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Ok, time to talk about hipocrisy, but this time in our own site. One would think that a site that only has adult people who voluntarily join to be among free thinkers and non believers, who are by now free of the usual hang ups that religion loves to ingrain in our brains, would have some akin tolerance on posting photos, for example. After all we live in the 21st century, in a society that espouses and defends freedom of speech and expression, in a site that supposedly "encourages discussion", yet in the area of sex, we are still here, it seems, still in the dark ages of puritanical origin. And no, I am not advocating we become a porno site showing photos of people copulating or even other worse things like bestiality or underage photos, not at all. But if we talk about nudity, why is it forbidden here to post naked women or naked men for that matter, who are not engaged in a sexual act of copulation, oral sex or any type of sex, I'm talking about just nudity, like an old Playboy or Penthouse spread would show a few decades ago??? And I am not even talking about of close ups of female or male genitalia showing in full graphic splendor the labia or any openings that we all have seen in Hustler or alike, NO. I am just talking about nudity where you post a woman or a man just like they came to this world, that we see every day of our adult lives without religious guilt of any kind??? Specifically I am referring about the prohibition in this site to post the photo of a nude man with his equipment, or cock and balls, either flaccid or erect, and the prohibition of posting photos of a woman that shows her bush or lack thereof as is now more prevalent??? Again, I'm not advocating for showing copulation, sex acts of any kind, close ups of genitalia or anything like that, just a full shot of a man or a woman, do not even have to be in the same photo, let's just say clearly, a full shot of the full body of a normal healthy woman naked like she came to this world showing her pubic hair or lack of it, not even showing anything forcefully or fakely being held open, just your regular run of the mill decades ago style used by Penthouse or Playboy in their photo shoots, or the same of a man for those who prefer seeing the male figure?? Why is it forbidden here? In this particular site of "free thinkers". Are we all really free here? Or are we just as hypocrite as those who we sometimes mock for being so closed minded as a result of their religious brainwashing? Anybody care to comment? We did not come to this world like Ken and Barbie.

Mofo1953 8 Mar 18

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First off... They are called paragraphs....

Second... I have no wish to see a picture of your cock and balls with my morning coffee.

I'm not sure why out of all the comments, yours made me giggle but indeed it did! Thank you kindly sir

What are called paragraphs? If there is a group called sexual deviants r male pics or female pics, and you become a member then you would know what to expect. Nobody said post dick pics, try reading well and open your mind a little, although I do appreciate your comments.


There are sites and even groups within this site for such things.

Stop pushing your agenda on the main page.




Why? Why? WHY?

Well, why NOT?

If we are free to look at porn then we are free to not look at porn. And to understand that a choice not to see porn isn't indicative of prudery or a need to control others.

There are sites for porn. This isn't one of them. And I appreciate that. That is an expression of one of the most-overlooked human rights: the right of freedom of association. If I want to be with nudists I'll go to a nudist colony.

And yes I understand that nudity <> porn, however, if you want to be the arbiter of good taste and red lines in that area, be my guest. I have zero interest in it.

My whole point is nobody will force you to watch anything you don't want to see, but if you join a group named sexy pics or sexual deviants, what do you think they post there? Not the pics I mention because they are not allowed, kind of defeats the purpose of these groups if you are not allowed to see the type of nudes I mention. That is my point. Not to force you to see anything you don't want to.


As far as I know, there are already groups that exist on the site (or at least used to exist), where posting nude photos is permitted.
I am not a member of any of those groups because I'm not interested in that type of content.
I'm not a prude or a hypocrite, I just have no interest.

Btw, @Admin has every right to specify what kind of content they will allow.
This site is NOT a democracy. They are the sole arbiter of what is permitted and
what is not. Members may comment on what they do like, and do not like, but beyond registering an opinion or a complaint, members don't make the decisions
about what content is allowed, or not.
If you, or anyone else, doesn't like that, no one is forcing you to stay.

