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This is how women SUPPORT other women: . . . To all the lovely ladies from 40 years and up... most of us are going through the next phase of our lives. We're at that age where we see wrinkles, gray hair and extra pounds. Menopause may have appeared, come and gone or just waiting around the corner. We see the cute 25-year-olds and reminisce. But we were also 25, just as they will one day be our age. What they bring to the table with their youth and zest, we bring with our wisdom and experience. We have raised families, run households, paid the bills, dealt with disease, sadness and everything else life has assigned us.
We are survivors... we are warriors in the quiet... we are a classic car or a fine wine. Even if our bodies may not be what they once were, they carry our souls, our courage and our strength. We shall all enter this chapter of our lives with humility, grace and pride over everything we have been through and should never feel bad about getting older. It's a privilege that is denied to so many. β™₯️ !⭐ Cheers πŸ₯‚

Soarfeet 7 June 8

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I think I always knew this - but Breast Cancer in my 40s nailed it home for me.
I never - ever - will regret a birthday.

And I love what younger women bring to the table - to see what they do with their new imaginings!

I hope that never changes.

you are my sh-ero @RavenCT I cannot imagine enduring cancer treatment much less a life-threatening illness. #survivor

@Soarfeet Aw Thanks!


Big brother to three sisters was man of house age 11years know something about what women go through . They are the backbone of our society and the most magnificent companion for life

thank you for saying so @bobwjr ... must've been tough at times for you being the Man in a house full of women?!? #survivor (?) πŸ˜‰

@Soarfeet lol lot of estrogen


Wonderful. So nice when older women support one another, and LISTEN to the ideas of younger women. All women are united in a magnificent sisterhood.

RRRR Level 4 June 8, 2019

.. Listening... is indeed becoming a Lost Art @RRRR ... all women, young & old alike, .. in fact, every person has something unique to offer... if you just take the time to Listen πŸ™‚


When i was a young man, and have never experienced a woman in all her glory( in other words i was still a virgin) I was lucky enough that a woman that knew me from when i was 12 took me under her wing, she was 36 I was 17 going on 18. She literally taught me what to expect as woman grow older. I remember her talking to me about what women experience during their menstrual cycle, and she also told me about what to expect when they go through menopause, and lose their estrogen. We were together for 2 years, and thanks to her, she taught me to be a very considerate lover, and what a women usually like or doesnt like during a love making session. Soon after I fell in love with my wife of 52 years, and i truly remember, when we were invited to her 40th birthday party, my wife going up to her, and thanking her for all she taught me.

You are indeed a lucky man, Tony. I envy you with your older woman education.

hey @TonyCarl1 i think they made a couple of Hollywood movies about your life.. hahaha

Yes , I think it was the graduate, I had my Mrs Robinson


This was a lovely thing to read today after the day I had yesterday. Thank you for posting.😘


your post is well stated, as a man I would rather be with a woman with a 50 year old mine then a 25 year old body. I don't think I like the person I was when I was 25, if I have not improved over the years, then what has the time been for.

LΓΆvΓ© you!


Well said. As we get older it becomes more and more clear how important the support and encouragement of other women is. We need to pass on our strengths to the next generation and encourage young women to be assertive and independent. Eventually, women's voices will be heard, but meanwhile we can do a lot to encourage each other.

yyyyyyes .... SUPPORT is caring, sharing & encouraging others across the spectrum of age.


When 30 or so years old, I was repelled and very fearful of getting old. I thought mistakenly, life would be empty, sad and frail.

At almost 70, I've never liked or appreciated myself, my strength, perseverance more, supported women my age and younger more. Or cared less about what others think about me.

Getting older is liberating. We find less is more in the way of material possessions, now we gather people to us rather than things.

... it's good to know you were pleasantly surprised as you grew older .. & wiser. i agree whole-heartedly at 55.. and hope to share your wisdom when i get to almost 70.


Thank you.


I needed to read this, thank you. Struggling with loneliness again, can’t help but feel if I was younger and looked how I did when I was younger, then maybe I would attract some attention

Well, I think you are beautiful! I suppose we all second guess ourselves sometimes. It's funny, looking back, I did attract a lot of attention but I think my young, hot body and blonde hair was why. I think some men don't realize we are much more sexual, sensual and more in tune with ourselves now.

@Lovemylife1 yes, completely agree. I’m way more free sexually now than I was then. 25 year old me would be shocked by 45 year old me

Marcie1974, you are beautiful right now. You are so much smarter and experienced now in your life, and have so much to offer to the right person. Love yourself and who you are right now. You are a gorgeous woman!!!

