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I was wholeheartedly a pro-BREXIT campaigner but now I want the UK to remain in the EU ! Though as someone under death threats from the Islamists, getting out of the EU makes me feel safer, yet, considering the future of the economy and the prospects of having my freedom of movement rights getting curtailed, I am now for remaining within the EU. But I hope the other members of the EU calls for a greater cooperation in tackling criminal activities and illegal migration control.

mufassil 5 Mar 29

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Was a stupid thing anyway


There will be no Brexit. Jus' say'n.


Don't like your view on this. Your mixing the EU with Muslim migration, Duh. Out of the EU we will have more muslim immigration, and sikh. Trade deals need trade offs, guess what many ask for? For us to allow more migration from them to us.


I'm shocked by Americans that actually believe the Royals will secretly leave the UK if Brexit occurs. I've seen posts on this and heard a few talking. Where will the Queen go? What did the Royals do before the UK became a part of the EU? Every day I run onto people who cannot think.


Christian religion is a threat to secular State, but muslims are worse! They are a threat to humanity existence. Islam religion must be banned like did well, i would also leave from UE, if i was british of course.


Hm that sucks. Not as much as having your home bombed and having to flee your homeland for refuge only to get called terrorist and receive constant threats and have people constantly hate you for your beliefs or the fact that you're brown, so much to the point that they're willing to destroy their own country to get rid of you. Aka: I have no sympathy for racist fucknuts suddenly upset about their own mistake because suddenly it affects them negatively when they just wanted to destroy OTHER peoples lives instead.

It's absolutely mindblowing how many atheists who demand religious freedom and respect turn around and demonize and vilify and try to restrict the religious freedom of another. Such hypocrisy.


Its remarkable that all the Brits want to remain and Canadians/Americans want us to leave! Race for the bottom/source for cheap labour/market for sub-standard thank you


I envy JRM's poise and eloquence.


When you hold a vote you honour the results or it's no democratic vote. If you don't like the result, suck it up.
If you wish to remain in the EU, then it's too late. If you wish to rejoin the EU, hold another referendum to join the EU because ATM, you have told them you have left.


I hope we can sort something out soon. Our elected officials are pretty worthless right now.


A hard Brexit will be a train wreck. Any other sort of Brexit will be very disappointing. I am glad my late father, who was overjoyed when the UK joined the EEC, is not around to see it.


i am glad you changed your mind but i would like to point out that withdrawing from from the eu would not make you any safer from islamists (and i am glad you used that term instead of muslims, since they are not the same thing; not many people know the difference and i applaud you). withdrawing from the eu would make putin VERY happy, though. he wants to regain control over eastern europe and a weak western europe makes that more of a possibility. he wants to be a world power, and the easiest way to achieve that is to sap power from others; brexit certainly would do that. one way that is achieved is by turning people against one another. note that not all, or even most, migration is illegal (or even unwanted).


@Aryn it may or not be may. but putin is working his terrible magic, that's for sure, and not just in one place.


@genessa, @Aryn The only way that people in the UK get money from oligarchs is to sell their London property to one at an inflated price.We are learning though. Chelsea FC owner Abramovich was denied a UK visa last year but The Israelis were quite happy to give him one.

@Moravian it is not a matter of ordinary people being bought off by oligarchs. that's not how it works. the money goes into other rich folks' pockets to be sure but the money's main purpose is to buy heavy propaganda.



BREXIT was about sovereignty, NOT the economy. Having said that, the remain lobby scare tactics about the economy are globalist propaganda. The economy will thrive on WTO terms.

Absolute bollocks

@Amisja Your eloquence is so impressive. How could I possibly disagree?

We were never not sovereign. Anyone who believes we'd lost our sovereignty was lied to. A quick Google search and some reading will go a long way to proving that the sovereignty lie by the Brexit campaign was as big as the Boris bus lie.

Under the WTO we'll have tariffs on everything. We are an importer, not an exporter, meaning that EVERYTHING will cost more. How exactly is making basics unaffordable to the 8 million Brits already living below the poverty line the same as a thriving economy?

Nonsense. One of the main reasons for voting "leave" in England was immigration. Many English cities have problems with ethnic "ghettoisation". The fact that most of the immigrants are from Asia and Africa was too difficult for leavers to grasp.

Some peoples concept of "sovereignty" was a factor. I keep hearing the nonsensical comment "tired of being ruled by a bunch of unelected European bureaucrats" from leavers.

I am pleased that Scotland voted 62/48 to remain. We welcome Europeans here and we need them. With an aging population they supply a young energetic workforce. Last year with the fall in value of the pound many East Europeans decided not to come and help pick the berry crop and much of it rotted in the fields.

It now looks as if a "no deal" is likely and the only upside is that it may mean another independence referendum is on the cards.


Anyone with any sense voted remain. Leave means everything we have worked for since world war 2. We are Europeans and I do not want to leave my EU family.

Remain means discarding everything which was fought for in two world wars.

@PBuck0145 Thats not true. My grandparents fought for peace in EU and we have had that. You are not British and no not live here. This is going to be terrible. We are so co-dependant on our EU partners. It is like having bits of us ripped away.

@Amisja FYI My support for BREXIT is based on concern for the future of my country. The open borders, "open societies", globalist policies of the E.U. are encouraging and facilitating the propagation of a cruel, theocratic, imperialist totalitarian political political ideology. Canadians admire the British. Once Britain succumbs to Sharia, Canada could soon follow.

@PBuck0145 You aren't British

@PBuck0145 Succumbs to Sharia? Explain please.

britain is part of oceanna (Orwell). although you would probably be better off remaining, the US would prefer you to leave. they usually get their way, one way or another, eventually.

@PBuck0145 ,
as a Canadian i'm not a huge admirer of the British b/c i'm not very fond of their parasitic, inbred royalty/aristocracy.
i'm sure a significant % of Canadians feel the same way.

@PBuck0145 Britain survived WWII, and the world changed. In September 1939 the British Empire was the Superpower. By August 1945 The Empire had collapsed and become the Commonwealth. Churchill pushed for a European Union with Britain at its centre so the UK at least could retain power and authority in the new world dominated by the USSR & USA. The UK and France had lost, Ike demonstrated that during the Suez crisis.
As the power of the UK declined in the face of globalisation it needed to find a new powerful ally, that was the EEC. And so after many attempts - France under DeGaul kept vetoing the UK as he feared the power of Britain would dominate even over Germany, the UK joined. I remember the problems of Eurpean travel prior to joining. I can compare what it was before and now. Being in the EU is better. As for sovereingty, as the UK reclaims domestic sovereingty the countires of the EU and beyond suddenly excercise theirs over the UK.

@Amisja not British but Lizzy is head of state. So you have to mess around with visas big deal.
Look at non EU European countries and they are doing alright.
Not the end of the world. All UK has to do is make EU laws British laws then change at your leisure (hard brexit)

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