There are plenty of other sites that permit that type of content.

My whole point refers to these groups, where the pics I mention are not allowed. Seems hypocritical to me. It is painfully obvious that this site is not a democracy as you say.

Yep, they clearly didn’t bother looking through the groups

@Mofo1953 At one point, I was aware of a group with a name like "Sexy, classy pics". I never went to check it out, but I got the impression "tasteful" nudes were allowed there. Perhaps I am wrong about that, but, whatever.
So what if the site does not allow nude pics of any kind?
It's not "hypocritical", it's the right of the site owner to make that determination.
It has NOTHING to do with whether one may or may not be a "free-thinker".
Not everyone is interested in looking at nude pics. That doesn't have anything to do with the purpose of this site.
Like I said before, and as others have also said, there are plenty of other sites where that is permitted.
Why should this site's owner feel compelled to allow that if that's not what they want?
No one ever said this site was a "democracy". I don't understand why you would think it "should" be?

@KKGator that is your opinion and you have the right to express it just as much as I have the right to express mine. I do not agree with your opinion and I still espouse and it is my still unchanged opinion that if you join a group called sexual deviants, for example, which is the most popular of the groups based on membership in this site which as you say, is evidently and obviously not a democracy, to not allow nude pics like the ones I described is at least hypocritical. That is what I think and none of the responses I have seen made their opposing point convincing to me.

@Mofo1953 It wasn't my intent to "convince" you of anything.
I was just telling you that what you're upset about is in no way hypocrisy.
You just go right on ahead and be wrong. As is your right.


Pointing out that @Admin has every right to prohibit ANY content is not just my opinion. It's a fact.
Whether you agree with their decision or not.

@KKGator who said I am upset? Is the threat of an exchange of opinions that menacing to you? I actually believe I am right and that you are wrong. It is a fact that might change in this particular case if enough people express similar opinions, nothing is permanent or set in stone. Welcome to the 21st century.


First of all, paragraphs are your friend. I really wish people would use them more.

Personally, one of the reasons why I like this site is because of the lack of nudity. Even though we're all freethinkers, most of us believe there is life beyond sex/nudity. It's refreshing to be able to come to a dating/meeting site without having a person's privates staring at me.

If I want to see nudity, I'll go somewhere like When I want to talk/hang with intelligent people I come here.

But what if you voluntarily join groups like Sexual Deviants or Sexy Pics and yet you ate not allowed to post the pics I mention. Again, I am not advocating that this site becomes a porn site, or even a nude site, but I do think that in thoae groups, check them, there are tons of groups dealing with sex, like Sexual Deviants or Sexy Pics, evidently not your cup of tea, but even in these groups you cannot post the pics I mention. Once again, I am not advocating forcing anyone to see anything you don't want to.

@Mofo1953 Yes, but when you join you have made the choice to look at them. When I joined, I did NOT make the choice to look at nude pics. I made the choice to converse with like-minded people.

Let's just for a minute say this is a dating site. EHarmony, silversingles,, etc do not allow nude pics; so why should this site? Also, if I remember correctly, a site that has nude pics have to have some kind of check system to guarantee that no one under the age of 18 can see them. I'm pretty sure if this site doesn't have that.

@kiramea my points exactly, I also joined the site to converse with like minded people, then I found out about different groups, I joined many that have nothing to do with sex at all, and a couple that do, my comments were basically for those few sites so I don't disagree with you.


The internet is loaded with every manner of such material. As long as it's adult and consenting, knock yourselves out. But it's not what this site is about, in my view.

There are groups in this site dedicated to share pics, like the most popular group in this site (based on the number of members) called sexual deviants, but even there you can't post the images I mentioned. What would you think a group called Sexual Deviants is about?

@Mofo1953 then contact the admins of those particular groups. No need to rant on the main page

@Marcie1974 why not? Isn't the main page a place that encourages exchange of ideas? Or are you from the censorship of free expression police?

