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Pete Buttigieg talked about his Episcopal faith on the Stephen Colbert show tonight. Although he isn't my first favorite Democratic candidate, I've been pretty impressed with the quiet rationality he has displayed thus far, and I wasn't offended or threatened by what he said tonight. I do think it is sad that just about every candidate for political office has to profess religious beliefs though. What do you think?

GarytheGondolier 6 Sep 6

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I agree with your thinking.

I find Mayor Pete honest. Willing to take ownership of failure. Has logical plans to address some of our major issues. Logical.

I further like his position on “religious freedom”. I think that’s Very important (as a number of congresspeople are abusing that “freedom” to exhibit bias against members of the LGBTQ community. Both Indiana Senators have sided with tRump on the issue of “equality”, essentially denying these people theater rights.)


He's the real deal....might not be "seasoned" enough this go round but I think he has a bright future in politics....and is definitely presidential material. IMHO


Is he being rationally honest about the dangers of capitalism and US imperialism? Sociopaths are extremely rational - but only about their own gratification.


I like him, and having a religious belief doesn’t make him a fool or a bigot, There a couple I’d be happy to vote for. Also, Some Episcopalians profess their goals are to be logical and accepting of Science. As long as there is no mob mentality, I am ok with him.


He has some good ideas.


I like Mayor Pete. I hope he at least gets the VP ticket at some point...


He's a decent human being


I think many successful politicians profess religious beliefs simply to avoid being called atheists and to appeal to a larger audience. Many more may truly have strongly held religious beliefs, because that's the norm in their part of the country and how they were brought up.

In Pete's case, every time he mentions his faith, he does so while also reaching out to other faiths and non-believers, so I appreciate his inclusiveness, and he also mentions his faith to point out his beliefs versus the hypocrisy of those who use faith to justify hatred and mistreatment.

I normally dislike any candidate touting their faith, but with Pete, I feel he is just sharing who he is, to reach others similarly inclined, while at the same time reaching out to a broader audience. He seems very thoughtful and fair minded, and while he might not make it all the way at this time, he is adding to the conversation and raising awareness, making good points which elevate the conversation all around.

Candidates that claim faith but do not extend respect for non-believers are dangerous. While I usually prefer a candidate who doesn't mention faith at all, in Pete's case, he does it in a way that is palatable.

I agree, I always enjoy listening to him speak and hear about his ideas for the Country. He's very genuine.


Unfortunately it would probably be pretty much impossible for an openly atheist person to win an election.


I like him. He seems well spoken, logical, caring, empathetic but, I just don't think now is the time for him. He could use more experience for sure. Try governor, senate, or something first. His religion is of absolutely no concern to me and I don't see him pushing it on others. If he did well, it would be a deal breaker for me but until then I wish him much luck in politics. *oh, and I think they all need to pander to the religious on at least a small scale since most just aren't accepting to the anti religious/atheist. Then they would be ridiculed and marked as Satanists for sure! Lmao

I disagree that now isn't the time. Look at what we have in office now. Pete is vastly more experienced and more knowledgeable than trump.

@Eazyduzzit You can't compare him to Trump and his experience( or lack thereof). Yes he'd be better than Trump but that doesn't mean that he's the BEST and most experienced among our current options. I just think he could be an amazing president with more experience.


We live in a world with many people of different views. We must learn to be friends and allies to people who, while they may not think exactly as we do, have overall progressive open minds. Some segments of the Christian faith and other faiths do fall in to this category. We need to learn to recognize them as friends and allies.Not all people who think differently then us are "bad people" . We want the freedom to think as we choose. We can not deny it to others. We have to stand up when the extremists want us to follow their values. To do this we need those open mined people to be our allies.


Considering the Republicans recently elected, even worship the least religious, moral, honest, caring president I’ve ever seen ... concern over one’s religion may actually have died. If ‘this’ is what religion brings us - bring on an Atheist!

Varn Level 8 Sep 6, 2019

A good reply but WE MUST ALL, including Atheists, STOP co-mingling religion and morality in the same sentences.


Unfortunately this country has a large group of people that will crucify and demonize anyone who doesn't believe in their God. An atheist candidate would not fair well with the majority of the voters. I believe that Bernie Sanders is an atheist, but he will never say it.

I think Bernie is a closet Atheist who is culturally Jewish. He's too smart to admit he is an atheist as long as he has presidential ambitions because he knows how much baggage that would add to what he already has with the socialist label.

They should all say it...we need to come out of the closet once and for all.

I can just hear Colbert imitatiting Sanders if he came out as an atheist. The hand gestures, voice and all. I'm sure the jokes would be good.

Yes I agree he’s likely an atheist and so is Trump but Bernie is a far out radical socialist left wing piece of crap where as Trump is a businessman and a capitalist and we are doing a lot better under him than that idiot Obama.

@Trajan61 Trump is a failed businessman and a lying piece of shit who inherited money, and inherited a good economy that was taken out of a recession, and that lying racist, treacherous piece of scum is going to destroy.


It's what they do...pander to the people.

Actually they pander to the voters. And guess who the most reliable voters are?

@twill Well people = voters but thanks for mansplaining.

@ReadyforaChange mansplaining? really? Oh whatever

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