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Dog or cat?

Millie 6 Mar 16

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Five cats and two dogs - all are strays that have showed up over the years because people abandon them at the church parking lot up the road. Here is Ollie - we rescued him from starving and freezing to death three years ago...he looks a bit better fed now πŸ™‚

You are bighearted, Bob. Lucky animals

good man

You da man, Bob.


Dogs as pets but I like most life forms. most humans I don't like

awesome I have two brothers. that one is humbug and this one is dougle


I have a whippet, my beloved Miss P. I have had a cat in the past, a gorgeous Russian Blue named Jessie, whom I gave to a friend. I loved Jessie but the friend offered Jessie a better home than I was able to at the time-he lived on farm and was a vet tech-so I did what was best for Jessie. I anticipate owning whippets as long as I am able, though. They are just fabulous dogs.

are the loungers or do they want to run a lot (whippets)

Oh, they are total couch potatoes. They'll have short bursts of energy and they DO love to run but otherwise spend their time flaked out on the nearest comfy lounging chair, preferably with a nice throw to nestle in. Miss P is all about hygge.




Dogs...four to be exact.


Ah it's tough. I love the affection of dogs and their generally happy demeanors.. but cats are so interesting and cute too.. and if you win the cat lottery and you get a cuddly purry not-claw-your-face cat, there's no better nap buddy. Although big chill dogs are great for that too.. every day I change my mind but I like both more than most people! They're both awesome in their own unique ways! Birds and rabbits too.. I just need a pet haha

I have big dogs mostly outside, 2 corgis that are everywhere and 2 cats that live on the higher levels of my house


Cat. Definitely.


Love both. Have had both. Still prefer dogs.
And will use any excuse to post this picture.


I have both,, Kona my dog,, and Tank the cat,,


I have a very affectionate dog. I like cats but can't have one because of allergies.


Both. The cats are cool company but the dog is one of the guys and knows it. He's saved me.




I have both at the moment. Generally I'd say cat, but at the moment I'm liking the dogs much more.


Both-I have a dog and cat.


Both. Cats always liked me, and dogs love everyone.
My kids desperately wanted a dog, so I was happy to get one, but I was the one who wanted a cat.

miffy Level 5 Mar 16, 2018

wow what kind?

@twshield boas

@twshield I have two cats, as well.
I secretly want a large dog but do not have the yard for it.

@Donotbelieve ah i see!

@Donotbelieve man you are a brave woman. i am so afraid of snakes.

@twshield I think you are normal, in that respect.
I'm not brave as I simply have no fear.
I would have been eaten early in life, if this were prehistory.
I am a stupidly bold and fearless woman.
I think it's a lack of survival instincts.

@Donotbelieve Yeah. I know a snake is just a living creature but when i was a kid i had siblings that would torment we with snakes because they knew i was afraid of them.
maybe one day i will face my fear and be around one

@twshield cuddly

@twshield I can recommend the mildest mannered ones. When you're feeling brave.

@Donotbelieve maybe i will come across someone who has one and i can try and touch it

@twshield sand boas or rosy boas have sweet temperaments and are highly handleable.

@Donotbelieve what happens if they have bad temperaments? do they bite you?

@twshield Those would be your vipers or colubrids, some are venomous. Their instinct is to strike. Not all do. Many prefer to warn you or slither away.

Constrictors, on the other hand, do not strike as often. They kill their prey by squeezing. Their instincts are much less snippy.

These are very loose rules and you do get constricting or mild mannered colubrids.

Plus, unless it's very venomous, it's not actually dangerous to your health.

There's an image of a beautiful Black Rat Snake on my profile. He was wild. I caught him and fed him. I released him in a safer area. He was nice as could be. He never even acted like he was irritated. He was gorgeous.

@Donotbelieve wow that is an awesome pic! i would be a big chicken if i came across that lol. wow u really know alot about snakes! by the way, you have such awesome eyes!

@twshield Thank you for those kind comments.


Cats all the way


I have both


Both, any, all. have one of each at present, have had lots more cats over the years,


I love both! But just have cats now


I only get pets I can eat


Dogs. Never cats for me. They’re sweet, but the litter box smell destroys me.


I do not have a cat right now. 2 dogs, 4 horses, 3 rescue cows and a goose, a duck, 6 guineas and one chicken all hang out here !

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