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When did I start to hate summer?
When I was a kid, summer was a kind of paradise I've longed for the rest of the year.
Later summer still was the best season of the year.
Now, year after year, with one f_cking sweltering heat wave after another, coming June I'd like to have a time machine that takes me directly to September.

does anybody else wish to have such a machine?

Matias 8 July 21

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I prefer it to having to bundle up to go outdoors and pay for heat any day. I do get overwhelmed with the kids summer vacation. As a single parent I get 0 kid free time put of work and it's hard to get stuff done.

MsAl Level 8 July 21, 2019

I love summer, except for the biting mosquitos. I live in the deep southern US, but grew up in the north. I personally find excessive air-conditioning to be problematic. With rooms reasonably cool, but not freezing, the outside feels warm, but not stifling to me. If I expose myself to the heat gradually more and more, I can live in it and function quite well (camping trips, weeks of lots of garden work, etc).

Of course, that could all change if my health does.

Zster Level 8 July 21, 2019



I live and breath for the end of summer. I count the days, one by one, and calculate the percentage left. But I am down on the coastal plain where 95F and 95% humidity is common.

I think age has a lot to do with the intolerance for heat and cold. As a boy I used to pick cotton all day in the summer and we never knocked off because of the heat. Our clothes were drenched in sweat from morning to night. There was no air conditioning and in the morning the sheet where we had lain asleep was wet. Yet I don’t remember those years as being intolerable.

On the positive side we have a lot of good vegetables from the garden in summer, but most of those are over at this time.


Summers are work season for me. The heat is not my friend, but I need some for my materials to work.

A few years ago I started pushing back, and I can afford some down time during the summer now. But not much, as that does not keep the business phone from ringing. But I do manage a few summer adventures nowadays.

Here in the flat farmlands of NW Indiana, the greenery is an amazing change from the other months of the year, when with the exception of leaves changing in the fall, it's pretty much 6-7 months of gray, drab brown desolation. Saved only by short lived snowfalls, frosts and amazing sunrises and sunsets.

twill Level 7 July 21, 2019

When I'm choking on wildfire smoke and can't breathe outdoors, I long for snow. Smoke triggers my asthma.

"The wildfires won't be extinguished until it snows," fire officials say.

Hmmm. Your Butte is cold?


Funny, but there are no buttes In Washington State, where I live.

Try the Coyote Buttes in southeast Utah and Arizona.


@LiterateHiker Look at your pics again. There's a weather gauge for Butte....Montana? It reads: Butte 38 degrees


I took all five pictures in Washington State.

I did not post the weather gauge for Butte, Montana. It was posted by @Haemish1 earlier in this thread.

Another glitch.

@LiterateHiker I was wondering how it got there!!!! I am Sorry if I insulted you LH!

Leave my Butte alone!

@Haemish1 Well then keep it to yourself ! lol

I do - it’s right behind me wherever I go!


I could live in a "forever September" setting but I do like summer. Even if I stay inside I like summer. My AC is set on 77 and I have ceiling fans and sit around naked. It's OK. Nobody can see in but I can see out. If someone comes to the door I slip on a robe.

If you wanna be 60 degrees now and then switch to almost 90 in th winter you are only making yourself sick. Temps at 60 degrees would freeze me to death.


My machines a Motorcycle! Dog Damn … I hadn’t ridden my own for ..decades, but finally bought a new one this spring - and I’m addicted! You don’t need to get anything really fancy or expensive, just something you can get down the road on that, with some humidity.. will cool you off.

I’ve always viewed both summer & winter as the ‘two extremes,’ and much prefer Spring & Fall, the ‘transitional months.’ We’ve a heat wave right now, here on the US east coast, but at nearly 3,000 feet elevation, a house built like a cave, and an efficient little ‘heat pump’ AC unit, I’m in pretty good shape.

