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I'm new to this website and just trying to see what it's about. I am mostly looking for people to talk to just for shiggles. Ask me anything and I'll answer.

sadoslim 5 Mar 3

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Welcome to our unique community.

Thank you. I'm happy to be here


Does this beer belly make me look fat?



What do u make of religion and its social architecture

It's same thing you can get in any social setting. The energy, or what they call Holy Spirit, is gained from social interaction with human beings.


What is your favorite sci-fi flick, if you have one?

Hmmm...That's a good question. I don't know. I have been more into this show called the Expanse about the distant future after Mars has been colonized and they start mining the asteroid belt. It's probably my favorite show other than anything zombie




What's a shiggle?

Shits and giggles


Hi and welcome!

Thank you and hello back atcha


Many of us are here for community, and not dating. Proceed at your own pace.
Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay!

I am not really interested in the dating aspect anyways. I'm in a poly-relationship as is. Already have two women, but they are open to do as they please. I don't control them. I am just looking for like-minded individuals to intrigue my mind.


"Shiggles"? I HAD to click on that!

Nearly sh-t myself upon seeing your profile pic, though!

Zster Level 8 Mar 3, 2018

Shiggles...shits and giggles

Which picture? I only have one on my profile but the one I attached on this post is different

Lol, I understood shiggles. It just amused me.

As to the photo, maybe not profile pict, which was next to the post in the list of posts that I was browsing (and looked fine), but THIS which came up whrn I clicked on the post:

@Zster Oh damn! That would be pretty scary to have pop up in your face. And I totally didn't notice it in the actual post, unusual for me.

You somehow accidentally posted something from the netherworld? You must be a gas at parties! (;


Welcome. That photo looks creepy.

Thank you. I try to capture the true essence of myself. Lol naw, just downloaded the Pentacam app and used it and that's what it came up with

@sadoslim Cool.


Do you tell people you are not a believer?

Absolutely. I don't hide my faith in myself as god...because I actually make things happen

We are all the Gods of our own personal universes o:


If 3 astronauts are in a canoe flying over the Gobi desert and they crash, how many pancakes does it take to shingle a dog house?

jorj Level 8 Mar 3, 2018


@sadoslim And now you need to join the Douglas Adams group! (Yes that was the ultimate answer).


Ya ever wonder why they call it a cock pit?

Yes I have but never looked into it

When I am a the controls its called the Box office. And the ticket price is set by me. 🙂


Have you ever... seen a grown man naked?


Airplane! The answer is "Airplane"... 😉


This website isn't about anything.
What do you think about anything?

I think about music and coding

@sadoslim Cards with holes huh? I listen to music a lot.

I make music...write alot of lyrics. The next project I'm working on is a deep, personally dark one with a lot of past trauma wrapped up in the lyrical poetry

@sadoslim I hope to hear some of your music one day.

@Whathappensnow it's hip hop, but not shit you'd hear on the radio. It's kinda dark

@sadoslim Cool.

@Whathappensnow when I'm finished with the sampler, I'll send it to you. I'm gonna follow you

@sadoslim Sounds better already than most of the shit on the radio anyways!

@Neraven thank you. I wish I could show you something but none of my own shit is done. I do have a verse I did for a collaboration/feature I did for someone. Although, what he recorded was really bad and I was considering telling him to scrap it, but I will just keep it as is and let him have something decent for his album. Wanna hear it? Message me


I suggest browsing the posts, and finding ones to comment on. Also look through the groups. If you don’t participate, people won’t know to interact with you. 😉

Most definitely. Been looking around. Just signed up. It seems pretty interesting thus far

I’m glad, and welcome. @sadoslim

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