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Kamala Harris Plummets in Recent Poll

She now trends at 5%


St-Sinner 8 Aug 20

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Kamala is a very capable person. But, her personality does not make her a genuinely likeable person. I think she would make a good U.S. Attorney General.

Guys..... Calm down. I have a role for everybody....

  1. Kamala Harris - AG
  2. Pete Buttigieg - DNC Chairman
  3. Jay Inslee - EPA
  4. Julian Castro - HUD again
  5. Bernie Sanders - HHS
  6. Steve Bullock - Interior Secretary
  7. Michael Bennet - Education Secretary
  8. Wayne Messam - Race Relations Adviser

  1. Joe Biden - Go to a Retirement Home

@St-Sinner I could buy that.


Shit happens!

Too many chasing something they have no way of winning!

They all are sure ripping everyone off who contributes!

They have now combined collected (scammed) us out of over $550,000,000.00!!!

With fourteen months to the election in November 2020, the only ones making book are the TV, Radio, newspaper, and internet advertising ventures!!!

Combined the Democrates and republicans have raise over $890,000,000.00 so far!!!

Seems we are ripped off by both parties trying to sell us the world we deserve, but never receiving or delivered!!!

I gave Tulsi Gabbard 1$ to help get her to the debate. I love the way she makes the establishment squirm.

@Fred_Snerd She reads from notes like she did in the last debate to criticize Kamala Harris. She was a hired gun by Biden (Quid Pro Quo). She does not debate.


Sadly a woman will lose against tRump, just like hillary did. The electoral college only want men as president of this country


I'll start paying attention when they are down to less than 16 candidates.


Her record as AG in California is controversial to say the least. She let petty criminals off with a slap on the wrist and the result is that burglaries and home invasions are up. She talks about the middle class but has no problem throwing the especially white middle class under the bus. I also would like to see less influence of San Francisco in the Democratic party. San Francisco dominates California politics with both senators, the Speaker of the House and the Governor all from San Francisco. I have not been a supporter of her. Then again, I am not enthusiastic about any of the candidates currently running, but would support any of them against Trump including Harris.


I just don't like her, so I'm not unhappy to see that.


This does not make me sad.


She really put me off in the second debate. Not surprised.

If you are going to hit a respectable veteran like Joe Biden to score cheap political points to move up in the polls, that's what you are going to get. People don't like that kinda shit.

@St-Sinner I don't agree that they were cheap political points, and I think Biden is fair game as an anachronism. She is a strong and capable candidate. But to me, she didn't come off well in the second debate. Andrew Yang did.


Kamala Harris Packed California Prisons With Pot Peddlers

A politician who's a hypocrite?
Why I never....!!!!! 😀


I just want to see who's going to make the next debate fiasco November 2020 is a long way away.


I don’t trust these polls, given Russian interference in the last election. They always run down the top contenders

UUNJ Level 8 Aug 20, 2019

Still better than tRump.

She is not beating 4 other candidates above her in her own party, how can she even come close to beating Trump?

@St-Sinner Because hopefully anyone who runs against him will win. Unless people are foolish enough to stay home.

@NHjulie Right, people must vote.

However, most polls show Trump's chances as above 50% of winning in 2020.



Varn Level 8 Aug 20, 2019

She is a hypocrite.


I hate to see this. I REALLY have a strong dislike for Warren but would vote for her over the ignorant Cheeto...


Down there with "Spartacus", and Beto? No surprise there..... Biden is not doing well,so Warren will be the nominee?

I think Warren will win the nomination because Biden is an expert in self implosion. Sanders, the Hunchback will not be nominated. It will be a suicide of the democrats.


  1. Biden will self implode. He is a master of gaffes. He has done it three times since 1988
  2. Bernie will not be nominated. Trust me. Voters know he is not electable in the general, Trump will chew him up
  3. Warren will nicely move-up

@St-Sinner, Are hunchbacks now, as are Atheists, unelectable? Polls consistently show Quasi Moto wiping the floor with trump. But hey, it's a long time out.

@desertastronomer Jew, Mormon, Atheist, Hindu, Muslim and gay candidates will not get elected for president for another 30 years. I did not make these rules.

Don't discount Andrew Yang. []

"Biden will self implode. He is a master of gaffes"
Ahhh... but that is where Trumps weakness becomes Biden's strengths given that gaffes aren't a deadly as they were before. 😉
Or put another way, the democrats are more likely to accept Bidens gaffes over those of Trump.

