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I have a horrible memory. Yesterday, I watched "a person" being interviewed, I believe it was a former Deputy FBI Director.

He openly said, "Trump lies constantly." He has the guts to say that. APPLAUSE!!!!

Diogenes 7 Feb 22

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He is law enforcement. They are permitted, by law, to lie. We average people are so removed from the facts. Whether or not you like Trump, how do you know who is lying and who is not?

When you are a troll- at least make some attempt to hide it.

@Diogenes Just stating facts and asking a question for intelligent discussion. No need to call names.

Because you can take a moment & Google whatever drump is claiming, ya know?

@AnneWimsey Who is you?


And no one is disputing the things in his book or what he is saying on TV.

I have something to admit--- right now I do well to get a few glimpses of the news- I have so many problems of my own. I have not read McCabe's book.



Yes--- now that I am 110, my dottage is getting to me. LOL

@Diogenes You've been re-wired! I thought you were 220!

@EduardoVallejo I was born when Gaauud was a teenager!


That's because former Acting FBI Director McCabe is a truth teller, unlike Donald Trump.


The whole world knows that trump lies, that is why our allies are not breaking down our door to embrace America right now! I have been watching some of trump’s past interviews and it is clear as day, that back then, he had a twisted sense of himself and the people around him! They are great and wonderful, until they cross him and then they are scum.

Yes!!! Nothing that he says has any meaning- it's fluff, blowing in the wind, and it lands wherever it lands- and will blow away at the first hint of a breeze.


A year of unprecedented deception: Trump averaged 15 false claims a day in 2018


Welcome to America where telling the truth is an achievement.?


Stating the obvious to the oblivious!

It was Andrew McCabe, that I was trying to think of. My point was that, he had the guts to get it out in the open.

@Diogenes it looked like, McCabe and associates did not know how to handle this ‘burning issue!’ They couldn’t expose themselves, as they might have been ‘chopped off at the feet,’ and where would that leave America? I don’t believe every person is corrupt in an organization, sometimes they are simply unable to go against the grain! This situation with trump is beyond comprehension! A lunatic with power...can only bring about havoc!

@Freedompath YES, CERTAINLY. But, speak out, and the criminals, with all the money because of their criminal activities, will sue you.

@Diogenes or they destroy you...

@Freedompath But if you have "no choices" now--- wait- another year, the subject of "choices" will have no meaning.

Sophie Scholl was guillotined for distributing anti-NAZI literature at the University of Munich.

@Diogenes I do think that we must come to a point that we know there is a good possibility that we could loose our life (accidentally or on purpose). After that we make decisions based on standing for a greater good, or leaving it to others!

@Freedompath Yes, certainly. A person can only backup so many times-- and eventually there is no place to back to.

My "big ego", and making a fool of myself, keeps me from speaking. THAT is the coward's way!

@Diogenes behind that is most likely fear...when we get what we ‘fear,’ clear in our own mind..,then dying for a noble cause is not worried about!


The problem is that Trump supporters do not believe that. In an ongoing argument with one of them I was recently told that I should just look at his accomplishments. The next move was to mention many things she claimed I believe in that were not even talked about. Her last thing was to say that I should stop believing all the bullshit that I am told.
My reply was that I wanted to tell her the same thing along with fact checking everything about the liar Trump. We know, of course, that they will not do it. That's coz Trump says it's "fake news."

I always find that statement baffling about ‘stop believing all the bullshit that (you are) told!’ While they believe all the ‘bullshit,’ they are told! Lol And, how is it that they can see all the ‘things’ that trump has done for this country and I see only destruction? What are they talking about? He has rolled back most all of our protection and taken liberties in other areas that have hurt the lower class! I simply don’t get it!

And isn't the doublespeak the crux of this damnable situation!

@Freedompath you have to remember they believe trump is "sticking it" to the people they hate, so if they lose a few rights that's ok since the others are being hurt and destroyed.

@Redheadedgammy yep! That’s their way of operating! And, they mostly want someone else doing the dirty work, while they protest it wasn’t them, who did the dirty deed! Trump is their perfect leader!

@PalacinkyPDX Beautifully stated! I always enjoy your comments. ?

When Trump blares "I am your voice" he means he is the voice of spite and contempt. He strokes the egos of his faithful, so they let him steal their socks. They might someday be a little unnerved to realize they got nothing in return, but there's no guarantee they will notice. The charlatan's spell is hard to break.

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