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Ex South Carolina Governor and Congressman, Mark Sanford to challenge Trump in Primary? Your thoughts? Also Bill Weld, former Massachusetts governor and ex-Rep and right talk show host, Joe Walsh?

sassygirl3869 9 Sep 8

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Those 'cons are just looking for publicity.


Idk at this point.


Mark Sandford, because adding another lying adulterous narcissist to the GOP primaries just makes sense.


Hopefully after pulling all that cash from military spending to put to his stupid wall more from the gop will denounce trump.
As to whether this is good for a democratic must win in 2020 I can't say. But some states are not even going to have a gop primary!!


They're being blocked from state primaries to protect trump

Yup... Sad Sacks!


One more cheating, lying Republican looking to run the country. Imagine that!


This is why the Repubs are in such a hurry to shut down their primaries -- wouldn't want to give conservative leaning folks the option of voting for someone who's not totally crazy and corrupt!

Another reason is that if these others do run they will cyphen off need Trump votes.


The more the merrier.

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