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Workplace religion.

At work we have something akin to a workplace facebook. One of the groups within this is a Christian group. I find I'm truly annoyed at this. Whenever a pro- life or bible quote of the day or something crawls across my screen, i want to punch something. Unless you work for a religious organization, work should be religion and politics neutral.

CommonHuman 7 Apr 9

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It’s simple: Do not go on Facebook.

Not so simple if youy're employer requires it of you. I've never had an FB account. My current client has FB at work. I had to choose - contract or FB account. Chose the FB account. Not happy. And I'm expected to use it.

Fuck it!

It isn't facebook, it is something like it. Like my work's own private social network. It's good for other stuff, just super annoying with the religious stuff.

@OwlInASack What kind of Nazi like company do you work for that DICTATES in a contract that ALL employees MUST subscribe and have a FB page?
That's similar to when I was on the N.S.W. Railways, had the weekend rostered OFF, took my daughter camping in the bush, returned to work on the Monday and was berated because, according to the Boss and ONLY the Boss, not the Railways themselves, " Every Employee is on CALL 24/7."

@Triphid well it’s not contractual but the message was given clearly down through mgt channels. I’m a contractor so gone easily if they want me out. It’s a large British banking group...

@OwlInASack And, IF one were to research deep enough one would discover that, like almost every Banking/Financial Company/Organisation that the Jewish community, aka, the Rothschilds, have, not just a finger, BUT both hands in the pie, so to speak.
Yes, I fully realise that some will read this and scream " Antisemitism/Anti-Semitic " at me very loudly and they 'd 110% WRONG for I am merely STATING FACTS.

@Triphid you’d be 100% wrong and you are just repeating a global anti-Semitic meme.

The vast majority of banks are owned by pension funds via stock exchanges.

That stuff you posted is just a big old load extreme right wing nonsense. Google it. Like the protocols of the orders of Zion or whatever it’s called

@OwlInASack Er, try again my friend.

@Triphid we might have to agree to disagree here. I’ve worked in banking for years. I do know a Jewish owned bank here in Switzerland but just one and it’s private

Are you suggesting that banks are somehow not owned via shares on stock exchanges? I’m confused.

@OwlInASack Did you know that even since the Rothschilds backed BOTH sides in the Napoleonic Wars they have been financing almost EVERY war humankind has waged?

@Triphid stop it now

I’ve posted a technical rebuttal. Bank ownership - and therefore control - is a matter of public record. You are just posting fascism. Do you really not know this? The Rothschild and ‘Jews control finance’ stuff is as old as history but was always just a fascist tool.

Banks are controlled and owned by their shareholders. Under the Basel regime for capital adequacy the amounts of capital they now have to hold are huge (10.5 to 13% of risk weighted assets minimum) and are raised - by all big banks - directly in the capital markets via public offerings

This isn’t up for debate.

@OwlInASack I'm neither Fascist nor a proponent of either Fascism, Socialism, Communism, etc, etc. I am stating KNOWN and Historical Facts.

@Triphid what are the actual facts? I’ve given you some: but nothing on that? What are the actual facts here?

You are definitely repeating a very well known fascist trope: google Rothschilds banking and you’ll find yourself in some ‘interesting’ places pretty fast

But these facts. What are they?


Does your place of employment have an HR Department?
If it does, I'd be making a personal visit to the department head.
Straight to the top, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.


That would piss me off as well. I see your options as being three-fold.

  1. You can tolerate this, remain quiet and keep the peace.

  2. You can complain to management that you feel harassed by this and make the argument that the workplace should be religion and politics neutral.

  3. You could start an atheist group and claim equal time be given to promote your views.

Obviously the first option is the easiest while the other two could come with socio-political consequences. It's up to you which option works best for you.


Just ignore them ... they are the clueless.


Form your own group with secular positive sayings.


I would think this "workplace" social media site would be workplace related. Can your colleagues post christian fliers up on the walls? Or, wear christian messages on t-shirts to work? If the answer is no, then you shouldn't see this on the feed either.

