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Here's an interesting retort for those Religious Apologists who try to silence rational and factual expression, and dismiss us by accusing us of either being evil, or of having contempt towards their beliefs; "You know how you always say you love the sinner, but hate the sin? Well, I don't hate the Religious adherent, who believes others are full of sin, I hate the belief that I am a sinner.

friendlycatlady 5 Apr 29

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You bet I have contempt for thier beliefs. Why shouldn't I? They show contempt for my non believing and everyone else who believes differently than they do.

As for evil, if it can't be kept out of the church where can it be kept from? How do I know the person talking isn't evil themselves? They belong to a church, after all.

1of5 Level 8 June 2, 2019

I don't engage with religious fanatics at all. If they bring up religion, I change the subject, look bored, or walk off as though I suddenly remembered something I have to do. This quickly trains them to avoid the subject.


as @mischi also implied, sometimes you can only reach someone from within that person's own bubble. i have but two words for christian trumpkins: "golden calf." for generic evangelicals, i just tell them, firmly, that i am not interested. if they persist, i get firmer. i have not been converted yet, so it must be working.



I hate prejudice in every way.

ylma Level 5 Apr 29, 2019

Even though Jesus probably never existed as such, I use the name to silence most critics. I like to say, "I try to live every day in a Christ-like manner." (Which for the most part, I actually do.) Then I might tack on the comment, "Hardly any of the Christians I know do that."


I'm a sinner from the Christian perspective because I'm morally flawed.

I'm imperfect from a human perspective because I'm morally flawed.


Saying anything to religious believers about their beliefs is just a waste of time in my opinion.


Well Said


I just refuse to be silenced. That works, too.
Eventually, they just get tired of losing the debate and they give up and go away.

@Deiter Yeah, I haven't been around for two millennia, so "precedence" means nothing to me. I live in the here and now. Most of those I had those debates with went away. Not one of them has ever tried to come back and convert me.

@Deiter You may have missed my point. Whatever has come before me isn't anything I can do fuckall about. I am extremely aware of the history, that's important to understand. However, I can't own what others have done, or will do. I can only own what I do.
If I can anticipate some of what others may come at me with, I can respond.
I already know there are no gods. So, everything they may come at me with is generally going to be abject bullshit.
Sure makes defending my position so much easier.
I know I, alone, will not be the one to eradicate religion, but I will do whatever I can to push back against it.

@KKGator I have found that if I ignore the accusations of being confused, ignorant, and evil, and combat them with facts , they always disappear and sometimes even recapilate my own position. The important thing to realize is not to be intimated, even if you are ganged up on by a bunch of them. If you have verifiable sources and have done your research, the narrow minded idiots will back down. It also works, for me, to state that my claims are not my own opinions, but the conclusions of higher minds then mine. I just simply quoted and agreed with them. That way the argument can not be turned into a personal attack.

@friendlycatlady Your approach is much different than mine. I fight fire with fire, when it's necessary.
I think everyone should approach this kind of thing in whatever way works best for them.
Personal attacks don't scare me. I can give as good as I get.
Different people require different tactics.

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