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US Again Cuts Women from State Department’s Human Rights Reports

Knitfreak 7 Mar 13

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This administration is full of sick, evil motherfuckers, period!


Why would a country willingly include data that puts that country in a bad light? 😉

U.S. Has The Worst Rate Of Maternal Deaths In The Developed World



You expected better from these shitheels in the Trump Administration? Sorry you were disappointed, but you should have known better.


Why do repubs hate women so much? ?

What is even more amazing is how much Republican women hate women.

@mooredolezal I think that is the thing that shocks me the most. Women's issues are precious important for ALL women. How can they justify telling another woman what to do with a year of her life and then after? How can they think their values are the only values that matter? Walk a mile in another person's shoes comes to mind... I just don't get it

I think it's related to religion.

@Knitfreak I think it's the women who are already taken care of. They don't see or care about the issues concerning other women. Their husbands tell them what to think and how to vote in the comfort of their entitled little bubble.


It's not like women are people as far as this administration and the GOP at large are concerned


Gee. I'm shocked. I keep hearing how Ivanka will fix all those issues (what exactly does she do anyway?).

What does she do?? She breathes, she walks or glides, she... she...sheeeeee is daddy's girl and does whatever her little heart desires. She has no concept of work, she is playing in a make believe world at our expense.


FFS, I am going to have a stroke if this freak is not removed from office soon. He is rolling back all recent advances back to the stone age.

I'm terrified for women in this country

Please don’t stroke out over space cadet bonespur. In the unlikely event that the world survives your wisdom and sense of humor will be vital.

@Detritus That is so sweet of you to say so. I shall endeavor to hold my ground, my sanity, and my health. I do believe I am still needed in this life.

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