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My wife is Chinese and studied all religious writings in International Literature Class. All religions are feudal inventions based on the fear of imaginary Hell to impose patriarchal society. I had a Near Death Experience following a car accident when I was 26 years old. I went through 3 previous deaths at war ans ended up in Heaven where I met with my mother who had been there for 8 years. The was no God nor Angels, but a world of happiness, light and universal knowledge free from fear!

When I came back to life on earth 3 days later, I became full of fear as Mother told me I would have a life of challenges and hardship, but when I would be middle age, I would succeed, discover love and happiness for a long fruitful life.

I am not an atheist because I know I will return to join my mother for eternal life when I will have earned it! I am agnostic because all religions are capitalists rackets based on ignorance and fear! The cruel slavery imposed on women in the USA regarding their freedom of choice regarding birth and abortion degrades the American culture to the level of Saudi Arabia where Imans describe women as animals created for reproduction, but deprived of any brains nor soul.

We have a 13 years old son, and we teach him the good Love values of social respect and solidarity. He must liberate his soul from ignorance and always act in an enlightening way!

We are all eternal, we must discover the happiness of true Love!

luclaviolette 4 June 7

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Someone with schizophrenia truly believes you have 3 heads and you are chasing them with an ax - that does not make their delusion any more real than yours. The strength of any belief has no bearing on truth - except to the believer. We all have brains that are capable of the most amazing and bizarre delusions beyond imagination... they are only real to that brain. Hypnotists have played with this ability forever.

You are wrong as I do not believe in anything but Love! I am succeeding in life, now, exactly as Mom said 40 years ago. My Dad, who lived a Near Death Experience when he was a soldier in Normady 45 years ago, promised me on his death bed in 2006 that he would pull strings from Heaven so that Mom's prophecy would happen. For unexplanable reasons, my project got rejected by bad partners and got the full support of top artistic authorities in Hollywood!

@luclaviolette - When a person experiences a delusion - they will always insist it was real. That is the nature of a delusion. You are free to believe whatever you want - that does not make it real. You should look into false memories - many people believe in memories that never really happened - and we only have your word that it ever happened at all. I have no reason to doubt your honesty - I only doubt your belief in a questionable memory.


NDEs almost always are compatible with ones beliefs. Mine was significantly different, I was simply floating in the vastness of space completely at peace with the universe and blissfully unaware of anything or anyone else living or dead.

Mine, I believe, was a reflection of my view that the only afterlife we'll experience is our atoms being recycled again and again forever and eventually returning to the cosmos.

JimG Level 8 June 7, 2019

@Donotbelieve That does not surprise me. 😉

my NDE aka an SCA was literally nothing. No happiness, sadness, pain, fear or pleasure. I got dizzy, went out and the next thing I was in the ambulance with them trying to gauge memory loss. My "new" cardiologist (because I had the SCA) asked me what my experience was. From his experience with his own SCA and all the people he's treated, he believes that people create what they want to see, the mind's last opioid to make one feel good with the dying process. One of the things that he and others have researched is PTSD after NDE. One thing I find interesting that he's told me about is that those that truly don't believe in an after life and stuff like that, the agnostics and atheists have less issues with PTSD if they survive where the believers tend to have PTSD issues.

Michael Shermer discusses the NDE phenomenon in "Why People Believe Weird Things." His observations are basically the same as yours - they are compatible or a product of ones own beliefs and experience. His claim was that as alien visitation became a more popular topic in US culture, alien creatures increasingly became the subject in NDE experiences. I don't have an NDE experience of my own to add.

I first relived 3 previous deaths: I was a Scottish warrior against English soldiers in a medieval setting. I was young and unexperienced and was quickly killed by a tall English warrior with his sword through my heart. I was a Confederate soldier on a train during the Civil War. The train got attacked by a Black Union Regiment and I was killed by bayonette through my heart. I was a French soldier on a train in France during World War 1 and the Germans bombed the train. I died in a explosion. After that, I ended up in a place of pure light and total knowledge where Mom was sitting alone and laughing with happiness. She said she got me there because I had to change my life for good...

@Dougl35534 Scary stuff. Glad you made it. Thank goodness someone was around when it happened and intervened.

@Piratefish not really scary. Difficult to explain but the first thing I can remember was them checking for memory loss and me thinking and verbalizing "WTF, What's going on?" and they explained that my heart stopped and I needed to stay calm, answer their question. Even now, it doesn't scare me that it could happen again. I will agree it was great that someone was there to intervene. I like living, death seemed very uninteresting. Each person at my place of employment including myself have been trained in CPR, mouth to mouth, and AED usage for many years. My employers saw benefit in that type of training so I'm lucky.