I have found it isn't so much how a woman looks, but how she projects herself. I am 66 and I don't see that I am less attractive to men than I was in my 40s or 50s. However, looks do figure in the equation because when I lost 100 pounds between 43-45 years of age, I became much more attractive.

@Redheadedgammy stop you’re going to make me cry



Neenz Level 7 June 8, 2019

Good post. I must fit into the 40+ category better than the under 40 πŸ˜› since I've experienced most of that myself, including the grey hairs and weight gain (health problems) 😟 But yes, I hope to accrue more wisdom and patience as I grow old(er). πŸ™‚

i hear you @demifeministgal we're ALL just out here doing the best we can...with what life leaves at our front door. be inspired !

@Soarfeet I think life experiences, usually lousy ones, cause some of us to grow up way faster than our peers. Unfortunately, I cannot relate to the young and zesty and vibrant youth and seem to get along much better with older people/women. I am not sure if that is tragic and depressing or something to be proud of. meh :/

as my beloved 30-something Latina hairdresser often says: "you just do YOU !!" .. (and don't worry with judging yourself ... or others)




Also, we are becoming better and better in bed!

zesty Level 7 June 8, 2019

how so

@m16566 More experience. What did you think?

Oh Baby Talk Dirty to Me


Beautiful! Thank you for that post ❀️


Wow. You are right on time with this inspiration when it was sorely needed. Many thanks.


Saw you were from the Hill Country, Texas. I grew up in Kerrville. As an adult I have lived in several states within the midwest. Loved what you said! My Texan born, raised, lived all his life, and buried in Texas dad stated of me, "I know you will always be fine as you are strong and are a survivor." His words have helped me so many times through my life.

Thanks for your post. πŸ™‚

i do know where Kerrville is ... it's a cozy little town. a few kind words can go a looooong way!


One has to consider the mentality of the day, but this is something you might like. Mencken asserts a great truth in it that fullest beauty is realized only after having been 'touched by decay'. Find the exchange under title: 'Conversations'.


.. i appreciate the input @Silver1wun "decay" sounds accurate for sure ( lol ) when thinking of aging but it also sounds painful. i prefer to say it's simply a normal & natural process.


I’m thrilled there are so many women emerging on the political front, I hope more women are inspired to join the political arena... hope even more a woman becomes β€œMadam President” of USA. (in my lifetime)

Tomas Level 7 June 8, 2019

As another pro-feminist male, I too support and look forward to that. But I am very disturbed, beginning with Hillary's run for prez, how too many people, both men and women, are getting blinded by identity politics and rashly supporting female candidates solely on their gender instead of their policies, character, and trustworthiness to actually hold to those policies in office. Don't let the history making lead you into voting for people who are corrupt, bought off, liars, or not progressive enough to deal with the problems we are facing. I'm afraid of people voting foolishly for female candidates the same way they supported and voted for Obama just because he was black. Big deal, after he got into office it became clear that people were projecting all these liberal and progressive traits onto him just because he was the first black prez, but he turned out to be a liar on much of his campaign rhetoric and his policies ended up being mostly a continuation of Bush's last term, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, except for the ACA, which was actually no different than Romneycare in MA and was a Heritage (conservative group) Foundation healthcare plan from the 1990s. No wonder more than one commentator called Obama " Bush In Blackface" because it was well deserved. He was also just as friendly to Wall Street as Bush.


These are the facts of Feminist Atheism our birthright and how boys can't become men without good women

... or without good male role models

@Soarfeet your words drive or drove my desire to have a son....instead the loving produced 2 daughters one from each marriage...ages 44 and 25 now both have unisex names Darrow and Courtney....planned the names the nights of lovemaking ten lunar months before I birth coached their moms.....but if you think about it; men role modeling for boys to become men is a bit voyeuristic....that is why I declare a good woman teach at least one young lover to become a good's quite a delicate ideal.....billions of boys over hundreds of thousands of years may have watched other mammals make babies and for over 150 years photographers have been selling erotica.....and sadly photographers have abused women for less than loving visual auditory "modeling" with males.....I relied upon a great "textbook" from the Boston Womens COLLECTIVE to give to my children answers to their questions via their own reading of OUR BODIES OURSELVES


You should say..."some of us women."

@maturin1919 yes.... but 'don't nobody tell nothing to no one.'

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