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I just got another 30 days in the Zuckerberg County jail. Here's what happened. I did a post about black women trying to degrade black men talking about ninjas aint shit. I also mentioned about how white women who date black men are now saying the same thing. I said that both groups of women are trash and i got rewarded with a 30 day stay in club Zuck. #FuckZuck

mrveggieman187 6 July 12

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That hashtag tho


Maybe you should just stay off FB as you don't seem to be adding much to an already abysmal place with your oh-so-cutesy "ninja" remarks anyway?


Poor old Zuckerburg will be a bit touchy as he has just been hit with a $5 billion fine, but the expression "Ninjas aint shit" is totally meaningless to many of us.


My guess is - once you get blocked once - you go on a watch list where if someone complains you get banned a lot easier from then on.

But that's a guess based on what I've heard from folks who have gotten Zucked.

I don't fully understand the hill you're trying to put a flag in - but that's ok. (My roomie translated your discrete wording for me.).
I suppose if someone were taking a stab at my group I'd fire back too. Sometimes it can't be helped. We're human.

I'll probably get Zucked when someone goes off on older cat ladies some day? 😀


Yes, on a privately owned platform you can get banned or blocked. Its not real. It has no real consequence.


So post the whole FB post here so we can see. Otherwise it's just another whine about FB.

Not for 30 days I guess?


LMAO funny

bobwjr Level 9 July 12, 2019

Granted Facebook is a bit touchy, but you really have to say some awful stuff to get a 30 day ban. A friend of mine constantly gets banned on various social media websites, but he really deserves it.

I'm on Zuckerberg's hit list. If I sneeze wrong it's an automatic 30 days.


BTW, I had a lot of black men but never talked with them about ninjas. Maybe I should try it next time?

zesty Level 7 July 12, 2019



I don't understand the entire post. One doesn't get a jail sentence for a post in the US!

zesty Level 7 July 12, 2019

You're a professor, huh?

@maturin1919 Huh, yes.

@zesty So you're around all these 20-somethings most of the year and don't know who Zuckerberg is?


Is ninja a euphemisn for the N word?



Well... you deserved it.



I don't understand what you mean by the ninjas aint shit reference and how it degrades black men.

I guess I need a translation.

I used the word ninja in place of another word that people like to use.

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