@Dougl35534 I wish everyone would learn basic, life-saving skills. Glad you made it, and kudos to your coworkers and employer.


Well . I assume the morphine did his usual work after your car accident / hospitalization . At least u hallucinated about mother and such . In my 20 plus years I have heard it all , unicorns , princess , trips to mars , and occationally Jesus and angels . Whatever makes u happy man , it doesn't matter . Hope u won't meet mother for many more years , your son it's only 13, good to stay alive !

I usually agree with you. I certainly do here


NDEs are otherwise called dreams or hallucinations. If that is what you want to believe, good for you. When I had an aorta dissection and my heart was stopped and temperature was reduced to allow for a blood circulating mechanical heart, I also had a visit from my mom, although she wasn't dead, and informed me that she was marrying a squid like creature, my dad came into the story to complain, my dad was the deceased one, and they all wanted me to decide next steps, even the squid like creature. It was a most vivid dream or hallucination, I am not making this up just to support my point, then I woke up. I know for a fact that when I die I won't go to a place where my mom is cohabiting with Mr. Squid, or my dad bitching about Mr. Squid and mom. But that's just me. Oh, by coincidence my wife is also chinese, she's a buddhist and pissed about my lack of believe on gods or religions.

You had a dream, not a NDE. NDE are very realistic and we have very rational discussions with our beloved in Heaven. Knowing the kind of life I would get, gave me a shock and I cried at night for 3 weeks. But it also gave me courage to work hard and face every obstacle that life would provide. The only thing I believed is that, like Mom told me, these obstacles would bring enlightenment as I would hav to earn my place in Heaven sharing eternal life with her. Like the movie "Heaven Can Wait" which I saw many years after my NDE, we all have a preset destiny and as long as we do not comply, we go through a "Groundhod Day".

@luclaviolette you were in my mind that day to know? Please.


It may be as your NDE portrayed or it may not. NDE may be no different than a dream. Whatever happens after death, if anything, will happen regardless of what you believe or not believe. Live, love, laugh, cause/do no harm and enjoy your life every day.

It was not a dream as the situations were very rational and realistic. They say that NDE happened to around 8,000,000 Americans. I do not think they happen to young materialistic souls who are incapable of having a spiritual dimension of reality. Destiny and lessons of life enlighten you and open a spiritual dimension for your soul. Young souls are so materialistic that they are not far from dogs! Still happy and faithful, but not much deeper than a dog!


I am sure you are sincere in what you say but I fear that you are sadly deluded. There is no such place as heaven and death is the end for all animals. You came back after 3 days, Who are you a later day Jesus ?

Obviously he was not dead. Not for three days. Most likely unconscious from his injuries, medical intervention, or a combination of both. But in the real world, no one is clinically dead for three days and then suddenly resurrects. Mainly because the body would already be too decayed, autopsied, cremated, or embalmed. Unless, of course, the OP is a real-life, actual zombie 😀

@Piratefish Well he said. "when I came back to life on earth 3 days later" 🙂

@Moravian I read that, too. But he is obviously mistaking what happened to him, as I just elaborated. 🙂

After a scull fracture and losing one quart of blood, I was declared dead by the Police, but the paramedics used electro-chocs on me going to the hospital. Finally my heart started beating again. I was in a deep coma for 3 days. When I came back to conscienceness I thought I was 18 and in 1971. All that 8 years period in my life was erased. The Neurologist specialist said that part of my brain had been permanently damaged during the accident. I have lived as a teenager ever since on a survival trip.

@luclaviolette Wow. you had a tough time. Hope you well despite all the trauma. I understand that the brain can compensate for damage to other parts. Depends which part is damaged I suppose..


The problem with near death experiences is that they are all unique to the individual. Everyone has a different experience that usually correlates loosely to what religion they were raised with.

I had a near death experience that differed so significantly from what is described by others, an experience I can only describe as being pure exhilaration concentrated to a single point, as if space itself had no meaning. The only thing that was the same as is frequently described is the "tunnel" but what was different for my experience was that it occurred as my vision was returned, eventually becoming the familiar reality that I knew.

I agree with your point.


