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I am obsessed watching the History channel. One of my guilty pleasures is Forged in fire. I love knifes, daggers and swords. Every once in a while the History channel will have The history of sword making. That is a must see.

MoniB 6 Mar 14

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Also into swords and daggers, have been getting them custom made in Europe, upsets the guys at customs.


Love History Channel too. Have watched FIF, Alone, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Curse of Oak Island, Mountain Men, Ice Road Truckers,AmericaUnearthed,Ozzy & Jacks World Detour,Appalachian Outlaws, Brad Meltzer'sDecoded, Legend of SuperstitionMtns,Lost History,


If I could forge a knive or a sword?




Was in Sasabo Japan in 1989 got to hold katana that was extremely old.

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