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I have seen SO MANY posts on social media from people asking for thoughts, prayers, etc...when they are in times of stress, conflict, sadness...
What do all of you do in these situations?

Warm_dissent 6 Mar 12

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It depends. I ignore demands for prayers. But if I see someone depressed by something, I remind them it's transitory, to try to stay strong. If it's something that cannot be changed, like a loved one dying, I express that they made that persons life more filled with love and that they can celebrate and remember this....sort of try to see the positive that is waiting after the hurt is not as acute.


I try to say something substantive and supportive.


I think positive energy thoughts for them.


I realize that life on earth is a learning experience, filled with conflicts, stress, sadness. It's all part of the game.


Ignore them


I take an actual action to get trhough it.


I advise them that thoughts & prayers do not work. Stress, conflict ,sadness...? Meditate, remove the source, have a beer.


There is no point worrying, so just deal with it.


I tell them I will visualize a white light of healing love energy around them or the situation.


If it's appropriate for me to say something because I know them, I'll say something appropriate rather than the inappropriate things religious people say. Sorry for your loss. I knew him well, a fellow of infinite jest. Or something that evokes common humanity and bearing witness and isn't a pious platitude.


I step back and gain perspective.


Depends on the situation.


WHEN I feel espcially wicked or annoyed, I say I have a powerful spell for that. Shall I cast it for you?


I usually hide the post.

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