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I hate Daylight Savings time. If you like Daylight Savings Time personally, or think it benefits society in some way, please explain.

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Carin 8 Mar 10

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Someone just told me that Trump is going to try to get rid of DST. Nothing about that in today's newspaper though, so I'm wondering if anyone here heard that too. It would be weird to support anything he does, but I sure hope it's true & he actually does it.

Carin Level 8 Mar 13, 2019

It makes absolutely no sense to me in this day and age.


It's the moving the clock to forward that messes me up. Plus standard time is just a little over four months now, it seems pointless to change the time anymore.


It's supposed to save energy by utilizing daylight better. I feel like it served a purpose decades ago, but not so much anymore. I think people are out and about at all kinds of different times day and night, so it doesn't really matter anymore. I've heard arguments that it helps farmers, but they all have lights on their tractors now. I've seen some out at midnight working. The only good reason that I've heard is that kids don't have to go to school in the dark as often as they would if the time didn't change. I still don't like it, though.


Isn't it supposed give more evening leisure time in the summer? good for people relax (outdoors), good for people who manufacturer & sell outdoor gear?

That's what I heard & think it might be...


Insufficient poll questions to achieve a valid result. I prefer longer/later daylight hours.

Same number of hours of daylight no matter what. & this is not the place where you are going to find ANY scientifically acceptable polls.


I hate DST. It kills people.


Move to Arizona. We don't do that stuff here

Nor Hawai'i. One more reason I should move back there.


DST I think became popular during WWI or WWII. To "save energy". When I lived in Phoenix, no DST! Loved it. Especially when you have insomnia. A native friend of mine posted a meme saying "only a white man would cut one inch of of a blanket, sew it to the top, and think the blanket is longer".


It is a stupid relic of the past.


Could barely stand it as a kid, wouldn’t want it any other way as an adult. I’ve no desire to begin waking at 4 AM to catch the daylight - and much prefer working long into the summer evenings. Took a long (long) walk/ hike this evening - visible light till 8 PM - great!

If yur the one ready to pounce on the unexpected over kids waiting for the bus for the next month or so … it’s quite doable. In fact, mine did, with the longest bus ride in their district. #1, they’ve got it down, in school for 7 months now. #2 - those busses ..with their new strobes, advance street signs, and more flashing lights than a gray state trooper are impossible to miss - especially for commuters having dodged them for 7 straight months..

Hey - couldn’t vote for Bullshit - Summer’s a comin!

Varn Level 8 Mar 10, 2019

If you can choose when to hike or work, why do you need the clock to tell you when to do it?

@Carin I work ..and hike 😉


DST was a gimmick by the shop owners long ago, more daylight, more people out shopping later in the day, and into the evening. fact

nogod Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

...and not a way of saving energy by not burning power to light streets or homes ..when a simple ‘time shift’ could do it for free..? I’d heard it stemmed from power savings during WW2..

@Varn , google it

@nogodThose in favor pointed to increased daylight hours in the summer evening: more time for recreation, reduced lighting and heating demands, reduced crime, and reduced automobile accidents. The opposition was concerned about children leaving for school in the dark. I suspected.. Apparently, little has changed ~

@Varn that was in the 70s, l believe, l remember going school in the pitch black of night.

@Varn Turns out car accidents increase after they change the time, as people may be sleep deprived or just "out of sorts."

@Carin I’ll assume a few more prior to everyone acclimating to ‘the new time.’ Afterwards, with additional light into the evening ...I suspect that’s where the fewer accidents occur.. For months. Are you groping 🙂

@nogodl remember going school in the pitch black of night.” Not me, and I walked. It was dimmer, cooler, but the Robin’s were up! The smell of fresh cut grass ..occasionally a little dew. No big deal, even for kids..

Otherwise, what.. Sleeping through hours of daylight in order to have it consistently dark by 8:30? The responses around here have shocked me.. Are we adults?

I was/ am in tune with nature, not commuting by a metro tube to work under artificial lights. Have some become so far removed from sunlight they no longer appreciate it? Because they’ve not impressed me as folks willing to wake at four AM to get the most out of it..

@Varn The study I read about was quite some time ago & I don't recall if they even addressed what happened after the adjustment period.

I don't need to "grope"--I'm entitled to be against DTS, as are all the other people here, for no other reason than it is annoying & unsettling. It seems like a LOT more people dislike it intensely than like it, not only on this website but among friends, acquaintances & co-workers. I brought it up here because our members seem to generally be more intelligent (on average) than in any group I belong to. & I value the opinions of smart people.

@Carin I’d suspect, with people’s rhythms off some, there’d be some initial problems on the road. Any more, and the fact I’ve done it all my life, I’ll prepare for the Spring shift, as that’s the only part (temporarily) depriving us of sleep. Get up a bit sooner on both the Sat. & Sundays … in preparation for Monday.. Fall’s the pay off - an additional hour of sleep! ...and everyone likes that 😉

Not sure if ‘you’re the one’ having asked this before; whoever that was seemed to have an angry agenda. What I’m getting an intellectual laziness along with a childish reluctance aimed at ‘the hardest time’ of the transition … Spring forward. No, it’s not fun ..but it can be exciting, especially with all that extra time to safely be outside in the evenings.

Much stems from the attitude of the person posting the question, or in this case, ‘Poll.’ So obviously, you’ve an agenda. The scattered intellect of this group keeps me coming back, too, with a it’s sprinkling of ornery, childish and defiant attitude 🙂

@Varn I'm blocking you for being an A-hole. Calling other people childish when you have the manners of a kindergartener at best--if your need to feel superior is having you stoop to calling people lazy, childish, ornery, defiant, & whatever else, you need to work on yourself. You come across as an insecure jerk who thinks he's a lot more "intellectual" than he really is.


It is a stupid thing. Invented by a Liberal Member of Parliament (UK) to allow his son more daylight to get to school, and began implementation during the spring on 1918.
If a different starting time is useful, then let it be the starting time of peoples work, not entire countries.
In the USA the time changes on the 10th March, the UK changes a couple of weeks later.
As a medical healthcare professional working with people with learning difficulties I can demonstrate an increase in incidents and problems during the clock times. My late wife saw similar in her profession as a Veterinary surgeon.
So it's all bollocks and should be stopped!


I'd rather stay on DST and ditch standard time. I hate that it gets dark at 5:00 in the winter (where I live)


Car accidents increase following time changes.

Carin Level 8 Mar 10, 2019
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