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Yeah, i think france should help finance the rebuilding of notre dame so all the pedophilic catholic priests can continue molesting little boys!!!

FlyingEagle1952 6 Apr 17

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"The French Ministry of Culture owns Notre Dame and is responsible for its maintenance.

The state used to foot the bill for all of Notre Dame’s upkeep.

But in recent years the high cost of the repairs Notre Dame needed meant the French Ministry of Culture could no longer pay to maintain it.

This saw the Archbishop of Paris and the Diocese of Paris create the Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris organisation.

The Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris is a charity that urges people to donate money to go towards the cathedral’s upkeep." []

France has a law regarding secularism that cemented the separation of church and state, guaranteed freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, it also placed the ownership of all churches built before 1905 with the state to preserve their cultural heritage.

Also, rebuilding a structure that is so culturally and historically valuable has nothing to do with the pedophilia problem in major religions. The historic and cultural significance of Notre Dame is staggering and it would be unforgivable not to repair it.


It’s in modern-day Europe, so I’m surprised they’re not turning it into a mosque.


Wow. So much hate about a historical building. I suppose Americans only have Confederate Statues to represent the history of America so it's a foreign concept to understand the beauty of something inanimate. Or something.

I am absolutely FOR tearing down every confederate monument and plaque.
I am also for taking all confederate symbols off all state flags that still have them.
Just because some people call something "history", or "heritage", does not necessarily make it so. Most of the confederate "monuments" were up in the 20th Century as a means to remind black folks of who was still running the show. The tributes to the "glorious dead" were meant to keep black people "in their place". So anyone wanting to make the claim that garbage is "history", is full of shit. The Confederacy were traitors, and they LOST.

Like I've said before, clean it up, and leave it as a ruin. It will still bring in millions in Euros from the tourists. Just like the ruins in Greece, Rome, and Egypt do.

@KKGator My analogy was not intended to be about Confederate Monuments, it was meant to illicit thoughts of the reality: Americans are clueless about how something can be so much a part of a culture, that should something bad happen to that thing (whatever the thing is) an entire country would mourn. There isn't a thing in America to mourn because 1.) There is no "culture" (there are many sub-cultures); and 2.) America is still an infant compared to almost everywhere else on the planet. Hence, there's nothing to compare Notre Dame to (of USA origin, that is.) Maybe I wasn't clear ... ?

I don't understand the hate being spewed on this site about Notre Dame. For such a diverse and seemingly intelligent collective body (ie: members) it's been interesting, and troubling, and quite sad to take in. 😔

I added Notre Dame to my bucket list. I moved it way up the line. I want to see what an entire country is mourning. I want that because there's nothing in America that will ever make the entire country mourn. But to each their own. 🙂

@SeaGreenEyez To each their own. I have little regard for "culture".
Most things that are considered part of a culture have very checkered histories, and that includes Notre Dame.

You focus on the aspects of European culture that you please, as is your right.
I'll focus on the realities of those same cultures, which generally aren't nearly as pretty as the architecture and art.

The Spanish were not the only ones with Inquisitions.
The French Inquisitions were just as brutal and lethal. The catholic church of that time was violent and evil. They still are. Only now, their violence and evil takes the form of rampant pedophilia.
Sorry if I don't share your regard for monuments to evil religions.

The church demanded money for these vanity projects, and they took it from those who could little afford it.
Lots of people died in the construction of the cathedral during the 182 years it took to complete it. A lot of the craftsmen who worked on that construction project didn't get properly paid either. The church stiffed a lot of the people working for them. Sorry, but all that really taints any enjoyment of a building for me.

I don't think it has anything to do with being an American. That's a really disingenuous "argument". It's more about not being impressed with religious corruption and facing the facts about "pretty" things.
It's definitely one of the biggest reasons I have so little use for "culture".
Especially medieval culture. All that pretty stuff was deliberately meant to cloak the really ugly realities of the period.


Evict the priests, bulldozer the Cathedral and build affordable housing, etc, for the poor, the unemployed and the Homeless instead, after all Charity DOES begin at home, does it not?


The building is the property of the French government.
I presume they will take the lead, regardless of the funding sources.




If priests stop molesting children because Notre Dame is burned, don't rebuild, but otherwise rebuild it. It's an icon of their country and an architectural jewel. We won't stop catholics from doing their thing whether they rebuild or not.

Notre Dame is the property of the French Government, not the Catholic Church. All churches in France that were built prior to 1905 are the property of the French Government.

@icolan ...I know!

@Merseyman1 Then what is the connection between pedophile priests and rebuilding a historic cultural monument?

@icolan , read the original post at the top again please...

@Merseyman1 No need, I misread your comment, I apologize. It has been a long week and I was overtired when I was reading this last night.

@icolan, sorry to hear than, my friend!


Better France should be hospitals and school buildings to it's old colonies and do something for their poor french men and women.


I say rebuild it and use public funds to do so. It will pay dividends in tourism as it has for hundreds of years.


Clean it up and leave it as a ruin.
If France wants to rebuild it, let them waste their money.
Imbeciles. (say that with a French accent)


Yes, exactly!

zesty Level 7 Apr 17, 2019

I don't think the outpouring of grief has much to do with religion. It's about an icon of our culture.

You say so but I recall a shot of hundreds of people on their knees praying beside the cathedral the following night.


If it were in the United States,I would say no, the government should not rebuild a religious building. It is in France. They can do what ever they want. I am not French. I would not want the French telling us what to do. I am an atheist. I do not want people telling me what to do. I will not, under the circumstances you are writing about, tell them what to do. There are more drastic circumstances, I would voice my opinion against what another country was doing. This does not rise to that level.

Don't worry, there is enough money from private donors to rebuild it.

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