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Trump's goons are now trying to go after the people who discovered his corruption

jerry99 8 May 29

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I can just picture a bunch of Orcs, and Cave Trolls, in red MAGA hats!

They’d fit right in at one of his rallies!




Read the report. It's perfectly clear why the campaign would be investigated.


What part of of the very first line Mueller spoke was in a foreign language? It was not difficult to understand what he said...


Haven’t you heard? If you yell a lie loud enough and often enough it’s as good as the truth.


No surprise those supporting trump will say crap like this.


Obama held the proud record of prosecuting more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined. Whistleblowers expose corruption. Look at Assange. Persecuting whistleblowers and those who question the agenda is a 21st century American pastime.
The Steele dossier which sourced a lot of its info from unverified social media with definite should be investigated.

So Russians trying to interfere with our elections is fine. The Steele dossier is old news.
I want to have our resources put to making sure are elections are safe from hackers and that all who wish to vote have their vote counted.

@silverotter11 OK number one the Russians were never accused in interfering in actual election results. They are accused of using social media to influence opinion.
So American interfering in all other sovereign nations is American exceptualism and a right. The Steele dossier has been thoroughly discredited. The people who "hack" elections are the GOP and dems who use gerrymandering, expulsion of groups from electoral role and all sorts to get their results. US media/ reporting is paid for.
Shall I go onto Israel and Saudi Arabia?


A lot of things that TRump and crew are upset about here fell into the realm of FBI and other departments to investigate. This got going well with the "Steele Dosier." Look it up as this is involved and came from British intelligent groups. No, Hillary did not "pay for it" as some claim. Her and Obama were aware of it along with many others. Trump is pushing on past the 2 year mark now still blaming Obama and Hillary for anything that he can. When will he shut the hell up and do something? He now has Barr into investigating the investigators and Barr has found an attorney in New York to take this up. Yes, the attorney is a Republican. Could we expect Barr to choose one who was a Democrat or simply had no party affiliation? Probably not. Reality America politics today - As The Stomach Churns!

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