@linxminx, I'd love to see him make his case for universal basic income. What do you think, St-Sinner? I don't see Orientals on your list?

@desertastronomer Yes, please add Oriental if both parents are oriental. If at least one parent is a white American, it can work, like it did in Obama's case. They must be church going, not Buddhists, not Shinto. But it still reduces the chances.

@desertastronomer, @linxminx
At this point when he polling at 1% after 6 months into the race, he is already counted out - no matter how brilliant his ideas are. He is not passing the muster. No one who is polling at 1% below 7 other candidates has ever come from behind and won the nomination.

@St-Sinner, Damn, all of these rules! My copy of the Constitution must be the abridged version. Or maybe they've amended it while I wasn't looking.


Wonder what is underneath that low rating?

If you are going to hit a respectable veteran like Joe Biden to score cheap political points to move up in the polls, that's what you are going to get. People don't like that kinda shit.

@St-Sinner, I feel I must point out, there is nothing respectable about Joe (drug war architect) Biden.

@St-Sinner I don’t think that is quite the answer. I can’t say what else it could be either...she just lost traction right before our eyes!

@desertastronomer I have followed Biden for years, I hold him in high regard. No one hits the mark every time. But, he did aim carefully.

@Freedompath, Do you understand clearly his role in the War on Drugs?

@Freedompath, Joe Biden: The Architect of America’s Disastrous War on Drugs []

@desertastronomer I hardly believe we can blame Biden for that whole debacle. Many hands were ‘dirtied’ during that time, as I remember!

@Freedompath Biden is directly responsible for the vast majority of injustices. Because of Biden, millions of people suffered . So yes, I blame Joe Biden.

@desertastronomer ok...that is where you stand...I have watched Biden for years...and overall I respect him, but do not agree with all his decisions...but ‘hell’ ...I disagree with a greater portion of my own decisions! But, I can stand with Biden (and I am still not for him to become the nominee, too late in life for him).


Well that's a bummer. I was kind of rooting for her, more than for Biden anyway.


I'm not surprised. I'm sure she's a smart, competent woman but she comes off as dour and humorless. She lacks personal appeal and likability. She's also a centrist so I won't be sorry to see her go.

Who cares about likability. That argument was used against Gore and propped Bush Jr as an actual legitimate candidate.

@Friskycat Basic human nature; the more likable one is, the more people respond favorably to that person. It's a valuable asset to have in politics,


5% is actually pretty generous


If you are going to hit a respectable veteran like Joe Biden to score cheap political points to move up in the polls, that's what you are going to get. People don't like that kinda shit.


this may be partly due to a link that is going around that no one is reading except for the title. the title says she now rejects bernie's medicare for all. oh no, kamala no longer wants medicare for all? well, no, that is actually not the correct conclusion. she has her OWN plan and thus rejects bernie's. hers is medicare for all too. now you may like hers better, you may like his better, but the thing is, if you shared the article, a perfectly good article by the way, about her rejecting bernie's plan, and do NOT comment that she has her OWN plan, and/or DO make the false comment that she is now against medicare for all, you'd be perpetuating a lie. i like to think that we don't DO that.

another misapprehension about kamala's plan is that it seems to be privatizing medicare! this is NOT true. that's not true. if you are on medicare or medicaid you know that currently the government uses private insurers to administer medicare and medicaid. her plan is to keep that in place but be stricter with the private insurers, not turn medicare over to them. if you don't like that, fine, but let's not go pretending she's planning to privatize medicare. that is NOT what her plan says.'

i'm not voting for harris in the primaries, not because i dislike her but because i adore elizabeth warren, whom i met last night, by the way. but i'll be damned if i start slandering the other candidates. if they do something wrong, fine. i will not lie about them or perpetuate lies about them.

i am not saying THIS article lies; i have not even read it. i am saying that if the title is true, that harris has slipped in the polls, there may be some good reasons and there may be some bogus reasons too, having to do with what i described above.




I like Kamala. I think she is a good government official. I feel like she is getting poor campaigning advice. Unfortunately this may hurt her for this election cycle, but she will be back.

I wanted to like her enough to support her, but I just couldn't.
I listened to her tell a completely unnecessary lie, for no other
reason than she was pandering to the radio audience and the
person who was interviewing her for their radio show.
I've caught her straight-up pandering a few other times as well.
She has rendered herself disingenuous to me.
She can go.

@KKGator Hmmmm....that's not good.

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