@ProudMerrie for some but not for all, anyway, it seems extremely hypocritical to me to have groyps lime this and not allow the pics I mention. That is my opinion.

@Mofo1953 clearly you would have better success in getting the pictures posted if you contacted the correct people in the first place.

I’m te efficiency police ?‍♀️

@Marcie1974 i have and was rebuked, next time I will try to be more efficient but who knows?


No thank you. There are places for that on the internet. This isn't one of them. You see when it comes to naked bodies, other things need to be considered, firstly does the person want to see someone's bits or has someone been coerced into showing them. These things can be very subtle. However as someone who has been sent 'dick pics', I have to say they do NOTHING for me. Penises are not attractive and I have no desire to see women's parts either. In fact I have 3 of each in the back of my car (anatomical models from teaching catheterisation!).
I do not think of myself as a prude, but human sexuality is better within a loving relationship. It is too freely available and too extreme. We wear clothes because we are mostly hairless, live in areas where we need to be covered and really because we look better dressed!

If you read my comments, I never mention dick pics. Nor am I saying you should post this pics indiscriminately. But there are many groups in this site for people who enjoy this things, if you don't nobody will force you to watch anything you don't want to see, but if you join a group named sexy pics or sexual deviants, what do you think they pist there? Not the pics I mention because they are not allowed, kind of defeats the purpose of these groups if you are not allowed to see the type of nudes I mention. That is my point. Not to force you to see anything you don't want to.


The amount of effort required to moderate such a board and make sure photos didn't cross whatever the appropriate line is would be exceedingly taxing on site resources.

We already have groups for photos of the type you are describing.

Making certain said photos aren't of underage models or inappropriate according to rules (whatever those rules are that apply to nudity online) - that's more for a paid site with advertising - with a team dedicated to reviewing content.

People wanting more of that are free to go offsite.

Just as I have a group who goes off site every Sat. night to watch YouTube movies. Because we can't run a movie on this site.

It's the same thing for gamers too. They can't game on site - but they can arrange to meet up off site.

It's allocation of resources pure and simple. And most likely a concern over being libel for anything that isn't lawful. Who needs that headache without an entire team dedicated to reviewing it.

It just seems very hypocritical to me that even in those groups you mention you can't post the pics I described. I specifically said no underage so please read my post again, I am not advocating anything of the sort.

@Mofo1953 Yes however there has to be oversite. Someone who knows the material well enough to determine what is ok to post and what has to be removed.

Pornhub - for instance - knows exactly where all its materials come from s it sources them directly.

Here the photos could be of an underage person and who would know? Verification is impossible for much of the content posted.

@RavenCT of course there has to be oversight, I am not disputing that,
There are always people who may misuse or abuse. My comments on this were clrar.

@Mofo1953 Which is what I'm saying. There aren't enough folks doing site support to do that one task. (review nude photos without knowing the source).

Is it fair to everyone else who isn't interested in that content to pull resources from the other boards?

There are other places to go for that specific interest.

Just like I found an app for movie night (Actually a friend did) - and others go to gaming apps..

@Mofo1953 A simple Google search brought this up: []

I've no idea if there are better or worse out there. But there are platforms already in existence. This is just one of them.

@RavenCT well, life ain't fair, and how do you know resources will be pulled from other groups? Each group has moderators. You are assuming too much with little proof.


A lack of agreement with you, does not equal hypocrisy. Perhaps that's the definition of "hipocrisy".

I believe it is hypocritical to join a group called, let's say sexy pics or sexual deviants, and still not be able to post the pics I described

@Mofo1953 You keep saying that, but that doesnt make it true. Clearly you lack a grasp on the word hypocritical. I advise you work on that. No one wants to see your junk.

@dellik that's your opinion, wrong as it is, but you're entitled to be wrong. I wasn't talking about my junk, learn to read please.

@Mofo1953 lmfao. Go away troll.

@dellik ditto.


Shoo, go away.

