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Im taking a poll. Who will vote? Doing so after making a simple, non agressive, but openly against statement on anti vaxxers, forthwit i was in essence called a Nazi, along with others.

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Beowulfsfriend 9 June 20

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I am a person who is old enough to remember kids a bit older than me with Polio. I think they are all dead now. The only childhood illness I had was Mumps, and that was before I got all my vacinations for school. While in school I sat next to a girl (I am a Baby Boomer, so when I say "next to", I mean shoulder to shoulder!) I really liked who came down with Chicken Pox. I was touching her for naybe 2 days while she was contagious. Neither I, nor anyone else in the class got sick. Those shots work.


Ironic they call you a Nazi, because they are tying to kill innocent people to indulge in ignorance. Being anti vax should be considered a crime against humanity.


modern Medical science... It's really fucking awesome. anyone who does not appreciate that needs to start reading a fucking book from time to time. And not the Bible.

MrLink Level 8 June 21, 2019

Despite the fact that you are a Nazi, the antivaxxer are still going to kill more people if they get thier way. Good news is they'll be dead, too.

1of5 Level 8 June 21, 2019

They pose a threat to the health of the entire community setting public health back decades endangering those with compromised immune systems death rate from the diseases we conquered will rise dramatically for no reason other than ignorance

bobwjr Level 10 June 20, 2019

I saw that. You are not the Nazi, imho. Some folks cling doggedly to their delusion and fake facts/junk science. Their sources are skewed to their bias, or are from conspiracy sites. I thought you were polite, considering.
Anti-Vaxxers(among other extremists) would rather win and be ‘right’ than do the best thing for their children and for society. They cite anecdotal evidence as if it’s universal and resort to insults and name-calling. Violence in extremism is a step away. That says it all: you’ve LOST the debate if all you can do is sling verbal abuse.

"Violence and extremism is a step away". I definitely agree. I don't think there's any way to vote out of this mess. Guns and Religion are deeply intertwined now. Madmen are calling the shots from the pulpit. Good luck to you. Best stock up on some ammo yourself.


YOU are evil! And we never went to the moon, the Earth is flat, Jesus is coming, trump is a genius, Obama is a Muslim, Socialism is Communism, Democrats are stupid, Mexico will pay for the wall, there is no such thing as climate change and only Fox news tells the truth! MAGA!*

    • I'm a fucking imbecile

That’s a huge load of bullshit, right covered a lot of territory.😁😁

Too bad about Jesus not coming...imho we NEED a good rapture of all the real and fake religious. Their books and clothes would have to be burned, but we might make use of houses and cars. Especially those megachurch people! Thousands of migrants and homeless could be housed in those obscenely large church buildings.

Too bad Jesus is just a fantasy!

@CarolinaGirl60 , Jesus came.

No. Jesus is flat, the moon is a muslim, Mexico is a genius, and Obama is causing climate change?

@PondartInc wins the internet.


Anti-vaxxers are a threat to their children's and public health.

They are deliberately ignorant, selfish and wrong.

Yeah, I get the selfish part.There's some bad Virus going around, seems permanent, where the affected must be RIGHT all of the time, in every instance. Used to just be a bigmouth with too much alcohol. In the last few years it seems to have seeped into people's sub-conscious. It's ugly out there.


My sister & BIL are strong anti vaccers. They are anti a lot things. Including exercise and socialize. All around know it alls. Too much TV, too much politics. I can't even think about living like that.

But anyway, I don't even touch the topic around them. I agree with them on some things, but not this

twill Level 7 June 20, 2019

People who delay or don’t get their children vaccinated are a threat to public health. I have worked for an individual who is suffering from Polio related issues that came back decades after the initial infection. People who survived the first infection...before vaccines were available can suffer many debilitating side effects. Many did not survive at all.

LB67 Level 7 June 20, 2019

But I won’t weigh in on whether you deserved to be called a nazi unless you share what you said ! 😂

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