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I get so sick of being labeled a "bleeding heart liberal" or other such epithet every time I express an opinion that supports decency toward my fellow humans. It is difficult for me to refrain from countering by labeling such critics as "heartless, selfish bastards", but I usually succeed . . . because I don't want to be guilty of stooping to their level. Any other "bleeding heart liberals" out there pissed off that their compassion and good will are being frequently denigrated?

Rob48 7 Aug 23

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I call myself a STRONG liberal, like strong coffee or strong rope.


"Bleeding heart liberal"? It proves you have a heart.

That being said, I find liberal too far right for me.


"Libtard," "tree hugger," and my personal favorite: "Snowflake." Yes, I get called "Snowflake" by people who clutch their guns to their chests in fear every time there is another mass shooting, because they're afraid someone will take their toys away. I get called "Snowflake" by people who are so terrified of socialism that they will embrace fascism, so scared of Mexicans that they happily pal around with Russians and North Koreans, and who tremble in terror at the idea of a trans person in the public restroom. But I'm the "Snowflake."

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 24, 2019

Wear it like a badge of honor. I do. I own up to being a bleeding heart liberal if it means being decent to fellow planet dwellers.


I often just stop trying to explain/respond. They use their talking points repeatedly and when all else fails use insults. I only block when there's a viciousness to their responses. I'm not a Democrat but have been a registered independent/unaffiliated for 41 years, I typically lean liberal but have voted for republicans.


What's kinda funny is the conservative political force in Australia is the Liberal party.


To me it was worse 20yrs. ago; i had discussions with siblings(staunch conservitives).Womens rights,labor laws,
enviorment-on all of these issues they took the closed minded approach-don't change the status quo. They and
others embraced ignorant entitled views about science
and humanity-hence thier idea of REALITYis skewed toward
power and the control that HAS played in society.
Over time i have come to PITY this mindset where ever
i find it,believe me brother-its at work today.They feel comfortable in the idea that ONLY THOSE LIKE THEM
are worthy to input social change( fear of loss of control
and power).Scratch a bully or a TYRANT/you find fear.
Thanx,good post💠


Anyone who resorts to ad hominem, denigration and epithets can be summarily dismissed. Ha! 😀


Better a bleeding-heart liberal than a stone-hearted conservative. If I get called out for being liberal, I ask them why they think that is an insult. Liberals are responsible for positive social changes, not conservatives.


So far, I have blocked and reported over 40 Trumpsters who personally attacked me for being a Democrat.

Personal attacks are against Community Guidelines:

"We welcome debate and dissent but personal attacks, persistent trolling and similar abuse will not be tolerated."

You have been attacked by Trumpsters on this site? Great photos!

Are you talking about blocking them on HERE?


Yes, on I became active in February 2018.


It’s how the dwindling number of US ‘self-proclaimed conservatives’ rally their troops. They label - and after decades of demonizing the word ‘liberal,’ they use it to death..

Nowhere near accurate with regard to mainstream ‘America’ - it’s whipped out whenever US citizens exhibit the logical desire to: limit assault weapons, expect the wealthy help those who fed their success, realize our nation needs national single-payer health care, less military spending, environmental protection … prepare for the “L Word” ..and whatever derogatory descriptions hate-radio or FOX are promoting..

Their lack of nuance assures me their ‘concern for our nation’ only extends as far as themselves.

But I get it ..and I’m only a moderate 😉

Varn Level 8 Aug 23, 2019

i get more worked up about the claim that the left "hates." i usually tend to respond "yes, liberals. the flower children of hate." they don't ever seem to get this statement. some even mistake the response for solidarity. idiots.

my take is that it is not hate in the sense that conservatives understand it (you know hate of brown people/immigrants, or ' the muslims ', or ' the gays ', or those perceived coming for their arsenal, or the non-religious, or free loading poor people - feel free pick your hateful stance.) i posit that its more akin to an intolerance for stupid and hateful expressed vehemently. this hating hate is hijacked and turned into ' you hate your own people ' or ' you hate god ' or some other insane statement, imo.

i do agree with your post wholly. just above sticks in my craw worse, i guess. not only is it frustrating, i have seen it occur to people who are not liberals, just took a position on a subject aligned with a typically liberal sentiment, and were then labeled bleeding hearts.


