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What wonderful news, Ivan Milat, the Backpacker Killer has been diagnosed with TERMINAL Cancer.
It looks very much like he has only a few months left to live, I hope he dies very slowly and in excruciating agony.

Triphid 8 May 28

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Won’t happen. They will give him drugs to ease the pain. I am sure.

Yeah I know, but it'd be kind of Poetic Justice if those drugs turned out to ineffective imho.


I think you are summing up the US judicial system. It's more about revenge than justice.


He's not human. He thrived on the suffering of others. He deserves no mercy.


But now he's not going to be able to fill out his seven life sentences.

That's a point though death from Cancer IS a very final and most often extremely painful way to die.
Palliative Care can ONLY do such and with cancers he's been diagnosed with even the very best of the painkillers can't ease all the agonies he will suffer.


Gosh, add sending him to hell for all eternity and you'd sound just like an xtian.

He should have been put down long ago.

1of5 Level 8 May 28, 2019

Too bloody easy, simple and quick for filthy mongrel scum-bag, bottom feeding vermin such as Milat.
His rotten body SHOULD be buried in an unmarked grave INSIDE the Prison, no Funeral, No Burial Rites, etc, and the location be forgotten for all time.
I'm no Xstian, there is no Hell, No Heaven and I offer NO mercy to vermin like that.

@Triphid him suffering does nothing but promote cruelty. And, evidently, make you feel better about something. But whatever.

@1of5 He inflicted his cruelty upon others so, imho, turn about is fair game in this and only this circumstance.
Btw, are you even aware of what he did by any chance?

@Triphid such sound logic, and I'm willing to bet this isn't a one off for you.

Yes, but I don't believe in making or cheering on someone suffering, no matter what they did. Its a purille concept to think it does anything besides fulfill some base desire for "justice" within you, when all it really does is show you want someone to suffer because they've crossed some threshold you've decided upon.

@1of5 No, he crossed the thresholds of decency, morality and true humanity imho.
And no, It is a 'one off' for me because A) I sat at my 16year old Daughters bedside, both 24/7 for her 9 months of Chemotherapy PLUS the last weeks of her life when the cancer returned, and B) when I was anally raped by 3 men at the age of 10 years and later I saw one of them trapped in a burn car, I burned my the skin on my hands trying to free him even knowing then that he was one of my rapists until I literally dragged back when the Fire Brigade arrived.
However, I humbly suggest that before you make up your mind, etc, you actually research what Ivan Milat did to his victims in the Belangolow State Forest of New South Wales, Australia.

@Triphid in your opinion, and opinions vary from person to person. That's why it's such unsound logic, because everyone's line is in a different place.

A. Sorry about your girl, but what's it got to do with this?
B. Very commendable. Just proves my point, though, because for others in thier opinion they'd have deserved to die suffering.
C. Doesn't matter, making him suffer only makes you feel better. It quite literally accomplishes nothing else.
D. I'm all for him having been studied thoroughly psychologically before putting him to death, then performing an extremely through analysis of his physiology for abnormalities to see if it's nature or conditioning to see what made him such a despicable shit.

@1of5 In response to your comment C) His suffering won't matter in the least to me, BUT, it may in some smallish way, serve to ease and lessen the suffering, grief, etc, of the parents, families, friends, etc, of his innocent victims. THAT is why I am so pleased, not for myself BUT solely for those who are left behind to grieve.


His arresting officer said yesterday that he would feel some sympathy for this man were he finally to confess to his heinous crimes. To date, Milat has never admitted his guilt. For that reason the officer says he feels not even an ounce of pity or sympathy for him.
I agree completely.

Agree with the Arresting Officer 100%+


He will be missed.......NOT!

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