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I wonder if there is a certain falseness when someone chooses not to identify themselves; when they hide behind the facade of an alternate identity.

DonaldHRoberts 7 Apr 24

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want to take that up with him?


Ya think????!


They actually DO call me Lucyfer at work so my screen name is not such a stretch.

I am not using my real name on here because I work for a conservative company and am not yet ready to retire should someone decide to use my lack of belief against me.

Yes I can legally fight harassment but since I did actually have to sue an employer once for sexual harassment, I find it is a hassle I would rather not repeat


sometimes. sometimes they're just being playful. role-playing games are fun and some people carry role-playing into more than just games online. i don't, but i know some do. but think of this: sometimes role-playing is an expression of a part of you that really exists and can't practically be expressed in any other way! does that make it dishonest or MORE honest?



Just because someone shares their real name and picture online doesn't mean they aren't faking everything they say. You can think you know a person for years and find out everything about them was a lie.

People who choose not to identify themselves online have their own reasons.


You are aware that in some professions or geographies, it is not at all rare or unusual for people to be fired for what they say on social media, right? Sometimes the privacy is not about you, but very much about self preservation, which we all have the right to do.

Zster Level 8 Apr 24, 2019

I think using your real name lends a certain degree of credibility to your words, however I can understand why a person would chose to use an alias while on line.

In my case I just don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about what I write. If they want to travel here and pester me or kill me I’ll deal with it at that time—or not.

What about all the well known authors, professors, actors, etc. They seem to cope with public exposure.

Many use a pen name to write under.


If they are on the other end of your ringing phone the answer is yes 🙂


Perhaps under a hidden identity they can actually be their real self...which one is the false self? The one tied to your real identity and real life responsibilities, complete with contrived niceties and hidden secrets that your job, society, friends, etc. do not know about for a multitude of reasons or the hidden one, in which you are free to reveal yourself more truthfully under the guise of anonymity among strangers?

A "hidden" identity does not need to be nefarious in all cases...


I can see why people can get suspicious of someone who is "" hiding" we don't know the motivation, Sometimes people just want to be alone.. but still crave interaction. I am speculating, but there are some who have social anxiety. and then others who may be trying to "fool" people.

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