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I just had someone try and convert me to Christianity.
 I'm like… “What a coincidence, I'm going to convert you to atheism.”
 He told me that I would NEVER convert him to atheism.
 I'm like… “What a coincidence, I also cannot be converted.”
 He said, “But I'm telling you the truth. I have the good news.”
 I'm like… “What a coincidence, I am also speaking the truth which IS good news.”
 He said… “There's just no reasoning with you…”
 I'm like… “What a coincidence.”

Benthoven 8 Aug 20

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So you're saying I shouldn't try to convert you? Might I point out that the Metric System has many advantages over the Imperial System.

And it's how we count our drugs.


Like it 🙂


maybe you could play football & someone could convert a touchdown..


Funny how some people think they know what is best for a stranger.


I had a guy instant that I needed to take care of my soul and prepare. He was baffled that I had no desire to waste my time on his fiction.


When I realized I was atheist it was almost like Paul with the scales falling off his eyes. For the first time I could see.


I hope that was a real exchange 😀

Varn Level 8 Aug 20, 2019

In all fairness, there was a little more to it, but it distilled down to pretty much that conversation right there.

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