Of course


Yup me too and tell them off frequently, fuck off

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 23, 2019

I’m not American so it doesn’t really apply so much here in the UK. But I’m aware of the rhetoric and am aware that being a liberal...which I have always been, is now used as a pejorative term in the USA. It’s very sad that by believing that we should reach out with a helping hand to others, and a belief in a fair taxation system with a welfare programme to protect those who fall through the net, it is considered nowadays to be radically left wing. I think it is just being a caring human being, and who knows when any of us may need to avail of it, so it’s in our own interests to promote such a system.


I fully understand. I usually respond to such remarks by saying something like, "just what I would expect from an irrational, bigoted and aggressive member of the reactionary right."


Nah, I tell them that not only are they heartless, but point out in detail how actually nasty they are....then LOL as they deflect, deny saying it, or go on the attack....but Never address the actual awful remark, never, even if directly asked.

They can’t address their remark because it wasn’t theirs … they’re merely parroting decades old misinformation ..or whatever fox ‘and friends’ fed them for breakfast 🙂

How true...sad when its flesh and blood
...tends to leave gaps in relationships-or am i kept around to "poke at " for entertainment !!!


It is frustrating to see people gripe about money being "wasted" on the poor and yet, they support an administration who gives the 1% the biggest breaks.

And it’s not like these people are wealthy, most lack the ability to convey their thoughts in articulate English. They’re wannabees.. smarmy lowlife assuming, if they continue kissing up to Master ..he’ll trickle down some wealth their direction.. Dipshits 😉

@Varn We are in total agreement.

@Varn ,
also possible that some of them fully realize that the system ( financial & otherwise) is iredeemably broken. they're Fcked & they choose to speed up the process & take all the ppl who supported the phony excuse for a democracy down with them.
can't say i blame them. the limousine lib demos did just as much, if not more, damage to them as the neo-conservative repubs.

@callmedubious The Republicans make it worse … and their angry enablers say ‘we told you so!’

What I’ve noticed is ‘the system’ gets better under Democratic rule, and worse with Republicans. The R’s work for the wealthy, cutting regulations that allow them to screw the workers. When the economy falls apart, it’s always - ‘Bring in the Dems!’ The D’s fix it, things begin to straighten out … but the entire time ..the R’s have been spending big to demonize and undercut the D’s.

I’d say you’ve hit on something that’s rarely discussed, though… ‘The Angry’ ... wanting to take the system down.. Not to make it “A more perfect Union,” but destroy it ... with hope they’ll end up in a more powerful place than they are now. I suspect that’s a profile that’d fit many of the belligerent aggressors hounding folks around here..

No system appears ‘perfect,’ though the Scandinavian systems appear more inclusive and fair ..with happy, satisfied citizens as proof.. But when ignorant conservatives (or Regressives, wanting to move backward) hear they’d not be allowed to become obscenely ‘rich,’ and would be expected to help support a society that included other people … they scream “Socialism” - and reach for a gun 😕

Representing the worst of our society, and obviously antisocial.. expecting them to change, or seek treatment appears futile... But, they remain a minority, a dangerous and easily manipulated minority… They’d be The Brown Shirts. So our majority needs to act in its best interest. Will we, or will we continue to allow ..just enough of us to be picked off around election time to keep things getting worse?

@Varn ,
"What I’ve noticed is ‘the system’ gets better under Democratic rule, and worse with Republicans."
i think if you check the statistics you'll find that "the system" only got better for the wealthy under obama's 8 yrs. he bailed out the banks/wall st. & never prosecuted even one of the crooks responsible for the great financial crash. he was wall street's whore.

@callmedubious Obama gave me $8,000 to buy a house. Keep babbling as it falls on deaf ears.

@Gwendolyn2018 ,
i sincerely hope you're able to keep your house.

@callmedubious I have enough money to pay off my house if I wish. The only way I will lose my house is if and when Trumpass' recession becomes a reality and my IRAs and CDs are lost if banks crash. Of course, with Trumpass wanting to cut SS, that could mean I work for the rest of my life. Trumpass' new tax policies did cause me to pay twice the taxes last year as I did the years before.

@callmedubious Obama prettymuch saved this nation… After he did, the R’s moved to oppose him on everything.. Obama obviously realized that for the little folks to have a functioning economy, the big folks needed saving. I heard very few complaints at the time.

But bush jr crashed it bigtime, then it was ‘Call in the Dems’ time. Again..

@Varn Agreed--great minds think alike.


You aren't bleeding heart liberal. You are a caring human being. Stay like that

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