So you're a Deist -- you believe in a higher power, supreme being, god -- whatever you prefer to call it but you follow no established religion. Following no established religion is a good idea and if believing in an afterlife gives you comfort, so be it. Just be aware most people here don't share in that notion.


I wonder where you got that. I read that he didn't see a God or angels, just a world full of happiness and light.

@UpsideDownAgain I read that he's describing an afterlife but ascobes to no established religion. He's vague about whether he believes in a "higher power" or not but if he's going to proclaim the afterlife is real then it follows he likely believes in something behind it.

Speak for yourself.
As an agnostic I neither believe nor disbelieve.
Who are you to tell him or anybody else what "most people" here think?
Just because the atheists are more visible and dogmatically outspoken in their BELIEF SYSTEM doesn't mean they outnumber the quieter, more reflective agnostics.

@Storm1752 Waiting for evidence of a claim is a "belief system"?

@Storm1752 Reality isn't a belief system. Also, the majority of the posts I read are from people who claim no belief in an afterlife so I stand by my statement -- most people here don't believe in an afterlife. If you can disprove that then do so. I'm wide open to be corrected if I'm proven wrong.

There is no God! Who needs a God, except the King who wants a total rule of your life like Donald J. Trump. You are your own Master of Enlightenment. If you choose to be stupid, you will get a chance for spiritual enlightement in your next life. It is well presented in the movie "Grounhog Day"!

@Sgt_Spanky I can see where you would connect a belief in an afterlife with a belief in a higher being. Personally, the way I read it, it suggested that he didn't believe in a God or higher being. I think it's entirely possible for there to be an afterlife without the existence of a higher being directing things just as much as it's possible for there to be this physical world without a higher being existing.


I call myself an agnostic with an open mind and no need to prove anything to anyone else. What we call evidence differs. For me, my physical being in this system of reality is evidence. NDE belongs to that person. He has no need to prove anything. I, for one, am grateful for his sharing.


Religions existed LONG before capitalism.

and hell came into existence with Christianity.

Amon Ra in Egypt, invented Monotheism and inspired Moses to invent his religion and demonize all women with the sexist tale of Adam and Eve!. Religions are instruments of Domination as fear of the Devil and Hell is the best way to submit ignorant people! Women are the true Goddess of human life as they create life! They own their bodies and provide all the care to develop the human race. Evil men with their Gods and Religions persecute men through wars and women with slavery. Jesus was invented by Emperor Constantin in 391 AD by creating the Roman Catholic Church as a State Religion to put "an end" to religious war. The New Testament was created by Imperial Theologist to establish an Imperial Roman Culture. Evangeliszation became the greatest multinational marketing campaign that permitted to expand the Roman Empire on all continents!

@luclaviolette Just a few historical anomalies here. The monotheist pharaoh was Akhenaten, died around 1336 BCE. Moses is not historical but mythical and even if a real character would not be a contemporary of Akhenaten.

Jesus was referred to in at least the 40’s CE through Paul’s ministry. Therefore Constantine didn’t invent him in 391 as he died in 337 CE.

Your middle section about the Goddess, the Devil and Hell are opinion pieces. Goddess worship was alive and well in Classical Mediterranian culture but punishment by the biblical means in Hell is not a feature pre-Christianity, likewise not as a personality referred to as Devil.


Amazing testimony. Thanks. As a fellow agnostic I could not agree with you more about (at least one of) the reasons for religion. I've thought the exact same thing for a long time. Many men are afraid of women's power over them and seek to dilute, contain, or control it.
As far as your near-death experience, definitely food for thought! Various alternate possibilities come to mind, but that in no way discounts your sojourn. Very powerful.

Thank you for your support! Fate is so funny as I read your testimony on 8 June, today Mom is celebrating her 96th birthday in Heaven s she was born on 8 June 1923...


After listening to Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, I'm inclined to believe that we have souls who have chosen to merge with the human animal. It makes sense to me given the disconnect people seem to have between their instinctual tendencies and their sense of right and wrong. I hope I am right and there is a place to go after death that is happier than this world where everything seems so backwards a lot of the time. Thank you for sharing your experience.


More likely it was high levels of carbon dioxide and irregular levels of oxygen and dopamine in the blood - altering the chemical balance of the brain - and tricking the narrative side of your subconscious brain into 'seeing' things. But you can pull positive motivations even from hallucinations and non-near death experiences. So...knock yourself out!

That is ridiculous as my Mother predicted exactly how my life would evolve and that was 40 years ago!