Great exchage of ideas! And no I won't.


Phil Spector invented the Wall of Sound. You have invented the wall of text.

And Phil went to jail for murder, is there a limitation in content? If so, I haven't heard about it or seen it anywhere.

@Mofo1953 It’s just a suggestion that your post is too verbose. A guy named Bill Shakepear once said ‘brevity is the soul of wit’. It essentially means, don’t waste my time.

If someone cannot be bothered to write something in a concise manner or separate the themes of the idea into paragraphs, then I can understand why some would want to skip reading it entirely.

@Gooniesnvrdie Wow. How were you able to convey that thought without a wall of text? ?

@indirect76 did you?

@Mofo1953 Skip it? No.

@indirect76 there you go.


What a "lovely" excuse for you to post all those words you think are titillating. You are exactly like those "frotage" asshats in crowds.

It is my opinion, not an excuse. Don't like it. Tough. This site is for exchanging ideas and points of view.

@Mofo1953 yup, those frotage guys hide in the crowd too.....

@AnneWimsey and you should know, right?

@Mofo1953 I was molested by one watching the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center when I was 9, so yes, I would.......

@AnneWimsey i am truly sorry you suffered that abominable abuse.


Don't get your point. As you say this site is for discussion not ogling at naked bodies. Plenty of other sites on the internet for that if it's your thing.

Depends on the groups you join wouldnt you say?Perhaps if you join a group like the many we have here to share pics, then you may understand the point I am trying to make.


Admin. does the work, and those who do the work have a right to say what they want to work with. Plus it would serve no useful purpose that I can see, while if it drove away just one member who I like to read and correspond with, (even if they are a prude ) then I should be sorry.

Just expressing my opinion exactly like you are expressing yours.

@Mofo1953 Of course and you are more than welcome.


Why would you expect to find nudity on this site, just because we are "free thinkers"? If that's the case then I'm free to be thinking I don't want to see cocks, balls, bushes or breasts over my morning coffee..there are a ton of other sites you can go to for your visual pleasure. Let those of us who would rather have some intelligent, thoughtful exchanges do so...what would we discuss in your world? All I come up with is the physical characteristics of the person in the picture.. really?

Another who doesnt peoperly read, see the comments below similar to yours and u got your answer.


Ahhh, the old gratuitous naked barbie ploy.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 18, 2019

You said it, and my name isn't even Maxwell Smart.


I agree with you that a lot of folks here have attitudes toward sex which are quite provincial and definitely reflect the influence of the church in this country. As for the photos, I don't care one way or the other.

I agree with you, just serms to me that if you join a group voluntarily like sexual deviants or sexy pics, it is hypocritical not to allow the pics I described.

@Mofo1953 I never really thought that was the correct title for that group.

@Sticks48 and yet it is, and it is the most popular group here based on membership.

@Mofo1953 They are really not very deviant for the most part. They should have called it The Sex group. They were trying to be cute and it has led to confusion for many people.


Playboy has photos? I only ever bought it for the articles....didn't notice any photos.


Nudity and the reactions to it are often embedded in our past experiences, not just a religious background. To have a nude photo pop up in unexpected places can be disturbing to some (like a quarter of the population) not due to being a prude, or religious puritanical nonsense, but very real, disturbing, or traumatic memories. I see no reason to introduce nudity where none is expected. A good number in my aquaintance and family have had experiences that unexpected nudity would be disturbing for them. Why would you want to? Have you forgotten what the human form looks like?

No, but if you join voluntatily a group called sexy pics or sexual deviants, would you be not expecting to see nudity? Yet, you can't post the pics I mentioned, I call that hypocritical.

@Mofo1953 I guess the person who started the groups sexy pics or sexual deviants have their own rules how they want that group to be, and if it don't suite you just don't go there. Just start your own little group of sexual perverts of whatever.

@Jolanta so why do you care what I do or don't do, another busy body trying to tell people what to do? Puhleeze, mind your OFB!!!

