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Hayabusa-2: Japan spacecraft touches down on asteroid


ipdg77 8 Feb 22

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So wild


Waiting to see what comes out of it. Peeps who are not geeks about this don't understand how important this is. Not hating on you. You have, what you call them, oh, lives so shut your front door. To those of us who are into planet forming this could be like being able to study a fossil from before there was Earth. It's the same type of atoms, obviously, but the combination of them can tell stuff. They were not a subject of the blender of Earth's processes that made Earth, Earth.


Yeah I've been watching the Hayabusa mission with great interest.


This is monumental.


Wow, that's impressive . I know it was one of the fastest bikes around but riding into space[]


Way cool! Where to go to sign up for asteroid mining jobs?


Wow! It’s also expected to return to Earth next year with samples from the asteroid.

I love all this stuff, it's only baby steps but just brilliant 🙂

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