You might want to check out the employee handbook or policies to see what the organization says about these personal messages being brought into work. Or, you can ask a supervisor.

I know my place of employment has to follow the federal Title IX regulation which stipulates that individuals employed there cannot be discriminated against based on (among other things) religion. In my organization, a designated "christian" group on a workplace social media site meant for all employees would not be allowed.


Dude at work the other day wore a "Y'all need Jesus!" T shirt. I wanted to be a dick but I got to work there lol.

I can look at these poor people and feel pity. It takes some practice, but after being bombarded with their ‘in your face,’ piety...for years and years...there is no way to merge with them, or get them to see me as a fellow traveler on the road of life. I want waste my precious energy on them, again.


Are you able to unsubscribe from that group's updates?


Just scroll on by...Why waste the energy worrying about other’s beliefs?


I understand and agree with you. It should be neutral, but that's hard to get. Quit the damned "Workbook" if you can or buy a few stress balls.


Do you have an hr department or a compliance office where you work? Register a complaint with whatever you have. If you have neither, complain to either your state DOL, or find the nearest federal DOL office, and register complaints there. You may suffer retribution from your employer or fellow employees, and if you do, document it and sue. ?


The workplace is under no obligation to remain secular or a-political. Nor, I would imagine, are you under any obligation to participate in the workplace facebook. A simple solution would be to ask to be excluded from the group post or from the facebook. A less simple solution would be for you to quit and find a job that engages in the type of secular behaiviour you like. It's a bit tricky because you are not being forced to attend or profess belief in any of these messages. At worst, you are being exposed to messages the same as if it were a poster or an employee wearing a cross. At best, you can opt out of receiving those messages.

But yeah, as KKGator says, brining this up to HR is the best course of action. Though don't be surprised that if your workplace is 99% christian and they don't feel the practice is discriminatory (after all, you can do the same by forming a secular group and running pro-choice messages, in principle), then you may have no recourse within work and would have to seek legal recourse outside... IF a lawyer determines you have a case... which you may not... being annoyed at religious messages isn't the same as being discriminated for being an atheist.


This would be incredibly annoying.
If you are comfortable with asking the questions of HR then do so.. it is your right to not have to deal with this at work.
Rather than stir the pot with religion, perhaps create a humanist group. That word is more palatable to the thumpers.


You are right. Religions should not be mixed with work, but I would take this as a great opportunity to ask pertinent questions and see how they like them apples.


I run multiple companies and while I have specific code of conduct rules against discrimination for or against religion, sexual orientation, politics, and unprofessional or "sexual" behavior while working with other members, partners, or clients.

I generally tell all involved to simply not discuss such topics while on the clock or in group settings. While some may imply their religious points of view and what it references. I make it pretty clear that being "preachy" is not allowed nor wanted by most of our membership and clients. It is unappropriate to drone on and on about your sportsball or your love of a hobby to those who didn't ask for it. Let alone doing so while on the clock.


Can't you opt out of this "group"? It seems bizarre that you have to see posts for something you're not a part of.
Tell your management you're feeling harassed by the involuntary proselytizing you're being forced to read.


I agree! But, it has been my experience that most religious people believe that talking about the Bible and Jesus...shows that they are ‘the best,’ people.


Ask your IT department for a way to block the emails from this particular set of people. And complain to HR. What is happening amounts to preferential treatment based on religion, and it should not be happening.


I had to read this a few times. It’s not FB but something with your company that is similar. Yeah, that’s crossing the line. If you work for a small company you can complain and it might fall on deaf ears. A larger company would squash that in a heartbeat.

I used to have that problem where I work now with one person who would send out weekly devotional emails. Complaining would have been pointless. Once we were bought out by a larger corporation that stopped.

Best of luck


I understand your annoyance, and I would prefer not to see that crap too; so why not just turn off their notifications.

JimG Level 8 Apr 9, 2019


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