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Any pro-wall atheists out there? I have been down near the border filming my latest documentary recently, and I didn't see any sign of this "emergency" or whatever it's being touted as.

Shaggy 4 Feb 19

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No wall.
I hope 45 gets tied up in court for so long, he drops dead, and so does his stupid idea.

For his dumbass idea to drop dead his supporters would also have to drop dead or come to their senses one.

With blue tape? Zip ties, maybe? Breathable ball gag? If anybody asks about the ball, blame Roger Stone, because he set a precedent when a partial gag order didn't work.

@snifflz Okay. I'm fine with that.


The only reason Trump wants the wall is to get the “win” to make it look like he’s keeping a campaign promise.
Most illegal drugs come in through ports of entry, not the southern border; plus, there are many ways of circumventing a border wall, making it nothing more than an expensive folly.


Not this atheist. I'm pro-reality.


i think we need to get trump surrounded by walls asap. that is an emergency. the border? not so much.



I fail to see how or why this wall idea is an emergency or important. There are so many other situations that need attention and money, and I don't see how this wall will help either our country, OR our relationship with Mexico or points further south...


He wants a national monument with his name on it, bigly. Doesn't care who it harms.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the border:


Keep your eyes peeled. Antonio Banderas and Danny Trejo are out there, probably disguised as gila monsters or saguaros.

Trejo is in every movie that has anything to do with Mexico it seems.


Fake POTUS, fake wall, fake supporters! It doesn't matter though because Monkey Balls has so many people convinced that bad people are crossing that border just to kill you. If people would just understand that the Trump "brand" is his name and that is what he sells they might understand what is going on here. It has nothing to do with security and everything to do with ego.


The only people who believe that the "crisis" at the border necessitates building a multi-billion dollar wall, are the same ones who thought The Caravan was coming to swamp and over run America. That is to say, stupid people. Haven't heard much lately about The Caravan..Even Stephen Colbert has stopped making jokes about it. Did they take the wrong turn at Albuquerque like Bugs Bunny?


The "emergency" is in their home countries where crime and poverty (which much of it can be blamed on the U.S.'es political interference in those countries), which drive their desperation and pushes them North. If you do not know what I am talking about, do the research on how the U.S. has a long history of destabilizing democratically elected governments and replacing them with right-wing military dictatorships.


No wall!


Yeah it's a bunch of bullshit that trumps ass made up.


The emergency will be to the land owners when trump takes their property for this wall. I think maybe they should all start waving the Confederate and Don't Tread On Me flags that would be a whole different ballgame for trump and his followers.

Many of them are already suing to keep their land.

@KKGator I know some are, But what I'm pointing out is the right is being quite about their right's. It's more important to keep the hate and fear going.

@kenriley They're hypocrites. If Obama had done the same, their heads would be exploding.

The,South shall rise again!!!!
We ride!!!!

@bigpawbullets You need to move south, So I don't feel so trapped.

@bigpawbullets That's bullshit. Rise from what or to what? I don't get it. The South lost the fucking war get over it already.


Incorrect. That's the French battle flag.

@bigpawbullets Just remember that without the French, the USA wouldn't exist.

Maybe... maybe not.

@bigpawbullets Almost certainly not.


This country was built on 'free' and/or cheap labor... Until that changes people will continue to come across the border.

Or why not go after the American companies that hire people not legally in America? Nah, that wouldn't be good! LMAO ? ??

There is no emergency at the border... And any asylum seekers trying to enter the country at the border need to be treated as our system of laws says- not the BS Steven Miller and Angry Orange ? Clown are doing.


He wants it to be large enough so the Space Patrol can see it from work.


You know its all bullshit as Spanky needs more base as his credibility has crumbled(not that he had any to begin with)


I would have no problem with building walls, IF we could afford it and if we also built a northern wall AND secured our coastal borders. As I have pointed out many times in the past, we have multiple entry points on our borders, through which anyone with ID may pass, so whether the wall would be wholly effective is debatable. I live near the Mexican border and there is a border fence here. I have heard people say that they see fewer illegals coming through the open spaces, specifically in the more remote, wide open places, so the fence in this area is doing what it was designed to do. I object to the rhetoric and fear-mongering that individual one is using to try to accomplish his goal, however.

Fuck individual one. lol

@snifflz no, thank you.


How did I know this would be a great question to post today?


#FAKEPOTUS45 said he could do or say anything and not lose a vote. It seems he know the right wing better than they know themselves. He continues to push the limits of reality on a dayly basis and doesn't lose any backers. All this bs on the wall and his outrageous behavior is meant to distract from the GOP tax cuts fot the 1%, right wing judge appointments, gutting of environmental laws, opening sensitive lands to oil companies. How can people vote for a billionaire and expect him to help common people? CEOs higher cheap illegal labor to make more profits and get the people they layoff blame the illegal laborer.


Where did you go, how long were you there and most important, how many coyotes did you talk to?

Like any of that matters when the data available and presented by the US Federal government disproves his claims about the need for his wall.

@icolan All immigration officers (US Federal Government employees) working at ports of entry would disagree with your claim. They deal with the real issues, I don't think you do. Anyway, still valid questions for the original post.

@IamNobody Unless you have interviewed all immigration officers working ports of entry, your claim is a fallacy.

How is talking to coyotes at all relevant to the discussion of the supposed emergency on the southern border? Anecdotal evidence from even a handful of criminals is going to tell you what?

@icolan I did interview all immigration officers just the same you did interview the whole US Federal Government apparently.
Why are we discussing this non sense? I have already explained that all our security procedures enforced at ports of entry and having unsecured sections in other places is like having a three bolt front door in our house but all windows wide open !!!. Also, this is an old problem with years and years of neglect for whatever reason. Eventually will be addressed and the wall will be built. It doesn't matter if there is no crisis on a given day, it's the long term effect..... You cannot claim no one has ever been run over by a car just because when you happened to look the street was empty. Anyway, even when I wasn't talking to you, can't wait to see what you are going to say next.

@IamNobody What am I going to say next? Simple, Bye.


This is trump’s ticket trying to hold his base together...those people like to watch others being jerked around and confused! There are people trying to get refugees status, the same as they have done for years! Trump and his minions have no clue how to do the right thing and they do not want to learn! Their minds were made up before they were faced with this or any other problem really!


I view both the 'Wall' and 'open borders' as stupid.


The only people that want a wall are in states that don’t live anywhere near it or have even been there.
There’s no emergency, no need to spend 70 billion dollars to built it. This is a sick man child’s xenophobic fantasy.

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