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Seldom have I seen a more inept government than the British Conservative party and its handling of the Brexit negotiations.

Petter 9 Mar 13

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Hakuna matata. Trump is on the scene now.


Basi. Yote ni sawa sawa sasa.
(For the benefit of non-Swahili speakers, now you know which language to look up.)
Rotten Google translation. Basi means all right, OK, fair enough, etc. Sawa sawa means good, all right, etc. Sass means now.

@Petter I've said before Google translation is no bueno with Swahili! 🙂

@Amzungu2 Kwele, ni mbaya sana!


But you haven't seen the Australian Liberal-National Party in action, or should that be mis-action, have you?

Being from Kenya, many of my friends went to Oz. They give me their opinions on the Liberal-National party - frequently!

@Petter But are they Pro-LNP or Anti-LNP impressions?

@Triphid Being proud, intelligent, no bullshit colonials, what do you think?

@Petter Anti-LNP I'm guessing.
Proud son of a true Aussie hard rock, underground miner here, staunch Anti-LNP, full on Unionist and even stronger supporter of a Fair Go for the 'Rank and File' here.

@frayedbear what's your opinion?

@Petter , @Triphid, Listen to My Songs by JK McDougall by GypsyJackBoggleShow #np on #SoundCloud
As a result of performing on air poetry like this and telling the godbothering National party lovers that they were a bunch of ineffective housewives pretending to operate a community radio station they threw me out off the organisation paranoid that I would do to them what they had done to others!


As someone with a detached interest,it would appear that the folks voting to leave had no idea what they were voting for.
It is easy to stir up opinion against an institution,which while largely being a force for good,has probably upset the vast majority of the population in some small way.
The politicians favouring Brexit seemed to be careful to avoid details and played heavily on emotion (see above) and downright falsehoods.
I am not a fan of May (or her predecessor) but she was dealt a weak hand.

She weakened her own hand by calling a general election, and then letting her two "favourites" write the party manifesto and deliberately not consulting her ministers. When the manifesto was published I took one one look and predicted the Tory party would lose the election. It was only after the disastrous result that she finally got rid of her cronies. She is inept and easily outmanoeuvred. Just what Britain did NOT need.


What I don't get is all the talk is about a repeat of the last referendum. Surely any new referendum should be to (re)join the EU.

You can't ignore results and do it again expecting different results. That's the definition of an idiot.

The last 2 years could have been Parliament creating UK laws that in 99% of cases mirror EU laws in preparation for Departure Day. Instead, as you say, it's been a clusterfuck.

Absolutely so.


Theresa May is a remainer who has been doing and continues to do everything she can to delay and stonewall Brexit, in the hope that it will expire of old age.


If they let the people vote on it again, do you think it would pass? Is this what the conservatives are afraid of?

I the conservatives let people vote again then: a, It will show how they failed to deliver. So ok everyone knows they have but politics is about face. b, It will tear them apart. The brexiters in the tory party will resign and the party will split. That would leave the door wide open for Corbyn who is their worst nightmare. c, All the brexit votes (and thats over 1/2 the country) will never vote for them again.
Its a fucking shambles

@273kelvin I've never understood what is to be gained by BREXIT.

@Sticks48 There were some good reasons. Not too many but some. The EU is a giant bureaucratic monolith, rife with corruption. Immigrant labor does bring down the market for jobs. We have a welfare state and thats incompatible with open borders. Also sovereignty is a big issue. Imagine if the US supreme court was no longer the final say?

Well, parliament has just resoundly said no to a motion calling for a long extension to Brexit in order to give time for a second referendum.
There may be a short extension approved by the 27 EU countries, but a single objection would mean no extension. Thereby making a "no deal" Brexit pretty likely, despite any parliamentary motions.
P.S. Ever considered the irony of calling Parliamentary proposals "motions"... ???

@Petter Thanks for a perspective from someone who is actually living through this mess.

@Sticks48 Fortunately, although I carry a British passport, I live in Spain and originate from Kenya. Therefore, I can maintain a dispassionate overview of the whole sad, sorry business.


Have you seen our president?

No thanks - May is horror enough!

You get the chance to vote him out in 2020. We are stuck with this shit forever

@Petter: Seldom have I seen a more inept government than the British Conservative party and its handling of the Brexit negotiations.

Trump: Hold my beer.....


The US is in a VERY close second on a lot of issues Brexit IS getting to be a bore...

Let's set up a competition. May versus Trump.

Don't forget France


I am begining to think it is deliberate. I think May had hoped she would lose the general election so this complete mess would be labour's fault. May was (is) a silent remainer. I think she has delayed this and messed it up deliberately in order to kick it down the road.


Pretty much as the Australian Liberal-National Party does to the Labor Party, i.e. the LNP fucks everything up, BIG time, then when the get the Order of the D.C.M. ( Don't Come Monday) at the next election they blame Labor for it.

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