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The first annual International Atheist Day is coming up on March 23rd! I'm the chairman of a small town freethinker group and I'm looking for ideas on things for our group to do to celebrate this new holiday.

By Preston4
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How about a visit to the local natural history museum?


The Xians are gonna have a brain aneurism over this if it gets enough coverage. You need a parade to really get people's attention in the press. Sort of like a pride parade but for atheism. A bunch of godless heathens going down Main St. USA denying the existence of god.

That's not gonna get ugly fast.


You can crucify the pope. smile007.gif

On second thought, that would give atheists a bad name. Don't do it.


Community service event show one doesn't have be spiritual help others and atheism would support helping others now because now is all we have.

Khetanna Level 4 Mar 6, 2019

First annual atheist day? Thought Atheist day has been around for years on April 1st. Why are they moving it back in time 2 weeks?

Antifred Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

Have a pizza and potluck dessert gathering, post a notice in the local paper and make new friends.


Do nothing. Believe in nothing. You don't need to celebrate. Holidays are for believers


Holidays are for celebrating, and whatever anyone wishes to celebrate... I celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates that are important. Celebrating is NOT a religious occurrence!


Have me do something chess related. (rationality) chrischess.

JOHNGALT Level 3 Mar 5, 2019

You may know I am the President of the Procrastination Club of America. We believe we would like to assist you, but we need a little time to think about that; and then some additional time to organize any help we may want to provide. You mentioned March 23rd will be Atheist Day. March 23rd of what year?

Bobby9 Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

Go to
I think they help with souvenir and small fun stuff for an event. Or at least you can get ideas

Zoohome Level 7 Mar 5, 2019



Nice to try something, but good luck on herding cats.
Bring food, food always attract people XD


The blood orgy will be at the Howard Johnson on Route 8, immediately followed by a complementary breakfast serving succulent human babies.

I need a ride.

@Donotbelieve Ooh, tempted to make a really dark joke about the breakfast & your recent life events... smile009.gif

@indirect76 I set you up.
Make it, but my baby is rotten so she may be inedible.


Awesome !


Is this just a reason to party?


Definitely, need a bumper sticker! This is extra nice for me, as that is my birthday, so as long as I can remember my own birthday...I will have this day down, ?

Mine is day if we party all through the night we can share our athiest cake!


...I’d suggest forming Cascadia and declaring your freedom from religion! ...though, when the subduction quake happens ..yur gonna want our help ~

Varn Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

I will wear my T-shirt. I will not be seeking the company of other nonbelievers, as I am not part of any organised group, being one of the few nonbelievers in this part of the world. If anyone comments on the logo on my T-shirt, I will explain to them about this site, and who knows, I might discover that there are actually other agnostics or atheists around after all!


How about a food and/or clothing drive for your community? I have a very good lifelong friend who lives where you do, and I'll tell her about it. She works for the County

Byrdsfan Level 8 Mar 4, 2019

I think I'll wear my red Sam Singleton "Atheist Evangelist" t-shirt. Maybe you could make/wear the scarlet A's?


You could do a gathering at city hall or the county building and do an education program and open mic for people to share their beliefs. Personally, I like to share the good things atheist do or have done because I think a lot of folks believe only religious people can do good things.

They do. I don't know how many times I've been told " but you are such a good person"

@Dandewine same here...or the ever puzzling, "But you don't look like atheist"?

Whatever THAT means?

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