But dang.. I’ve got the Blue Ridge Parkway a few miles away, where both bikers and tourists trek from around the nation to drive this hardwood shaded 269 mile non-stop ridge... In fact, I may be heading up there (again) today. And, if you can find water, and have enough of a tan you won’t burn attempting to get into ...unlike me, too Swiss 🙂

If nothing else … as I tell myself during the winter, ‘winter goes by as fast as summer,’ and it’s moving ~

Varn Level 8 July 21, 2019

I wouldn't mind another house else where...

I've come to the conclusion that that is the solution also


Since I began teaching 4 years ago, I've looked forward to summer for the time off. This year's summer has sucked so far, but that's a different story.

The past couple of days have been gross, but generally our summers are mild. At least compared to so many parts of the globe. I have two air conditioners and a dehumidifier running non-stop, and it's pretty comfortable in the house.


When I moved to Colorado back in1991, the temperature during the peak summer months rarely climbed past the mid 80’s’. The winters were mild with snows ranging from one to three inches to occasionally over a foot about once a week.

Fast forward to today, Denver hovered in the mid to upper 90’s all week, and winter has been more skitzophrenic than Sybil. Days either too warm for the season or brutally cold. Very little snow.

Climate change sucks, and it’s only going to get worse. I feel bad for future generations. At least I won’t live long enough to be around when resources begin to deplete.


No machine but I get your drive to have one. Summer used to be my favorite also.... Until I moved to the woods. In our youth, summer meant NO SCHOOL.... or VACATION. It doesn't necessarily mean that anymore. (At least to me.) I haven't been on a vacation in at least 6-7 years as I don't really feel the need for one. I live in the world's most perfect spot!

The heat waves have me loving spring, fall and winter. Especially when I have 6-8 cords of wood to burn through my woodstove in the middle of winter. Nothing beats a roaring fire on a cold day!


Montana is pretty nice right about now - I’m sleeping with a blanket and down cover, and may need to close the window!


I detest summer. I hate the heat, I hate the humidity, I hate the flies, I hate people going on about how great it is and I hate sweaty men walking around in public with no shirts (I really don't care if you work out every day, I still don't want to see your nipples and armpits when I'm doing my grocery shopping).

My time machine will need to be a top-of-the-range model, because I want to travel much further than a few months. Back to the last ice age ought to be fine.

Jnei Level 8 July 21, 2019

Don't even get me started on men's hairy feet and dirty toenails in sandals.

No shirt, No shoes - No dice 😉

Ha, funny.

We guys get treated to the sight of the bare legs of fat women. Quite a spectacle!

@WilliamFleming No leg, be it human or otherwise, is as revolting to look upon as a hairy human foot. All human feet are horrible, but the hairy ones more so. I have no doubt that some women have hairy feet too (my grandmother probably did, partly due to cold climate she inhabited and partly because she was almost certainly a witch), but at least hobbit-footed women have the decency to keep them covered 🙂

@Jnei Beauty or ugliness is in the eyes of the beholder. Why is hair on our feet worse than hair on our heads?

Actually I can’t remember ever seeing a really hairy foot.

@WilliamFleming Because it's on feet, and human feet are hideous.

@Jnei How are they different than hands? Those same hairy guys that have hairy feet have hairy hands but you have gotten used to seeing their hands. Marry one of’em and you’ll see lots of hair.


@WilliamFleming They're a different shape. A lot of people find human feet ugly and weird (and some, of course, find them attractive, which is bizarre to me). Cats have nice feet!


Being I still live within 30 miles of where I grew up I have to agree with you 😣, so when it comes to time machine I'm kind of torn between a TARDIS, the one Bill and Ted used or the old one from the George pal Time machine movie. Seems to me Bill and Ted's phone booth was easier to drive.🤣


My friends who live in Spain say the same....they are lucky enough to be able to come back to the U.K. from the middle of June to the middle of September, because they kept an apartment in Edinburgh which is always cooler than Spain in summer. We don’t get the heat here in Northern Ireland either, mid 20’s Centigrade is as high as it it’s only 18. Commiserations to you, I can’t deal with really high temperatures if there is also high humidity. My only suggestion is getting a break from it by holidaying somewhere cooler...the west of Ireland or the Scottish Highlands and Islands perhaps.

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