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How important is someones income to you?

PatrickKerr 6 May 29

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not really something I consider


As long as it dose not involve something like selling crack/cocaine I don't care.


For friends, doesn't matter, but I will not date a poor man again--or one who does not know how to manage his money.

Yeah I’m more concerned about bad money management than zeros on the paycheck. pretty sure, no matter how much someone makes, they can make you poor if they spend more than they have.

@A2Jennifer Exactly! I lived at the poverty level for several years after leaving my ex and yet, I lived better than quite a few people who made more money than I did.


Someone??? Who we talkin bout?

alon Level 6 May 29, 2019

Not important at all unless they think I am going to support them.


If they are an friend, it doesn’t matter one bit.


Not at all I take care of myself and don't take from others


Its just that so many people define others by their bank account.


They should be self-supporting. Beyond that, it's not important.

Orbit Level 7 May 29, 2019

Mine is quite important to me.




If they are comfortable with it, and don’t expect to be dependent on me: I’m fine. Not that wanting me as a sugar mama would do them any good. I’m disabled, and kind of poor. I take care of myself and am not seeking a sugar daddy. Same in return seems reasonable.


I work in a collection agency. They can't be in our system.


As long as the person is independently wealthy, I have no problem...

"wealthy" being whatever they define it as and that does not impact me negatively

I live in a mobile home on a half acre of land. I might have $13 in my pocket. My car is a 2004 Monte Carlo and I do NOT live week to week. Small paying job and I see my fellow workers doing all they can to have everything and keep up with the Jones'. I can't live that way. I would go insane.

@DenoPenno This is what I does not need a lot of money to live a rich needs enough...I am aiming for a simple life as is too stressful to live keeping up with the Jones...

@thinktwice So very well said. I have a friend who thinks I would be happy with a new car and he says he knows I have the money to buy a new car. I agreed with him but said if I did this I would be worried more about my missing money. My car gets me where I want to go.

@DenoPenno lol I drive a 2009 Toyota...I will drive it until the wheels fall off. I don't think there is anything wrong with being frugal, practical and keeping things until they NEED to be replaced.

Peace of mind and not relying on others, including our government, gives me pride, safety, and a sense of doing my part...use some of your money to have a cup of coffee with friends and chat about life...there is no amount of money that can buy that, friend!

@thinktwice Hmmmm. You're my kinda girl. 🙂


Since I prefer to pay my own way, very unimportant.


Shall I assume you're referring to a potential partner ?

If so - as long as they're able to pay their bills in a timely manner, have the basics they need to live their level of desired comfort, and have no out-of-control debt, I'm good.

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