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Worth the time to watch. I share a few of these traits.

NoMagicCookie 8 Aug 12

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He started so well with reason, logic and analysis. Then ,sadly, to have his thinking potential so well and truly squashed. In a very human way he tried to fit in with those around him but it was inevitable that he would break through. Very well presented and told.


Yes, so perfectly put, 100% precise in ALL aspects.
" The Lord is my shepherd and I am merely a sheep, I SHALL do exactly what he wisheth without daring to question.........."


"Theism happened to me when I wasn't thinking." Yes, that pretty much sums it up. Dogma or Freedom? It's ironical that it's the religious that tout freedom when in reality they are shackled by dogma. Faith relies on acceptance rather than rational thought.

It relies on unconditional obedience as well, which actually becomes oppression.


"The perfect system for protecting lies." "A system that protected lies so efficiently would lay humans open to any conceivable abuse."

Great video! Well worth listening. Thanks for sharing.


Great analysis...religion has made a lot of people ‘crazy,’ and I have known a great many of them!!! The great deception! Sad!

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