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Have you ever heard about the lynching of a woman in Kabul, Afghanistan which took place in 2015?

Watch the video, and then you will understand why I dislike conservatism and religious fanaticism.

NR92 6 June 18

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and human beings are watching this inhumane barbaric act? participating in this with no conscience whatsoever? I cannot believe a society (even that brainwashed by their sick beliefs) can perform such a public violent horrific act against a fellow human being. The suppression of women in that country is horrific with sickening outcomes! The longer their religion condones this, the longer their madness will continue. I got sick to my stomach watching this. The Police actually knowing what was happening, making way for this sick act to continue, without any arrests for such crime s terrible crime is more sickening! and to think societies such as these exist and carrying out these acts against women daily? No-one trying or attempting to stop this is worrying and questionable even given what their religion condones, ...that it's actually being carried on in daylight while other's cheer on. What are they made up of? Where's the human element? This woman stood no chance at survival. Another sad day! I remain horrified!


Honest question here. How come in the U.S. cops shoot unarmed people, but in Afghanistan they let guys stroke their faces and don’t pull out their clubs and guns and blast these rabid animals into oblivion??

Intellectuals and Progressivists once tried to bring progress and development by using authoritarian force, even the education was mandatory in all over Afghanistan even in the villages, but the uprising by these brainwashed and religious & conservatives people which was backed by Saudi, Pakistan and their western allies made that radical change fail.

@Noor92 I think the west encouraged this behavior because they saw it as a way to counter communism. Which really baffles me, because WHY would they care what government another country has?? The whole thing makes me sick.


Blaming religion is not crazy. Those religious beliefs are the very core and crux of the matter, along with human fallibility and the capacity of people to be indoctrinated, brainwashed, or conditioned at an early age to ignore basic reason and common sense.

P.S.: I failed to distinguish between more and less irrational religions or forms of religion. that was my bad. But I guess I was trying to say that some religious beliefs are indeed bad, or irrational, or fanatical, and beliefs such as those are perhaps the real crux of the matter. I don't blame religion as an institution.


So is there any possible way a country that is fundamentally Muslim ever be more than a 3 world nation? Does the Muslim religion ensures poverty for the masses? Is so how can it survive in its present form? At what point do these countries become worthless and are left to rot?

Jk1960 Level 7 June 18, 2019

They are left to rot as they are fled from, and the disease spreads to other countries where it tries to either coexist peacefully or take over the host body, turning it into yet another country to be left to rot and fled from.

Conservatism in any country and society brings poverty and backwardness, but fortunately it was stopped in the west after the scientific revolution. but once again we can see its rising in the west as well.


No thanks. I’m not into snuff videos anymore.

I didn't watch the whole thing either. Just knowing that it happened is bad enough. I hate the fact that through much (if not all) of human history, that such evil beliefs and attitudes have been held by so many people. the dangers in this life definitely include dangerous ideas, too.


Islam is a violent religion, Christianity not so much. There is quite a bit of bigotry and hate in Christianity especially toward the LGBT community. Blaming conservatives for the violence is crazy.

The inquisition, the crusades, the Salem witch hunt. Really, not violent.

@noworry28 That happened long ago. In modern times the Islamic radicals have caused a lot more problems than Christianity.


I did not watch this - I have watched men and women being killed and the images are as fresh in my mind as those times long ago.
It is only a few hundred years ago this happened across europe and america. and, as here, with education it will change in Afghanistan and other lands .... education means people question fanaticism.
Any regime that regards women as disposable goods and chattels is unacceptable to me


Same things are being done in India by Hindu fanatics.

It is true that cruelty and atrocities stem from fanaticism which is an off-shoot of conservatism.

Pol Pot was not a conservative. He was a leftist fanatic. Maybe fanaticism is an offshoot of liberalism.

@WilliamFleming A common pattern throughout the religious history, especially of the last 2,000 years has demonstrated to us that the atrocities are largely caused by religious fanaticism.

@St-Sinner It seems to me that fanatics have been driven by a variety of causes, mostly political and economic, but only occasionally by religious fanaticism and its partner, fanatical atheism.

