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Lethal Injections:
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Published on May 5, 2019

CaroleKay 8 May 6

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In Europe we don't have the death penalty as such. Under Scots law, the death penalty means life without parole. This sentence can be reversed should the accused be later found to be innocent.
This as Oliver showed, cannot happen with the death of a person who is not guilty.
It appears to me, that there are too many loopholes in State Laws for the death penalty to be administered in 'civilised' country.
What are the reasons for the State/Nation State to take a persons life? What proof is needed and how is scrutinised?
To add a question. Is the death penalty needed? If it is, then what method of extinction should be used? The United Kingdom last carried out a 'public execution' in 1962. Evidence does not support the notion that the death penalty deters crime, although those that are killed cannot continue to offend again of course!


I watch his show and loved this one. He certainly gave a good argument against the death penalty, which I totally agree with. To many innocent people have been executed, and they cannot prove they are NOT executing innocent people so it needs to stop. It is barbaric and nothing but state sponsored murder.


I love Oliver. He did a great job representing the argument against the death penalty. I believe the 4% number for executing innocent folks is low. There are definitely cases where evidence has disappeared either before a trial or there was no DNA evidence available at the time. We stay so far behind the modern world in health care, the separation of church and state, and the death penalty. Other than having the most money, the most powerful military, and having the highest percentage of our population in jail compared to EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON THE PLANET, what do we lead in?


I love John Oliver; he;s funny

CS60 Level 7 May 6, 2019

That's an excellent explanation. Thanks for posting that. He's funny and yet makes great sense.


Love John Oliver! Always insightful while adding humor to sometimes dreadful issues.


I love John Oliver and this one is so good it should be aired at dinner on all channels and mandatory viewing by all
involved in capitol crime prosecution. imho

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