is a repeating pattern that is difficult to change, it is usually coming from our psychology.

skado Level 8 Feb 17, 2019

I don't believe in all the luck, karma, etc. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I hope life gets back on track for you.


Life is what happens when you're planning something else.


sometimes when im down i can come up with a very long list of bad luck events, all the relationships that ended, all the money I don't have etc, but then when im in a good mood I make a point to count all my blessings, and they end up being the same things, im glad im not with that guy, and im glad im learning how to budget etc..


A quick glance at your profile seems to indicate that you're one of the lucky ones. Maybe count your blessings?

My thoughts exaxtly...


IDK. Don't we all become the sum of the decisions we have made? Relationships we have had? People we have empowered & vice versa, not grabbing the power ourself?
Myself, I ace the small stuff...(live within my means, save a little money, be helpful, take care of business) but I get to the point where major decisions kill me ( wives, vehicles, investments) and I get set way, way, way back.

Yup that's how I got here.

twill Level 7 Feb 17, 2019

What if all your hard work and good deeds have been the "good luck", and all the crappy stuff has been the "bad luck"???

Yin/Yang. All depends on your perspective, and what your expectations are.
Don't forget about expectations, they're tricky buggers.
There is nothing anywhere that says anything (life) or anyone (anyone) have to
live up to whatever your expectations are.

Just keep swimming.


Life is a constant roll like the oceans waves. Some waves are beautiful crashing with a wonderous spray. Others are dark and ominous. So is life. Just keep going because those dark waves will eventually break into those glorious surf riding powerhouses.

Exact same thing I just said, only you said it WAY better.

@KKGator I don't know - I kinda like your version. Expectations are definitely buggers.


The rain falls on the good and the bad alike.


It is what it is.

And I am pretty sure it isn't in South Sudan, et al.

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