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Pleasant solitude: For over a decade, for over a decade I acted as an educational service center director, staff developer, school improvement specialist, developer and implementer of of programs and materials all at the same time. It was total enjoyment, but consuming work that had me working 60 to 80 hour weeks on a regular basis. The job had me often on the road, traveling to and from meetings, planning session, conducting training,etc. -distances up to 200 miles or more from one end end of Kansas to another.

I refused to take a cell phone with me on those trips and usually traveled alone. I would turn the radio to a classical music station, listen and enjoy, reflect, think, enjoy the natural beauty of the prairie and Flint Hills. To me, it was MY time, a time for recovery and synthesis. I genuinely miss those episodes of prolonged pleasant solitude.

Has anyone else felt the same way about healing solitude? e.

wordywalt 8 Apr 6

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...yep -1hour or so deeply focus
on nature ; this about once a week
would keep me balanced for work week.


I do..,I am sitting here in the middle of my desert alone with the birds and plants that I watch grow and I can hardly force myself out in the world to do other things! Friends have stopped by in their Motorhome at the beginning of what they say is a year long trip across the country. They are going out exploring here and inviting me to come along! And, I can’t make myself go with them! They always return at the end of the day and we visit, that is perfect! Solitude, is a wonderful thing!

There are times when solitude is a blessing. But, at other times, it feels like a curse.

@wordywalt if I don’t get some ‘curse’ going on here...I could turn into a hermitess! Lol I love every minute here...


ppl who enjoy solitude are fortunate. many can't stand to be alone. they need distraction to keep the demons away.
OTOH, there are also some who feel lonliest in groups of ppl. i've occasionally felt that way.

I once felt that kind of loneliness! The kind that cuts, like a knife!


Many times!


I live alone, just me and the cats. My house is my retreat, my cocoon, my nest, or sanctuary if you will. I have healed here.

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