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Let's see the outcome shall we?

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RDBernard 4 Mar 7

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It's an even split everybody


Cake rules!!! Extra frosting!

Carin Level 8 Mar 8, 2019

Are you sure you don't just like frosting


So far it's a tie 6-6 dun dun dunnn!


Both, with ice cream

Haha. That's what I wanted to put as a third option.


I wanted to vote for both 😀

Both is a good option.


Cake baked in a pie crust.



OMG, I am such a pie person! For my birthday, I typically get three or four different kinds of pie. (:

Zster Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

Out of the three what's your favorite?

@RDBernard It's probably a tie between custard, pecan, and rhubarb. (: Indiana Sugar Creme and a nice Key Lime are close seconds.


I’m a cake person but then it does depend on what pie and who’s made it

Favorite cake?

@RDBernard depends on the mood either chocolate marble or lemon drizzle

@Lllewis yumm


To the face?


@RDBernard , Pie then. Coconut custard pie with whipped cream.

@chucklesIII lol ?


Cake is something I feel like a lot of people sour a bit on as they age. I just don't like it much at all. Not big on most pies meself but if you stick some key lime pie in front of me this fat guy is going to town.

I hear you but pecan for me.

@RDBernard I'll only eat pecan pie if the person making it pronounces pecan the right way 😀

@Xuande far enough


It really depends on the type. More types of pie which i enjoy, so pie.

Good point

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