Fanaticism is nothing but a blatant expression of ego. The causes taken up by fanatics are of no significance—they are all false. Trying to associate conservatism with various atrocities amounts to stereotyping in my opinion.

@WilliamFleming Yes, fanaticism is driven by all causes but religious fanaticism is the most dangerous and has caused the most damage to humanity. It has already been well discussed and established how much damage religion itself has done to humanity. Atheism is the 3rd last largest believer group in the world after Christianity, Islam. They have caught up with 2,000 years old religions just in 60 years. If the top two religions were not bad, this would not have happened.

I've heard about and seen documentaries of what happens to Indian women - acts of violence committed against them by their own families, the families they marry into (like in Afghanistan) and society looks on and label the victim. Not much is being done for and about such victims. I cannot believe the govt has not mentioned putting an end to this sort of horrific barbarism. Not enough centres or funding for these victims. They (women) remain "property" of their families who are free to do to them as they wish.

Yep, it is called "Cow Lynching" in India.

Cow lynching is one, Anti-Romeo squad is another, Anti-Muslim, Lynching people who do not chat Hail Ram are more examples.

@St-Sinner You are talking all around the issue. You made the bald faced statement above that fanaticism is an offshoot of conservatism. What in hell are you talking about? It is a blatantly untrue statement.

You seem to be interchanging the words “religion” and “conservatism” as though they were the same thing. They aren’t.

@WilliamFleming What I am talking about is that religion is a piece of shit and conservatism lead to being religious. Religious people are not intelligent. How is that?


Horrendous act by religious fanatics and why government by religion is always a bad idea. The reason why we have separation of church and state . This is us if evangelical Christians get their way

bobwjr Level 9 June 18, 2019

Did this happen when ISIS controlled Afghanistan? In Kabul, ISIS held public lynchings and killings in an outdoor stadium to terrorize citizens.

It would be Taliban control Afghanistan!

Isis is a very small off shoot of Islam in Afghanistan!

That was not ISIS, ISIS was created recently, it was Taliban


I despise religious fanatics anywhere in the world without the need of watching anything, religious fanatism is despicable and abhorrent in itself because of the abject ignorance, hipocrisy, sadism and historical evidence of how wrong it is.


Maybe liberals should stop glamorizing Islamic conservatism and calling it “diversity.”


Too painful to watch. I’d be careful about forming a hatred for conservatism based on this atrocity.
This is not about conservatism any more than Stalin’s purges were about liberalism.


Barbaric behavior using religion as a justification. After declaring she was innocent, were any of those men punished? Probably not, but just wondering.

Definitely not. They were exercising their "deeply held religious beliefs". That justifies anything and everything in places like that.

The government was strongly under pressure of western countries and human rights organizations to arrest the mob members and take action against them, the government eventually arrested some of them while the mob had many sympathizer among the government officials, even a woman who was high ranking official in ministry of culture showed sympathy for the mob, and of course Mullas condemned the arrest, and as far as I know a few mob members who confessed on social media for killing the woman, have been arrested and sentenced to 5 - 10 years in jail.


It is a sad day when anyone is killed because of the invisible man.


I see a deep hatred for women there. It's hard to watch.


We don’t need to watch this to know how barbaric the practice of this religion can’s just one of many such fanatical mob executions....all over the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It can be triggered by only one person accusing someone of either saying or doing something considered to be a blasphemy against either the prophet Mohammed or the evidence is needed to trigger a violent and deadly attack, such as we have witnessed here. Quite often it’s used in disputes, it is a commonly used tactic to eliminate a rival or someone you want to get revenge’s very effective and almost always works on the febrile minds of these fanatical religious zealots. The police, as demonstrated here are useless, or even worse are of the same mindset as the mob.


Fanatics or just Islam doing its thing?

Bobby9 Level 8 June 18, 2019

That's what I was wondering. What percentage of their country agrees with this insanity? Obviously, even if you don’t agree with it you must appear that you do.


Afghanistan. Pakistan. ect Third world 'Toilets' populated by male religious savages.

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