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Here at a monthly Ask An Atheist Event.

WeaZ 7 Sep 6

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Where was that at? Is there a schedule somewhere online?

@WeaZ Ok got it, thx. I'll look it up, who knows.


Our monthly tea and social today is replaced by a presentation by Dr Patrick Pillay. I am really looking forward to this.



Any good stories come out of it?


What?! 😅 I’d never heard of such a thing. What’s it like? Where is it?


That's the middle of the Bible Belt.

You are a very brave man.

BD66 Level 7 Sep 6, 2019

My only question is “what’s the point?”, but I’m a pretty miserable little creature so don’t bother answering. 🐸

@WeaZ oh man... you weren’t supposed to answer.

@WeaZ You were supposed to respond. You figured it out. LOL.

No, but for real, I’m kind of apathetic when it comes to that kind of stuff. It’s not my thing but I’m glad you’re out there doing it; especially if you really enjoy it.

@WeaZ I'm appreciative of people like you who can do this. I don't trust my abilities well enough to go out and talk to the public about it, but I'm glad there are people who can.


I’ve been really intrigued by the idea of doing this, and have often informally been in a position of being the only open atheist in situations involving friends or coworkers. So, I field their questions, which have always been respectful and genuinely curious. But, doing it in public ...? Would love to hear from anyone who’s done it as to what the experience was like! Please include some context (at a mall, or county fair, etc.), and also where (small town, big city; bible belt, West Coast, etc.) Any practical guidelines or advice also would be appreciated!


I kind of get the whole question an Atheist thing on, well, whatever, on most social sites. But on an Agnostic site it seems rather redundant. Although to be honest, I've never been to an "Atheist event". So I could be wrong. I don't mean to sound crass. It's just, to me, I find Atheists, as well as Agnostics the more , well informed of the norm.

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