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So I just did a count and since the middle of July, 8 young women β€” all young enough to be my daughter and perhaps granddaughters have messaged me through Twitter allegedly from all over the USA. One marriage proposal in the lot and others claiming that they want to be friends. Scamming on the rise?

ToolGuy 9 Sep 7

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Yes it is. Most likely not pics of the women themselves and also be aware that men use women pics to do the scamming. Nobody will talk to you on the phone and after 4 or 5 texts they all love you. πŸ™‚ They will come live with you if you send them money.


I get them too but mine are usually in military uniform of some sort. Usually with a clear English as a second language pattern of writing.. More on Facebook than here but it happens.

Also the religious ones that look like they are probably trying to convert me.

MsAl Level 8 Sep 7, 2019

I agree especially the Eew factor to be with a woman my daughters age (44). Too many men are simply looking for a trophy wife (look at all the rich and Hollywood types). Too many put sex and the bravado of being able to sire a child even in old age. I try and stay away from sites as twitter and would simply delete any requests from such women. I have an age range in my settings and will stick to it. To me, compatibility is the number 1 thing I look for.

Agree . If u are over 60 and u don't see a problem dating a someone younger than your kids , what can I say .

@OwlInASack Funny but every one of my committed relationships (5) were exactly 6 years younger. All born in the sign of the snake (Asian astrology).

@OwlInASack No judgement received. To each his own (but I still think a wide age range is gross). There are a few cougars out there but you might be too old lol. []


E-whoring is a multi-million dollar scam industry that has become popular in recent years due to the rise of filters that replace one persons face with someone more attractive. Based on your profile, I can say that you look like a good fit for the kind of person they like to scam. They like older, successful, single men who are not very emotionally sensitive.

Basically they start a conversation, talk you up for a few weeks gradually letting it slip out that they do some "business on the side", then some tragic event happens, usually when you meet on a video-chat service such as skype and their "pimp" forces them to not talk to you anymore. After about a week and a half, they contact you and say that their pimp will not let them go unless they pay him some absurd amount of cash, usually in the $5,000 - 10,000 range.

You can fight this by doing a reverse image search on google or Yandex by dragging and dropping the picture to the search bar if you are suspicious, or doing a reverse name lookup on one of about 50 sites to make sure they are a real person. If anyone asks you for money online, just don't pay it. If you get more than one at a time, something fun to do is to make them talk to each other. I have had some comedic results with that, scammers hate each other.

"E-whoring". I like that!

@twill Wait, you like e-whoring, or the concept?

@Happy_Killbot I like the phrase, the word


This is totally legit. I mean, look at them. How else are they supposed to be able to attract a man? πŸ˜‚



They are everywhere now!

I get almost one a day anymore!

All NOT age appropriate!!!

Not on this site!

Only been approached four times in the last month on this site!!!

I blocked them!


Toolguy, you are an amazing chick magnet! Share your secret! Better yet write a book telling men how they can use your method to become irresistable chick magnets.

Yes! The title could: "How I Made the E-whores Fall Madly in Love With six e-z steps!"


These are very rarely the picture of the real person and are usually stolen pics of random women. There are sites where you can actually buy a whole group of different 'real life' photos of women. There was a documentary on British TV about these scam farms, some in Korea and China had people literally chained to desks playing games to make money in online games which their masters then sold for real money. Others were romance scams. These to me are the cruelest of all. They target the lonely, often older people desperate for some love. My advice is if it feels too good to be probably is a scam.


I get them from facebook, instagram, the dating sites I used to be on, and some from here, too. I'm automatically suspicious of unknown young attractive women wanting to friend me out of the blue.


At least you get spammed, i don’t get even an uncooked oat😟. A very lonely breakfast indeed πŸ˜‰

Dude, you're not old enough yet. Grey hair is the draw. It makes us seem dumb enough to part with what we have in our bank accounts. LOL!!!

@IAJO163 That's the truth!

You might be richer that lots of seniors, but scammers assume you can get young girls easily, so they target seniors like me, even though I have no money, thinking I'll do anything to get a young girl!

@Merseyman1 That's their plan. I might go for it if they give me a discount on Viagra. LOL!!!


Seems legit to me. πŸ˜‚


Well, at least most of them show something above their clavicle.......


Twitter... Useless...


Just spamming! I get them and I’m a heterosexual woman.


I get about one a week on facebook, always friend request and they all want to get to know me so we can be better friends. Considering that I am one of those people who gives facebook all my personal information so that anyone can see where I live and what I do for a living, the first thing all these girls ask is where I live and what I do for a living.


I get them all the time on my 4 dating site accounts. They all claim to be in their sixties, few of them speak high-school-level English, and they all describe themselves in nebulous platitudes rather than descriptive statements.

If I ever got a message from a real woman I'd shit myself.


The future Melanias of the world have gone hi-tech.


I get those all the time in E-mail and Facebook. All of them are sexy and beautiful, model-like, and they all say I'm handsome sexy and fun and want to meet me, but I know I'm only fun!


Maybe this is another reason to legalize prostitution. These people could go work in a bordello and not have to do all the fake marketing. Another thing, any respectable bordello provides healthcare.

Too bad the overwhelming majority of these fake accounts are oversees and maintained by men.


Yeah I get those all the time.


I get them daily in my email and sometimes in my Facebook. It's tough being a handsome senior! LOL!!! That image of Hal Holbrook shaking and twitching uncontrollably in "Brainstorm" keeps coming to mind and scares me away from dealing with younger women.


Since you have so many young women offering themselves as sex toys, it does seem ungrateful to dismiss them 'out of hand'


I don't do Twitter but if I did yes I would consider this a scam if those are the pictures you actually received, wow! I would have the same chance meeting one of them as I would god.😣


So don't do Twitter.


So much crap, so little time.

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