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Missouri Bill Banning Anonymity of Atheist Plaintiffs in Lawsuits Passes House []

Buxx 7 Apr 23

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If it passes it will get challenged


What does this mean?


Pretty much a death sentence for some people. I've seen the ugly called christianity in action when they go after a group who won't conform to their way of thinking.


Welcome to the Middle east states of the U.S. To me this is like the slavery issue in that it will pit states against one another reason against insanity.

It has to be the way that some people think who need to feel they have some say and control, in our society. They also do not understand that much thought goes into making any life or death decisions, for each person... not withstanding the very young. Then it should be a calibration.

@Freedompath Or they are too used to being able to proselytize and think they can tell others how to act.

@JackPedigo yes!


A lot of times that anonymity is to protect children, the children of the adult plaintiffs. Anything to keep those lawsuits to a minimum so that they can keep pressing their religious agenda.


The religious right wants all the leverage that they can get, again...they have no concern for the person themselves...they are taught and believe, ‘it is god’s will,’ if they run into difficulties’...’they brought it upon themselves.’


Another douchebag believer who thinks that we get our laws and morals from the Ten Commandments and that such nonsense as this should be put in court houses. Wake up, folks. Gods have nothing to do with it.


No problem just file the suit in a minors name. Most of the time there is a work around to stupid

I am going to start using your phrase "a work around to stupid" all the time! That belongs on a T-shirt. ?

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