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Everyone believes that their religion is the right one, but who is right? Their are the believers and then their are agnostics and atheists. If that is the case, and those believing in heaven, and then theres the religion where the virgins are waiting for you, and then their is reincarnation for others. What I want to know, has anyone come back to tell us, if not who is right? My belief is Karma, and its a Bitch.

TonyCarl1 6 Mar 31

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In the Christian haven guys get wing jobs from angels. What do women get?

zesty Level 7 Apr 2, 2019

One of my religous nut bussiness associates says women are suppose to obey the men so I guess they get what the men tell them to get. ???

@Trajan61 Sounds boring.

@zesty Yes I agree but why are there more women in church than men?

@Trajan61 Maybe they find the priests sexy? Lol


How is one supposed to enjoy those virgins? The body dies and the spirit travels to heaven. Spirit sex ??. I am still waiting for the reincarnated to come tell me about his past life and what he saw after he died when he was in transition waiting to be reborn. ??. If heaven is populated by all those religious assholes that are on earth, I don't want to be around them for eternity just like I don't want to be around them here on earth ??. My two cents.


Religions and holy books the world over have no validity of truth to them. Nobody that has died has returned to tell you about it. Oh, your friend had a near death experience and he went to heaven. No, his body was still here the entire time. Now you want to make up and invisible part of him that went somewhere instead. If I leave you alone to believe this nonsense you will just keep on making it up. People from other areas of the world have their own version of it. Why is that? Apparently none of them are right.


If there is a god it does not provide any creditable evidence. Therefore if god is logical it favours those who assess the evidence best, and therefore god likes atheists/agnostics best and they will be the first in heaven. The above may have an important truth in it but I don't think we are all going to heaven, even on April the first.


None of the above.


I am. 🙂

skado Level 8 Mar 31, 2019

One of the "good" things about the religion "industry" is that there are never any return dissatisfied customers. Pay now, die later, no refunds. It's the perfect scam, really.

As for which is "right", the real question is which is proven. Answer, none.

Roll up! Roll Up! Join the religion industry. You'll be dieing to find out the truth.

"LIKE" manual button not working.


atheist don't have a religion


you are entitled to believe in whatever you want but i no more believe in karma as popularly understood than i believe in any gods or other supernatural beings at all. i also love my female dog, ramona, and would not compare anything bad to her by calling it a bitch.


I still don't have the ability to like posts or comments, but kudos for not allowing anyone to malign Ramona unchallenged. And karma is not a bitch it's a werewolf. It's a completely fictional character based on mankind's desire to rationalize and control our more base impulses.

I don't believe in lies

@JimG indeed! now the butterfly effect is real and i think people mistake it for the much more controlled, orderly, even just-appearing karma, but karma is indeed what you have said it is. it is a compelling fancy and good for metaphorical speech, but not based on any real force in the universe.


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