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Recently I've found myself wrestling with the question of God. I know I've been proclaiming my atheism loudly and consistently for months but the fact is, I'm not as certain about it as I pretend to be. I frequently find myself wondering if there might be something to the promises of an Almighty Father. Think about it, all humans have parents so is it so hard to imagine all humanity has a parent?

It actually kinda makes sense and it does offer a resolution to the question; where did we come from? I've been struggling with this for some time now and thought that this was the day I was finally ready to come out with it.

Yes, today was the perfect day for this.

What do you all think -- could we be wrong?

Sgt_Spanky 8 Apr 1

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There's are 3 sciences that people like to ignore. The science of climate, the science of evolution, and the science of consciousness. The majority of people here like to ignore the fact that consciousness don't exist between your ears.
It sounds like you are coming to that realization that consciousness isn't generated by neurons, but a receiver of you, and when people come to that realization, they seek God. I cannot tell you thats there isn't a "God", but I can tell you that there's no old white man in the sky.


You had me for a moment. Thought I would escape 4/1 w/o anyone getting me. As I was reading what you wrote, I was getting ready to let you have it. Then I read, it is a perfect day for it, and I thought to myself, " S..., Someone got me."

Don't feel bad, most of the people who replied got taken.


I'd like to thank everyone who replied with the intention of helping me work through my religious confusion. It's nice to see there are so many good hearted individuals ready to offer their advice to a person struggling with the God question. That makes it all the sweeter when I point out that this post was an April Fool's joke.

I can't feel bad for faking out most everyone who replied because if anyone had just read down through the replies they'd have seen it was revealed to have been a gag when someone first guessed it early on. I also left a clue in the body of the post. Look closely, it was there for everyone to see.



Uncertainty is perfectly rational in this case. It's not like one can have a correct answer, so ANYONE proclaiming certainty is being idiotic. Including those coming at the enigma from the Atheist side.

But that is the macro picture. I'm guessing that many may come into problems relating to the breaking of the rules of whatever their sacred set of ideological chains was.

1.) Everyone does this, no matter how devote. The only difference between us and them is that they are too full of their own shit to ever see (or admit) it. Or they just like to boss people around.

Humans are flawed and biased. So naturally, their reasons for clinging to flawed biased ideologies would follow the same trajectory.

2.) The above.

Isn't it surprising that all of the sins of theism are suspiciously . . . quirky? Isn't it odd that the superviser of all life has such a strong opinion about eating lobster and butt sex?

It's almost as if these things were regurgitated by a flawed and biased human being.

So, there is your answer. Could you be wrong? Yes. Is it worth the nonsense that every deconvert likely goes though in the early stages? No.


Let me understand your logic. Since we each have parents then we as a race we must also have a parent? I don't think it works that way. But if it does, then what is god's parent.

Turtles all the way down.


Read a few of Dawkin's books then you will then begin to understand and all doubts will be removed...


You've convinced me. If anybody wants me I'll be at the seminary.

Repent heathens!


If I'm wrong, I will be very surprised. I'm not worried.


I totally dismissed the concept of deities from my mind long ago.
The clincher for me? The fact the concept has to be taught.
If deities were naturally occurring beings, there would be no need to teach people about them. Plenty of isolated peoples/ societies have evolved quite happily with no concept of deities.
Says it all really.


Your logic is a bit flawed.


in case your post is NOT an april fool's day joke: if all humans have parents, and those parents have parents, and those parents have parents, who needs the extra parent in the sky?

by the way, god offers no reasonable resolution to any question whatsoever.


See below


april fools?


Yup, and judging from all the serious replies, it worked. 🙂

@Sgt_Spanky including mine! but i figured even if YOU were fooling, someone would start nodding, uh HUH, uh HUH at what you said, so i hedged my bet by posting as if it was serious!



In other words, you don't know, just like you've never known, and never will. In other words, you're agnostic, and always have been, and always will be.


Ya know - when I was sucked up into an alien ship, and they did the whole anal probing thing to me - for a brief second I had a mental vision, where I saw a blinding light, with a silhouette of a being that radiated peace, love, and extreme power. I think the experience highlighted that there is many forms of communication, some which we don't understand. Perhaps talking to me in this way is how you move to the next plane of existence. You must be spoken too through you ass, to then be able to talk out your ass about such spiritual things?!?


Infinity: There's so much beyond our ken. All we can do is focus on the here and now while recognizing we live with the unknown. Perhaps the trap is that we assume various definitions of God. But there are as many gods as there are people. Religion dares to define god for us and then we get stuck on their rhetoric. It's difficult clearing the slate but especially if we do not recognize the need to do so. Here, on this site, we are to negate and free to start from scratch.


Is this an April fools joke? I'm reading this on April 1st?

As I said, today was the perfect day for this. 🙂


We know where we came from. We came,along with the other apes from a common ancestor. Prior to that evolution explains it clearly. look it up.


We can always be wrong. If your looking for consolation to relieve fears of death etc. It will probe my help. Where did God come from? How do you get something from nothing ? In the end if religion brings you comfort then that is your priveledge . There is nothing ×wrong a little comfort !

Probe my help equals probably help

The New Age Spirituality addresses death as a transition...that there are many dimensions and death is leaving this dimension and going into another. The idea of reincarnation is as old as humanity and was believed by the early Christians. Meditation puts you into an alpha state and perhaps opens you up to perceive what is normally invisible. There are those who claim to see auras and have seen an energy field rise up out of the body at death. I have seen auras on a few rare occasions. There is nothing to prove to anyone. It is personal. It matters not what people believe. What is, whatever that is. simply is.


I am quite firm in my atheism, and have been for about 55 years. There is NO doubt or question that I am correct in my belief, and in my belief in evolution...

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