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Since it's Sunday:

By bigpawbullets
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Pralina1 Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

In my small community it's also the Baptists. Damned Baptists keep trying to prove god to me. They say "look at the trees." I tell them "I don't go to crutch." (No, that is not a typo.)

DenoPenno Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

Knock, knock..

KevinAverett Level 7 Mar 3, 2019

Wouldn't it be easier to tell there fellow idiots that many doors will be slammed in there face and told to fuck off. Instead spending all that money.

freedom41 Level 7 Mar 3, 2019

So, they train them at Monster's U?

Pete01938 Level 5 Mar 3, 2019

Awesome comment!! 😂😂


I have a ‘No Soliciting ‘ sign on my door and they’ll still knock. One day I opened the door and told them, “If you can’t read, I don’t want anything to do with you ‘! Of course they also try to argue that they’re not ‘selling anything’ - but I tell them that they are, in fact, trying to ‘sell religion’.

finallyfree Level 4 Mar 3, 2019


MissKathleen Level 9 Mar 3, 2019

I love having them drop by. Good chance to stump them with some good cold facts. Also their pamphlets make great fire starter.

Don't forget Chick Tracts, too--crisp up nice.

I once spent almost an hour totally destroying their arguments (well I thought so anyway) and after it all they said "will you take our leaflet anyway)

@Moravian I certainly could learn their lesson of persistence. You have to hand it to them, they are certainly hardy.


Good one

Marine Level 8 Mar 3, 2019

They also salivate during Monsters, Inc.

maturin1919 Level 8 Mar 3, 2019

Love this

Emerald Level 6 Mar 3, 2019
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