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It's not our differences that are th problem, it's our inability to accept and celebrate them.

Audre Lorde.

By Jolanta8
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There are differences that I celebrate. There are differences that I abhor.

Thank you! I dislike statism and tyranny, I also dislike religion and anti-science BS. If a person opens a conversation and tries to tell me the Earth is flat, they are quite unlikely to like me.

There are people that are otherwise seemingly decent, but when you learn about some of their political views, reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It's quite otherworldly.


Then there's the abject hypocrisy of those who will profess that our differences should be accepted and celebrated, but will demonize those they arbitrarily determine are "too different" from what they're comfortable with.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 5, 2019

It's the differences that make people interesting. It would be very boring if everyone thought and acted the same. smile001.gif

GothRik Level 7 Mar 4, 2019

I always got a kick out of the use of he phrase "celebrate differences". Celebrate? Perhaps one means "accept"?

Bobby9 Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

accept as opposed to immediate murder?

@JOHNGALT You mean "except"? Either way, no, that is not what I mean. I mean the definition of "celebrate" does ot fit that phrase.


I think the problem is when our differences are not laid bare in a honest way. So much evil persists because people refuse to admit the truth of their actions and their opinions. So much is about control even in the face of reason. Anti-vaccination people come to mind.

Quarm Level 6 Mar 4, 2019

I worked at a university with a large international student body. Always loved getting viewpoints from around the globe.

That can be interesting from an antropological point of view.

@JOHNGALT - Was the staff advisor to the student atheist group for a time. It's eye opening to feel more in common from someone from the other side of the world than some of the holy rollers of your own street/city/state/country.


Or intolerance to other's beliefs...

Rustee Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

This asks us to resist the evolved brain – a tall order.

But, alas, it's the only answer.

Deiter Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

it's the only answer for whom?

@Touched For anyone who wants to live an engaged, diverse, happy, and fulfilling life that may also include various relationships.

@Deiter wait.. explain why it's the only answer


Some of those different stances are so vile that they must be condemned, not celebrated.

That might be considered pathology. I was thinking more of what is found with average people.


"Audre Lorde," is this dude like an old white french dude? How can we trust them, with that language? smile001.gifsmile001.gif

Jacar Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

Intolerance is the only thing we shouldn't tolerate.

How do we decide what "tolerance" is?

Should we tolerate men condemning millions of women, by threat of death, to live in black bags in the desert? I say no.

What say you?

@Jacar forcing your will on other people is probably the most intolerant thing you can do. Maybe I should refine my shitty anecdote for clarity. If your goal is to enslave people against their will, that is intolerance because you are refusing them the right to decide where they live, work, eat, believe, etc. and this definitely extends to non-consensual religious practices. What I am really trying to say is that people should have every freedom so long as it doesn't interfere with the freedoms of other people. It isn't as catchy to say it like that.

@Happy_Killbot Totally agree. Too many at the left-pole proclaim their support of women's human rights but also support the insanity of male dominated religious shit, islam being the worst at the moment.

@Happy_Killbot what about socialization and other factors that determines what are "freedoms" and demonizes other ideas? like those other ideas interfering with the "freedoms"of other people who are socialized differently?????

@Happy_Killbot what if the women are complacent? maybe but I did mean compliant ..over sight.. now tell me, do you think human beings are "instinctive?" Is xenophobia instinctive? do cultures instinctively have different world views? If so, then it's not a universal institutionalization. I don't mean obvious cultural differences like language, dress, food, dance, etc. If so, then it's more than "belief"..and more than an institution demonizing, one group over another.

@Touched when you say complacent do you mean compliant? maybe both? If you are raised to believe that one race/gender/ethnicity/belief is superior, then chances are that institution will also tend to demonize other groups, because if they don't they may tend to lose members to other ideas. that is why all major religions teach both don't go to other religions and bring people into ours. Its an evolved trait of institutions that extends beyond just religion. Any one want to go to North Korea? Anyone watch the documentaries about North Korea where the people think they have a high standard of living? The point is after a while people will get used to the ideas that surround them if they don't go out of their way to search for new ideas and differing viewpoints, and that can gradually lead to peaceful enslavement. Usually this is benign, like whether or not you refrigerate eggs. (USA does, Europe and most everywhere else doesn't)Sometimes this will have unwanted sideffects, like women having their genitals mutilated so that they won't cheat, and they might be totally okay with it if they think it is standard practice. Question everything, think outside the box, and follow every lead to it's conclusion.

@Touched I understand what you are trying to ask. This is a little bit of a touchy subject though. People who are raised in diverse environments tend to be more open minded. However, It's hard to dismiss the evolutionary benefits of xenophobia to a hunter-gatherer. What's implied here is that whoever is in your "in " is the people you will tend to trust. Just think about how two people who have never met can be friends in a hurry over a shared love of sports! What is important to realize is that these are almost all social constructs that tend to revolve around race, which makes sense because racially similar people all share ancestry. Over time, the boundaries have shifted beyond those original tribal boundaries and institutions were created to uphold the status quo. These institutions may radicalize against internal threats or other institutions, and should that occur then it is more than just human nature.

@Happy_Killbot What do you mean "diverse" societies, at what time period? So this "in" thing, are you implying that Africans trust other Africans over Europeans? This shared love of sports example is removing my ideas of instinctive culture behaviors (created thru different environments) creating different world views because it's moving it the level of food, drink and dance, surface culture, not deep primordial culture. It's more than just institutionally demonizing one group over another. I suggest it's primordial and instinctive. What's institutionalized is one groups idea of xenophobia express by a created racism and white supremacy over another.. African should instinctively trust each other over Europeans but they don't, because of the socio-economic, political conditioning.