@Mofo1953 Wow aren't you a lovely human being.

@Jolanta yes I am, question is, are you? I live and let live, seems you can't even do this simple thing.

@Mofo1953 Dolt.

@Jolanta busy body


I can think of few reasons to post pictures. But, I have had threads/posts deleted because i was promulgating a concept of the need for women to have regular vagina stretching to ensure their continued use, which is based in scientific research and medical practice.
I was silenced, i figger, because i was a male talking about women's needs, and it was "obvious" to those women who were ignorant of the science, that i should be censored.
And then a few days later a women posted essentially the same information, and the heavens parted.
So it goes.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 18, 2019

I feel your pain.


Got to browse/groups, click the search icon, type in "sexy", and enjoy.

BTW, that pic of Ken and Barbie either pre or post coitise is HOT

1of5 Level 8 Mar 18, 2019

My whole point is that in those groups the pics I mentioned ate not allowed, and tbat is what seems hypocritical to me.

@Mofo1953 the group sexy classy pics (I think that's what it's called) is nothing but pics of women in various states of undress.

But I agree with the majority here, if you want a good dose of softcore porn there's tons of places just for that, and for discussion of same.

It isn't hypocritical for people not to want that here, btw, it's hypocritical of you to force the site to bend to your will.

@1of5 so under your pov, to discuss and exchange ideas is to force the site to bend to my will? Amazing and very brilliant deduction...NOT.


I'd like to welcome you to America.

>Why is it forbidden here?

Because America is a nation of prudish people. When people bought Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler, etc., they didn't read them on the bus. When showing great art on educational TV, the producers won't show certain paintings and statues because it makes the broadcasters nervous. The fun part is there are no hard and fast rules about what makes us gringos uncomfortable. It doesn't stop us from inventing a few rules like thou shall show no close up pictures of rectums. Us crazy gringos are willing to break the rules against gals spreading their butt checks as well in the name of artistic freedom.

Moderators/administers need an excuse to boot yer ass off their groups and rules against butt holes are as good as any other excuse. Not that they need excuses. You might have farted against the wind that day.

When we retire to surf the web, we get nervous who gets to look over our shoulders. We got to save the children in case they sneak up behind us. In my case it's save Petunia if she looks over my shoulder and says "For shame!"

Welcome to America. We're crazy shits.

On the far extreme for most of human history, we didn't care. People had sex with whores, leaning them against the walls by the main drag to do the dirty. People went "meh" my little pony fucked the goat in front of nine year olds. Then they moved to America and things got screwed.

In America you ought to be ashamed you had to ask.

And read all the opposing views below, amazing. I am glad I opened the discussion, though.


I think this topic has been beat to death without adding anything new to the issue. It's their site, their right, end of story. So what if its hypocritical. their call. Philosophically you may have an argument, but it would cause you much less grief to let it go. You voiced your concern. Move on, or don't, your call.

I am call? Oh, you meant "your call". I agree, it is my call.

@Mofo1953 I can see you have chosen to attack other's posts over their typos, if he had said he turned off autocorrect, would you have given him a pass like you gave yourself? The only way you can "win" an argument is tiring the other person out or frustrating them until they give up. You must be really sore I don't back down from bullies, huh? But I guess I won, huh, I made you run away. If stfu was banned on this site you'd have an awful time.


Why would you even feel a need to be able to post nude pictures here. Are you not aware that if you do want to post naked pictures you can go on a web site that is ok with it. I myself are not interested in your naked body or anyone else's for that matter. Let us keep it that way.

Nobody is advocating for you to forcibly see anything you don't want to, there are groups here like sexual deviants or sexy pics, where I have to assume if you join, you have to at least expect to see some nudity, yet these same groups do not accept the pics I described. I call that hypocritical.

@Mofo1953 Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Join some other groups that is happy to show those kind of pics that you can salivate over to your hearts content.

@Jolanta what do people say about ASSUME?

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