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What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Redcupcoffee 7 Mar 2

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Beer. It doesn't like me. Makes me burp for a week on just a sip.



I tried marriage once..that didn't work out so well either..

I was going to say that.

Marriage usually involves God and...

Yes, marriage isnt for me!

That was my immediate answer LOL


carnival rides that turn you upside down


Dating a Christian

@Redcupcoffee my answer is also "dating a christian" and I can confirm both of your responses were accurate for my situation lol.

Is how I learned not to do that. Plus keep finding myself in the bible belt. Just took a new job in North Carolina. Everything else about the situation is pretty tits, cept for the dating pool... sigh

@Redcupcoffee yes, I'm going to have to pull out the ol' wet sock before I ever do that again!

  1. Marriage.
  2. Timeshare ownership.
  3. Buying anything that costs more than £100 without sleeping on it first (see no. 2)
  4. Water skiing (it didn't end well.)

@Redcupcoffee I got out at the end of last year. Reading between the lines of the newsletter, they haven't been pursuing non-payers for quite a few years. They've simply been taking back ownership of the weeks from those who default on the fees. Though listen to the resales lot, and all kinds of nasty things happen if you don't pay... unless you sign up for another deal with them (it was a minimum investment of 14K in something in Scotland, this time.)

As a result of people defaulting on maintenance fees, they've been downsizing. Three neighbouring complexes became one (the other two now doing package holidays and residential.) But the shrinkage continued, and last year, they decided to get rid of the block that I actually own in.

They tried to relocate me to another block, but couldn't do it without my cooperation. So ultimately, I had a sit down with one of the compliance team last time I was there, and they accepted that we could terminate the contract by mutual agreement.

I'm both bored sensless with Los Cristianos (Tenerife) and miss it already. It's comfortable being there. I just feel like there's nothing new left to see or do.

Sounds like you are pretty well sorted to stay away from these, hehe.


Absinthe. The real stuff. Had no idea I was wasted, but everyone else was concerned. They were feeding me,, and taking care of me. Worst hangover EVER! The Green Fairy leaves a mess between your ears ?


Last week, on a whim, I purchased beef kidneys, prepared them, and ate them. Pretty damn nasty tasting.


Downhill skiing. I am a flatlander and feel completely out of control on skis. love to watch other, though.

@Redcupcoffee It's almost as good as the best sex you've ever had .


Breaking my

I did that twice, so I must have loved it!



Cigarettes, pipe, .... I do have a problem with smoking otherwise. I generally take the item off that’s burning when that happens, but that’s just me. @Redcupcoffee


Yes. Olives. Can't stand them.

Every olive I've tried - but I'm not sufficiently olive knowledgeable to know if that's 'all'.

I agree. Olives are a vile little beast.

I don't really like common green or black olives, though sometimes they're good in moderation when added to food (like chopped up in a tuna salad). But I kind of like Greek kalamata olives, though they are often a little too salty for my tastes.



@Redcupcoffee No okra, ever.

Is that the stuff that goes all slimy when you cut or cook it? Yuk!

@smoyle Sure is.


Hot peppers

eating some soup at a Thai Restaurant. Thought that chili was a baby carrot

@btroje 😮

@Paul628 I will never forget it

@WizardBill I am good with spice green chili and red but those dangerous kinds of peppers not so much



Jnei Level 8 Mar 2, 2018

@Redcupcoffee And the flavour, and the smell, and the horrible reptilian skin. Very pretty stone in the middle, though.

@Akfishlady You're more than welcome to eat my quota of the world avocado crop!

  • dating a married woman (I was young, stupid, and hormone addled)
  • mincemeat pie (gross)
  • canned beets (so gross)
  • attending a baseball game (so boring)
  • raw peanuts (may contain a toxic mold that can cause liver failure or cancer)

Pharmacy jobs.
Rollercoasters that go backwards.

@Redcupcoffee I became a pharmacy tech to help people get well. It didn't take long for me to realize I was only helping drug companies make money off of sick people. It felt terrible and I left work every day feeling like a bad person.

@Redcupcoffee No, I'm just doing office work for now.

There is so much money involved you would expect there to be pills that actually did a decent job. But, if you listen closely to ads on TV you will hear that they cause problems worse then the ailment they are supposed to treat. All prescription drugs are poisons that do something abnormal to your chemistry in an effort to make the disease feel not at home. Most problems go away on their own with proper diet, hygiene, and exercise.

You haven't found the right gin yet. The bad stuff tastes like aftershave. The good stuff can be rather pleasant.


Nude fencing!

A friend of a friend tried nude welding, didn't go over well.


Adult resort---not my thing


When I was a teen, I tried drinking hard liquor. I got very drunk, lost my wallet with all my money, hated the feeling.

I got somewhat intoxicated a couple of times after that; those more or less sneaked up on me. The first time was intentional.
Now I don't drink any alcohol. I never liked the taste of anything but cold beer on a hot day, and I don't even do that. I don't miss it and don't feel the need to drink to be sociable. I love my tea.


Dating someone I wasn't physically attracted to.


Krispy Kreme


Water skiing, twice. LOL Even as a gym rat sucked at it. Haaate it.


I'm done trying to get custody of my youngest son... I've tried and tried and tried and that's probably 2 tries too many... Fuck it... I'm done...

@Redcupcoffee He wants to live with his mother, he can live with his mother...


Love of humanity. Jk

I tried having an iguana as a pet. My girlfriend at the time had a cat that got into the cage with it and messes it up. So I moved the cage to a different room and forgot about it. I felt so bad that I've forbid myself from caring for a pet that cannot bug you when you are acting like a dumbass.
Then I had kids. I was fucking worried about that. You read about patents that forget there babies in the car. I was so worry that would be me. But one is 19 and the other is 11 and it's been going good so far. Oh... Kids, I'm done with having anymore kids.

JeffB Level 6 Mar 2, 2018

@Redcupcoffee lol, sure did! Done and DONE!

@Redcupcoffee lol, why do you want to hear about that? Yeah, it hurt. After, you lay in bed for 2 days or so. They recommended frozen peas over ice.
Well, you asked!
I watched a lot of Netflix, since I couldn't do anything else.
They gave me pain medicine but I didn't use it, so it wasn't that bad.

@Redcupcoffee you think that's a question they should have in the profile here? "Are you fixed?"


Cliff diving!

really? What happened?

Was drunk when I did it. After looking at the cliff the next day, sober, I realized I don't have the nerve to do that. LOL

@Galihad_Z Yikes!!! LOL

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