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Would you use the DNA testing kit to find out what percentage of race you are?

PatrickKerr 6 Feb 26

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i believe the tests are quite accurate. which proved to be the case in the vid.
i had mine done & connected with many cousins, from 1st to 3rd which i wouldn't have known about b/c i started moving around the country at 11 & lost touch. it was easy to verify these connections.
i was a little surprised to find that i'm 18% iberian peninsula & s. european.
although my name is considered a fairly common british name i'm only 5% british.
there always seem to be some people that are self-appointed experts on everything but really know SFA.


They are very flawed and should not be openly available....but yeah what Herbert said...


I believe that I am 100% human, but who knows?


I have, but after recently watching a documentary on how inaccurate they are, I'm no longer convinced of their results. This, unfortunately will require further testing through different companies to compare results and I'll have to settle for the average of the results.


Be careful what you wish for

'Robin Christ took a genealogy test to learn about her ethnic background but discovered a family secret.'


Dang that's rough!

I look so much like my Dad's sister it's eerie and my Mom had surgical scars to prove I was her's. lol


My brother took one. I don’t remember it exactly, it did say people with his DNA are found in Egypt (true enough) but also listed him as part Sephardic Jew and part Ashkenazi Jew.


Not after seeing identical twins use 5 different brands with conflicting results. They aren't that accurate.

Plus I have genetic testing done by a Hospital University lab. Still can't find the cancer gene in my family but we keep looking!


My paternal uncle had it done and part of it said he is 4% Neanderthal. I am content with knowing that I am close to that as well.


Well, considering that, scientifically speaking, WE are ALL members of the ONE race, the Human Race, Homo Sapiens then all this racism and race shit is just that, merely propaganda shit to say the least.


Sure. it should be done when we are born. It might, and I do mean might, cut down on some of the racism.


I know I’m a Euromutt dominated by Italian and English, sprinkle in some Spanish and Irish. Not sure what else it could tell me. My boys have inquired though as my ex’s heritage is a bit more of a mystery.

Those are your Ethnic Heritages passed down to you through your predecessors, parents/grand-parents, etc, etc, you ARE Human by race and genetics as are we all.


A member of the KKK used the DNA test and found out he was 11% black. He killed himself.

I saw the segment where he found out which was amusing and had heard he had been kicked out of his "club" but did not know he had removed himself from gene pool.

How long after did it happen?


I tested on two sites and uploaded the raw data onto 2 others but finding out my race wasn't the reason although I found it interesting.

I am nearly half British, almost 20% German another 20% is Irish/Scottish and the remainder is Finnish for the most part.


Not sure it really matters. It is not going to change who you are. It, however, does give a conversation topic.


No real interest.


DNA is good and all that, but I feel we are ignoring the macro in favour of the micro regarding race.
Yes we are all the same species, we can breed, but humans are visual animals and we have eyes. We notice difference and that is what we react to. Have to deal with reality here.
Myself, happy to be a mongrel, a bit of this with a bit of that.
Don't really care about genetic race, just hate dickheads.


I did it about three years ago.

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