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Mad at god or don't believe? My experience here tells me that some are just mad at god and others don't believe. Which are you?

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lerlo 8 July 25

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The way a deity of demigod is presented with all seeing all knowing powers and can magically materialize objects. It all seems like something Disney studios would create. Who with out extreme brainwashing would ever buy into the myths created by men to control others.

azzow2 Level 9 July 28, 2019

Gaining knowledge and wisdom over the years is a great way to in-brainwash ourselves. Atheism is still a mostly taboo subject in the media for the most part. That’s why when atheists of all political stripes like Penn Juliette, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, David Cross, and Patton Oswalt are so important because they can bust out of the bubble where no one really talks about it.


Hard to be mad at something that doesn’t exist


God never makes the claim of existence according to our definition, not anywhere. Swing anna miss, sweetie.

@bbyrd009 which god “sweetie?”

Regardless, how can a nonexistent thing make a claim? My unicorn claims existence, prove me wrong!

@Marcie1974 Except for the people who, as one comment suggested, were/are mad at god and then "abandoned god." That to me is different than not believing god exists--hence the reason for the poll.

@Marcie1974 oh, my apologies, i'm from the deep south, bad habit with the sweetie thing i guess. God makes no claims of "existence: having objective reality or being" anywhere, that i am aware of? Allah doesnt, and YHWH doesnt, and Krishna doesnt?


If I believed god exists I would be mad at him.


The existence or non- existence of a god/gods is irrelevant to me. The disregard for separation of church and state in government are topics relevant.

I hope you find those posts

politics and religion are necessary to each other, vital even i guess. Obviously the "existence" or non- of a God or gods is paramount to your existence lol, regardless of your feelings on the matter


Well I must be ! I drive an average of 3 hrs daily when I work . Through a tunnel . At horrible traffic . " Jesus f Christ " is everybody's name in my car . I don't even know that Jesus boy . Sooo much hate 😂😂😂


I don't believe in god and I am NOT unsure!


No gods or tooth fairies. Nothing to be mad at imo.


I will say people who claim someone else is just "mad at god" are just as bad as screaming street corner preachers. The arrogance of telling someone else what their belief constitutes is off the chart.

Tell that to the guy who commented below that he started out being mad at god.

@lerlo Has nothing to do with someone else making a claim for others.

@lerlo He was “mad at god” and then became an atheist. He did not say he is claiming to be an atheist because he is “mad at god”.

@NoPlanetB apparently my experience is different than yours. And next time I make a post I will check with you first of course. The fact that at least one person has admitted being mad at god shows that my experience is correct and I wasn't telling anyone what to think but thanks for your input

@lerlo So you can't take criticism... got it.

@FreethoughtKaty good luck finding where I said that

@NoPlanetB only well-founded criticism

@lerlo No, you can't.

@NoPlanetB yes I can, sticking out tongue, your turn, as long as we're going to be childish


When I was, angry, it was in the direction of myself for being gullibile enough to be taken in by the nonsense.


In my case, anger at "god" led me to the realization there is no God, and the anger went away.

thanks for your comment, maybe you can explain to the people who are incredulous here that such a belief could exist.

@lerlo All kinds of beliefs exist that are believed without any evidence to support those beliefs, it's called faith.

“We either base our 'confidence' on reason (evident probabilities, past experience, competence, etc) or we base our beliefs on faith, which is blind by definition. Faith is the most dishonest position it is possible to have, because it is an assertion of stoic conviction that is assumed without reason and defended against all reason. If you have to believe it on faith, you have no reason to believe it at all.”― AronRa

@zblaze really like the quote you referenced. And thank you for your comment. Saved me the trouble. 😉


I am mad at the people who made up a god to prey on people and the people who continue to do so. I am sad for the rest.


Cannot be mad at something that is not real.

I don't believe in an invisible being that resides somewhere beyond the clouds.

At age 13, I became an atheist when I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men. Was never a believer.

I chose rational thought, not magical beliefs.

Michigan had a hard winter when I was 13. My 10-year-old brother and I read the World Book Encyclopedias. I was inspired by rational philosophers Spinoza and Descartes who bravely defied the church. They were anti-theist (anti-gods) and anti-clergy in the 1600s when heretics were burned at the stake.


How can I be mad at something that doesn't exist


I think you are a bit confused. There are some people who used to believe in a god, but came to the realization that there was no real evidence for one, based on what they had expected that particular god to be like. They stop believing because of the apparent lack of evidence, not because they were angry at some god. Maybe some were angry for having been duped in the first place.

I never really had any belief and I get really tired of people telling me that I must be angry at some thing that I don't even believe in.

I'm not confused at all and if you read the comments from the people who say they are mad at god, it is possible. I'm not accusing you of being mad at anything, it's just a choice. Some people decided god didn't exist one way, some people never stop believing but are just mad. Some were mad and then stopped believing. Happy for you to show me where I told you you were mad at god

@lerlo I get the feeling that you are looking for an argument. Lighten up, learn to laugh. Just a suggestion.

@itsmedammit which part of me being confused wasn't an argument? 😉


I'm mad at god the same way in mad at Hannibal lector. I hate him as a character, the way he is made into someone admirable despite his atrocities. People cheer both of them like they're heros and it really bothers me why.


Your assessment appears incorrect.

As does your spelling 🙂 As one comment probably correctly concluded, people might not admit being angry with god. Some of the comments get pretty angry over a pretty innocuous post. Why would someone who is not angry with god get upset about the suggestion that some people are angry with god unless I hit a nerve? A couple people had no problem admitting that they were once angry with god.

@lerlo read this.


I'm mad at the concept of god, as it is one of the most dangerous concepts ever invented by humans, responsible for such misery, especially a mono-theistic god which inevitably leads to heretics, factions, rival theologies, and war and death. That does not equate to being mad at a god that I somehow secretly believe in. No sir.


If someone is "mad at god", they would have to be a believer. Most of the comments I've read on this sight are from non believers.


I would have to believe a thing exists in order to be mad at it.

Deb57 Level 8 July 25, 2019

Kind of hard to be mad at something that isn't real.

only if you don't believe 🙂


Sounds like a question a believer would ask.....why be mad at something that doesn't exist? That's nonsensical. Now, I might get irate at the various followers of religions. THEY do things that impact my life in a real and concrete way. But that's a different discussion.

Let's see it says I voted for I don't believe or am unsure. Apparently it's a question that anyone can ask. Hard to fathom, in a place where many people used to believe and don't anymore that they can't quite grasp the idea that if they could believe in something, they could get mad at it. Apparently they believe that if they don't have the emotion no one else can.


I definitely and simply don't believe. Even if one did exist, I wouldn't waste time acknowledging it or waste time inside a building praising it.


Mad at Must be alot of angry people out there and not believing in all those 3000+ gods. Damn all of them to hell.

jorj Level 8 July 27, 2019

Can I be mad at people who happen to believe in god? That whole Council of Nicaea thing really opened a can of worms.


I'm simply a non believer


Mad at this stupid question being asked over and over. Not mad at Santa 🎅. Not mad at pixies 🧚♀️. Not mad at Leprechauns. Not mad at whichever “god” you think in your mind exists.

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