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I've had no alerts all day...yet I find it hard to believe all my atheist friends are busy on Easter...LOL

slydr68 8 Apr 21

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I found the same... apparently changes were being made to the site!


Pagan festival. My neighbour's are being very pagan in a typical north of England way, drinking and bbqing!


I've not had alerts for a few days now.


The only way I've had notifications for a while is to use the "view all" option instead of the drop down. I know that list isn't complete, but it's something.


My thought too. I got home last night at about eleven thirty after an early gig, and there was one alert. Normally there would be twenty to thirty, maybe more.


Same with me, no alerts.

I'm getting alerts again


I've had a few alerts. I still wonder if the site is messing up.


I’m noticing the same thing ?


I was kinda thinking the same thing....


What a relief...I thought no one liked me anymore !!!!!

We love you as much as we did yesterday and the day before, no worries there!

@HippieChick58 Well thank you !!!!!!

Anymore? ?

@1of5 I knew it !!!!!

@IamNobody cool, sites replacing smiley faces with question marks. Wonder what's being programmed in today.

@1of5 ahhhhhh....the same thing happened to me on another thread.... kinda changes the message a little bit, but in this case I think I understood what you meant... crystal clear and you know what? Cool beans... ha ha ah


not just you, my notifications have been broken since Friday
Plenty of action going on in groups just not updating to my notifications
I have started checking manually

@slydr68 ok so I got notifications on this but only directly on my post, its as if i changed a setting, to get less notifications, only I did not lol
used to get them for every new group post in groups i am a member of, now seems only when someone directly interacts with me. hmmm


still not getting any


i havnt either


I’m following you, and I didn’t get an alert for this post.


Some of the notifications seem to be broken. I have had no notifications for new postings in my groups. However, on a Sunday in spring it would not be unusual to have fewer notifications, the weather is great here. I should be outside! I might be later, right now I have stuff to do inside, and I'm avoiding it.

I wasn’t alerted you made this comment. And I wasn’t alerted when somebody made a post on one of my groups.

@altschmerz But I was alerted when you made the comment. I'm not seeing posts in my groups. Yeah, it's weird. Gremlins in the system.


The site was down this morning


Same here.


They have changed it once again .


I'm definitely not busy here. I went grocery shopping. They are always open.

Mine wasn’t!


Had less than five, all message alerts.


Click on that bell in the upper right, mine no longer tells me if I have replies, etc.either.


You just do not belong to the "right" groups, LOL.. I have a zombie jesus post in general hello's you can check out.


Hope you have a nice day.


I saw about half the normal number , and wondered if some of my atheist friends here , were out hunting colored eggs and chocolate rabbits .


No Easter celebration here.

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