@luclaviolette ok, the vision of your mother said you would have challenges and hardship in your youth but then later you would achieve success and fall in love. Based on that rather generic prediction, i suppose some might conclude that it had to be a genuine other dimensional experience. Others may conclude that it is much more likely, and very plausible, that your experience was a biochemical phenomina created by the extremely complex human brain and its sub conscience. It seems that to you it was very real - and for you, that's perhaps what is most important. It sounds like a fascinating and positive, life altering event for you. Good stuff. And good parenting approach.


You and wife are incredible teachers to the world and to your son. I appreciate you.

RRRR Level 4 June 7, 2019

International Literature class - I taught similar classes, usually just discussing religious thought as it pertained to each reading. Sounds like a good class.

I went through a spell, in my 30's, where I investigated and thought about attempting my own (done by a pro or neo pro) NDE. The ancient Pharoes did such a thing. Opted not to take the risk.


i did not address the meat of your post, but corrected you on one point, because it was the one point on which an atheist or agnostic reading what you wrote might actually be convinced if they knew no better. the rest is fantasy. i am sure you're sincere and do not know it is fantasy; hallucinations can be very convincing... but generally only to the person who did the hallucinating.

one thing is pretty certain: we are not all eternal, except in the memories of those whose lives we have touched. love is good. doing the right thing (whatever we may agree that is) is good. i've had dreams about my dead mom too; they were interesting and i like meeting her in my dreams, but i know that my dreams were dreams. mom's body is in the ground. there is nothing else of my mom that exists except for how she touched other people, including me. she isn't in heaven (or hell). there is no such place and there is no such thing as a "soul." none of this invalidates your experience; you really did have an interesting hallucination and it really did affect your life. that's fine.



not ALL religions are based on the fear of hell. judaism isn't.


Too right! I really get miffed with this Christo-centric nonsense!

@Geoffrey51 lol i get miffed with it every time i turn on my tv or go to a store (or make a phone call to a company) and get wished a blessed day.


@genessa I can imagine! Fortunately here in Australia and I’m sure still in UK no one gives a shit. The worst we have is the monotone ‘How are you today’ while gazing into the distance and ‘enjoy the rest of your day’ which follows, ‘do you want your receipt’.

I really feel for them because we all have a tacit understanding that they don’t give a shit and we don’t want to be spoken to about mundane trivia.

The worst though is the opening gambit “How’s your day been?” I am sure many people will have had an absolutely crap day and don’t want to be reviewing it in a supermarket queue&

@Geoffrey51 i don't get asked that in such circumstances. i am generally asked, if at all, by people i can safely assume DO care. this may of course be a function of my not getting out much!


@genessa sorry. I meant when you go to a retail store rather than daily acquaintances.

@Geoffrey51 i know. i get blessed sometimes in retail but not asked how my day is going. i don't know why. i suppose it could happen at any time. it just doesn't.



So did it come through what your mother said?

Yes, I have spent my life at school (45 years now) I am succeeding with an international TV series production, my wife and I are millionaires and she will make me a daughter next year!

@luclaviolette Can you elaborate about "she will make me a daughter next year", please.


I prefer this experience


I completely agree with this. You are thoughtful.


My wife is going to make me a daughter in a New York City Fertility Clinic where, for $34,000, you get a certified healthy baby with the choice of gender. Where you are revived after being declared dead, you are in a Coma for 3 days. A Near Death Experience means that you don't really die, but you do cross over to Heaven. It has nothing to do with religion or beliefs. I did not hallucinate nor feel confused. I understood everything my mother told me. After I woke up, I thought I was 18 years old instead of 26 and never recognized my wife I had divorced the day before the accident. I was checked up at the Dr. Penfield Neurology Institute at the Montreal Royal Victoria Hospital. A famous Neurologist concluded that my brain was damaged during the accident. I should have died, but an external hemorrhage through my left ear reduced the pressure and damage to my brain. I never recalled 8 years of my life, but feeling as an 18 years teenager helped me go back to school full time in the daytime while working on the production line 47 hours a year as an night shift operator at Dominion Textile in Valleyfield. I slept 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at supper time on the transiting bus (100 km) from Valleyfield to Montreal. I had a deep philosophical discussion with my mother which would have been impossible under the confusing stated created by drugs. Thi was a spiritual event free from any physical feelings. When I woke up, I felt awful pain and was afflicted by fear and nighmares for 3 weeks as it was a shock for me to learn that I would have a long life of sufferings and setbacks!


You should have been on some of my LSD trips.

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