I celebrate lots of differences. The world would be dull without them, but most of all I celebrate educational differences. Mixed ability teaching . Not easy in my subject ....Chemistry.

It is the lot lower down the ability scales that stops everything being concentrated on the lot at the top, FOR THE BENEFIT of all the big lot in the middle. The lot at the top can manage on their own anyway.


Some differences should be celebrated but some should not.

Jolanta Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

Not sure about your hair style. The flips seem a little high. Might need a bit more length.

@Jacar Well you will be disappointed. Since that photo I had a hair cut. My hair is now much shorter.

Jolanta please, give an example of ones that should not be celebrated????

@Touched How about the difference between an religious fanatic and a person who is not.

@Jacar This comment on hair is little unfair if we cannot see the length of your hair... and what dark eyes you have!

@Mcflewster It is very short but I know it suits me. Makes me look years younger too. I love it.


I do not ever celebrate people being deluded into religion. It is abhorent but tolerable when sincere. I treat it as a mental illness, and/or a drug addiction.

JOHNGALT Level 3 Mar 5, 2019

But, is indoctrination, the same as addiction?


Our differences are magnified, if they weren’t … there’d be very few.

Varn Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

I love her work. I highly recommend Sister Outsider.


I think that it starts with ourselves...when we accept ourselves as different, we want be looking for people to see things just like us, to help us feel ok.


Sure I agree. I also think that some bias is due to how, where, when we were raised, and that it may not be that easy to dismiss or even be fully aware of some deep rooted bias.

It is hard to celebrate differences in such things as skin tone because what ought to admired, has sparked so much hatred that there is a fear of insulting someone else. Other social issues also fall into a similar pattern. Some call such things PC, I would rather spell it out.

cava Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

what about the laws that punish differences? what about the public figures that punish differences and the law allows them to do so freely? That has nothing to do with an individual's upbringing..

@Touched You are talking "laws", which involve justice, and the conflict between rights such as that between free speech and hate speech. Some nations have laws against hate speech some do not. I was thinking more along the social lines that Audre Lorde seems to be referring to in the OP

Sure, but we even disagree with our brothers and sisters. This crap is primordial and goes deep.

@Deiter I have the feeling that men & women will always be at odds about certain things, but I also think we can agree on the important things such as a woman's right over her own body.

@cava isn't justice a by product of no justice leading to punishment.? i thought we were talking about celebrating differences..when one is restricted from celebrating their difference, it done from a position of power... power creates laws that we must abide by or suffer and one such suffering is the inability to express self...j

"...isn't justice a by product of no justice leading to punishment.?" No, the vast majority of our laws have a basis in history, some going back prior than the Laws of Hammurabi.

While most laws are negative prohibitions, many norms can and do celebrate differences and distinctions in our society as such they represent a positive power in cultures. Things like:
Treat each other with dignity and respect.
Transparency: avoid hidden agendas.
Be genuine with each other about ideas, challenges, and feelings.
Trust each other. ...

@cava Not in the current Conservative enclave. Their hierarchy puts males over females.

@ToolGuy Evangelicals are mostly conservative and they celebrate the paternalistic impulse in society, the subservience of women to their man as celebrated in their version of religion.

@cava what I said.


What if your "differences" are not allowed to be celebrated because they challenge the status quo's agenda? For example. I just wrote elsewhere about the idea of having academic subjects like Humanities and Rhetoric in college curricula, as academia and western society ignores or objects to the idea that they are unique to Western Civilizations, but universal 'humanitarian" ideas and support colonization and other methods of exploitation.

Humanities centralizes the idea of What should be human by Western cultural standards and Rhetoric supports those arguments. One very obvious example is homosexuality. Western culture says it's a universal "human" trait through its rhetoric and the rest of the world that doesn't agree is demonized

Touched Level 4 Mar 5, 2019

AS "Cum ba ya" as that sounds, and I think it IS preferable to uncivil dispute, Some ideas are absolutely incompatible with others. SO we must choose our battels, and with each one must decide and prioritize them, decide how close to the "front lines", we want to be, and how open with it and how much time to devote to it etc.

JOHNGALT Level 3 Mar 5, 2019

Like her so much!

kmdskit3 Level 8 Mar 5, 2019



Just looked at the 6 kinds of progressives. Interesting stuff. We often fight with one another.

ToolGuy Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

Where is that found? On a somewhst related tangent, Prof. Steven Salaita suggests that PEP (Progressive Except for Palestine) might be replaced with RBI (Regressive Because of Israel).

Google Johnathan Haidt, he does an excellent video on the psychology of various political positions and it is quite objective and useful.

@WilliamCharles in the book The All New Don’t Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff. Haidt is also worth reading or watching as per Johngalt.


Treat opinions a world visions like you treat a sport team.
Making this ideas being so important to your sense of self that is outrageous to question them.
Charismatic leaders telling you that you are right and a lot of people agree, and together you can conquer the ones that disagree.
Lack of community sense, turning similar ideas into the tribe, making same ideas group being retrofeeded.
That's the recipe for this not acceptance.
But it is getting better, of course we have the coil effect. A lot of new ideas started to be propagated and some of them were exaggerated, now it is the reaction of the old ideas pushing back using the exaggeration as an argument.
A lot of people trying to amplify this waves instead of lowering the amplitude.

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