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Has anybody watched "the Family" on Netflix? A very disturbing look at a seriously sinister "Christian" political lobby in Washington. Whatever your political views I think that everyone on this site should be aware of it.

273kelvin 8 Aug 17

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I don't have Netflix, but have been listening to the book on Audible this week, after hearing an interview with Jeff Sharlet on FFRF's podcast Freethought Radio. Wow! I'm glad this story is getting out.

I was hoping there would be a discussion about it here. I'll check back when I'm done listening to The Family and C Street. The documentary is likely more gripping than listening to the books being read, but at least I'm getting exercise/walking in while listening.

Seems to be something everyone should hear. I'm only a little bit into it, but so far, I'm understanding that the "Body of Christ" is a group of powerful people (men) manipulating society in a way to make the rich richer and the poor made to suffer as their contribution to God's plan or something like that. I'll see how my impression changes as I get further along in the story. Seems like a twisted idea that under the guise of piety makes greed seem okay to the powerful. Creepy so far, but important that this story is being told.

Thanks for your thoughts. It seems quite frightening that these people have so much power.


Just proves, once again, how utterly evil "christianity" truly is.
All the more reason to be an anti-theist.
And reject everything they proffer and demand, at every level.

There it is-take a stand OR


I agree! I have been keeping up with this...and we are being undermined by the religious right!


The veil is being lifted in all areas of this existence. Especially in Religion and Polyticks(πŸ™„) the two topics that we are constantly reminded are taboo. Wonder why πŸ€”

I haven’t seen it. Don’t think I will.. I don’t feel like getting angry and disgusted by it.


I've watched it. Highly disturbing. I also ordered the book which just arrived.


I got Netflix and saw it being advertised but I like my life to be happy and the program seemed to me to be too disturbing. It's like some horrible cult.

It was disturbing, but I made myself watch the whole thing. And, this horrible cult is doing its best to subvert our democracy so they can win the world to their version of Jesus--who is anti-democracy and pro rich and powerful. And, they think they are chosen by god and can do whatever they want to achieve their goals. So many things that have been going on, and that we can see going on, make so much sense in light of seeing this documentary.

@Joanne Yes I had an inkling that may be so. Everything that is happening is pointing to it. We have to fight it.


I've been watching it. It is disturbing. Watching all the religious leaders and politicians together is not what our constitution had in mind. This has been going on for a long time. This needs to stop, our elected officials should not mix religion and politics.


I do not need to watch the TV show to know that the religio-nazis are in charge, I see it every day in the news. Agnostics and Atheists should realize that being passive about what your position is, plays into their hands, they are out there all the time pushing their poison, while many Agnostics and Atheists hide in the shadows, which is not the thing to do . . . . there is no middle ground here, if you do not promote science and rational thought, you may as well just be another Christian. These people are intent upon taking matters into their own hands and destroying the earth in the process . . . .

With all due respect, "there is no middle ground here, if you do not promote science and rational thought, you may as well just be another Christian." I could easily change the words and say, "there is no middle ground here, if you do not promote christianity, you may as well just be another atheist," and you've got the same mentality. It's the mentality of forcing your own agenda onto everyone else.

I'm an atheist, sure, but you have no right to tell me how to express that in my life.

You do need to watch The Family. As much as you think you see around you, you do not know it all.

Promoting is not "forcing", it is advocating. I do not NEED to watch it . . . you say two things that are indeed contradictory.


Especially now that criticizing religion is less taboo (at least in the west), I predict seeing more things like this.
There’s an Atari style horror game called β€œFaith” that I think addresses some of the horrors caused specifically because of faith. Although it’s not inherently anti-religious


I’ve been trying to be in a better mood, so I have not watched it yet. πŸ˜•

Yes it seems to be a very powerful force, making those of us being fooled and taken advantage of to feel helpless. At least getting the story out in the open is a step in the right direction. Knowledge is empowering. Just knowing the story is getting out there hopefully puts you in a better mood, even without watching it.

I know a lot of people who feel the same way. It's good to practice self care, and that sometimes means unplugging for a day or so from all the news. πŸ˜‰


I have started but will fast forward past all the magic BS. I am sure it has had a very big effect (I wonder if they courted Obama) but, hopefully, as far as the people go more are becoming wise to this trickery.

Obama would not have needed much courting. Remember that he got a lot of support from the black baptist churches

@JackPedigo @273kelvin I have not watched. No Netflix. But, I believe Obama took part in the annual "Prayer Breakfast" and I've heard enough to bet that the same group started that event.

@LimitedLight That`s the one. Every president since Ike has attended

@273kelvin Christian Nationalism & Dominionism?

@273kelvin Yes and sometimes his prayers were overt. But, in his acceptance speech he actually mentioned the value on non believers. I also remember he was brought up by a single mother who was an atheist.

@LimitedLight It's called playing politics. A lot of his supporters are Christian and everyone should be included. His single mother was atheist and I question how much support he got from fundamentalists (certainly not S. Baptist ones).

@JackPedigo My point is he was blind to them.

@LimitedLight I doubt that. I think he was aware of everything that was going on and if not his advisors would inform him. Politics is a game and one needs to sometimes play by the rules, like them or not.


A friend watched it this week and told me about it. That was more than enough to thoroughly piss me off, so I doubt I'll watch it.

dkp93 Level 7 Aug 17, 2019

Yeah it’s a good show
Unfortunately I’ve been aware of this for awhile
I’d like to scrub my brain of it


Horror was never my preferred genre. (Not that Babylon Berlin is giving me the warm fuzzies either..)


yes, very disturbing and frightening


I've seen the family in the stars De Niro, Pfeiffer, and was directed by Luc Bess...wait a're talking about something else aren't you? Lol

Yes but that was a very good movie


So it's different than all the other conspiracy theory videos out there?

Yes, it is. This one is demonstrably real. The annual prayer breakfast is a real event.


Currently on the 3rd episode. Truly disturbing.


Yes, I put out the word whenever I can for people to watch it.


I watched the first episode which was pretty nauseating, I'll watch the rest soon..


I got it saved, will be watching soon.


Thanx for info; my reality could give it
a run though.....


I did see it and it did make me very mad.


I am shocked to learn intelligent people can buy into this load of crap! It is so wrong on so many levels. Thank goodness I watched it to increase my awareness of our culture neurosis.


The gangster-corruption in power must stop. Terra-Family needs moral evolution first, terraprotectivity before productivity. New necessity, new obligation: #humanterraprotectivegod .

Noemi Level 7 Aug 17, 2019
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