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If there was one thing that should make anyone doubt God exists it would be Televangelists. Just saying.

GnosticLove 5 May 28

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How about Joel Osteen? He spews the same garbage every week.

He has that despicable "gift" alright. Makes me sick just to look at him.

@AlbertSchepis Try seeing him up close and in person. If you can stand waiting in line after the service next to his giant book store inside the church. It’s despicable.


Be a newbie, you can get his latest book for free or is it a hidden donation to guilt you into giving him your hard earned money?

@of-the-mountain yes I did get a book when I attended the service, just as a silly souvenir, not to actually read


Most of if not all religious entity’s all have their propaganda literature which is so bias, most times insulting to those who do not believe or follow their mystical beings and their sons and/or daughters!

Well at least you survived the raft of their mystical entity!


Forty years ago, I heard Jim Bakker tell his "flock" that god wanted them to be rich but they had to do what he (god) wanted (and what Jim told them to do). He said that he was doing what god wanted and was being rewarded; if the viewers were not rich, they were not doing what god wanted.

And my poor, hardworking, wonderful, but trusting grandmother watched that and believed it. She thought the fact that she couldn't walk was due to a lack of faith.

Pardon me, but fuck those assholes.

It infuriated me as a child and even more so as an adult.

@Donotbelieve I remember watching Oral Roberts "heal" people when I was a child. I bought into it because my mother did (not so sure about my dad). As an adult, I am also infuriated.


Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart co-authored a book entitled "Televangelists Do More Than LAY People."


Fleecing the sheep!!!


Not sure about god but they certainly prove Jesus is a myth. After all Dad/Son/Whatever was pretty nasty in the OT and they love that fire and brimstone stuff


They are slick and seductive and they use hypnotic tricks to sell their product.
One of the speakers at the Atheist Convention said “Religions convince you that you’re poisoned and then offer you the homeopathic remedy“
I wish I could remember who it was


Televangelists and their big fat bank accounts.


But, but, but they can save us at such a reasonable monetary cost


When I was a kid my step-dad made me stop watching Bishop Fulton J. Sheen on TV. He said I could not watch that coz we were not Catholic.

@Deno, that sounds right. My Baptist sister thought it was horrible that a cousin went to a Methodist church. Religion is crazy.

Me too!


So many so called religious individuals will tell you their friends are nice, but go to different church which makes them not a real true friend, they are really just an acquaintance to put up with!

So sad we are judged by what we believe, even if it is reality the same as what they believe!


These asswipes cannot agree amongst themselves yet just don't understand why I refuse to be a part of any of their fucking clubs


Yeah, practically everything in life should make people (who can think for themselves) doubt the existence of god(s), but that's a big one that I'd say is a little tongue in cheek but right up there. It's a little like the hold that certain people in high level political positions have on their followers though, so they'd be the last to see it.


Hucksters, snake oil salesmen, these words fit them, but what they really are is Predatory on the most troubled & usually poorest of people.
If there really were a God, they would shrivel into a pile of gunk the first time they preyed with their victims!


It often makes me laugh how the major Abrahamic Religions and the innumerable Sects, etc, ALL argue endlessly about whose God is the only, the One True God and yet not one of them can tender up even one iota of irrefutable evidence what-so-ever to support their claim in any way, shape nor form.


I have to admit, they did play a rather large role in my deconversion... Especially Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. When I still believed, I was convinced that he was actually Satan in disguise.


One would think.


And if there was a God, these guys would get turned into pillars of salt!


Funny thing is I live in a Catholic country but, when I had telly at home, there weren't any of those programs on air. There are people preaching on the streets in the center of Dublin, which I find annoying.


You would think it was painfully obvious, but obviously a lot of people are painfully dull.


Fully agree, they almost make me wish there was a hell.


Thats for certain but people are so brainwashed that it doesn't.


They are full of platitudes and other stuff.

MrDMC Level 7 May 29, 2019

Excellent observation.


funny you should mention that. i don't make a habit of morning tv, but i hit creflo blah blah whatever it is and the driver jumped out of the golf bag!

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