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Hi Everyone. I have just joined this group and I am not sure it is the right place for me. I seems a bit young and a bit American. I am interested in moral philosophy and baroque music. Should I go elsewhere?

CeliaVL 7 Mar 20

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I think you should stay. Not enough people consider me young, and I need all the help I can get. You can find moral philosophy by the truckload here, but baroque music lovers might take some energy to uncover. No matter what you decide, welcome! ?

zeuser Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

Nah, hang with us, at least a little while. You might find something worth sticking around for. It’s pretty American, but not particularly young. In any case, we all enjoy conversation.

skado Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

I thought there were more elders here. I guess it depends what posts you are looking at eh?


I'm not sure either of those things are inherently negative. Maybe give it a chance and then decide.


Lots of moral and social philosophy here. Dip your foot in the water's fine. Welcome to a freethinker community.


I am baroque most of the month and the music that being poor makes me listen to is the blues. when I get some money I listen to pink floyd and queen and talking heads.

I can go along with Pink Floyd and Queen. Don't really know Talking Heads - maybe not my generation?


Try us on for size... I think you'll find a diverse community of interesting people...


I'll be honest, I definitely feel like the minority. Which, being English, I am. But as for tastes, hobbies, age etc, it's pretty diverse, you shouldn't need to worry about that. I'm definitely one of the youngest people here, and I feel out of place at times, when people start talking about life experience. Of which I have none.

Cribbio! 19 anni? Io Ho qualque anno in piu purtroppo.

Time will change that for you, as it does for all of us. You surely still have outlooks we could all benefit from. Don't be intimidated by us, we're relatively harmless & only a few of us bite!

@MarcIveson ecco che ricominci a darti delle arie ......................Ma dai!!!

Ne t'en fais pas - il y a de tout ici.

@MarcIveson Slow and steady, man. I'm still on beginner's Italian.

@phxbillcee I'm not intimidated, don't worry about that. On the contrary, I find this is one of the few places where I can talk to people on an equal intellectual footing, as arrogant as that sounds.

@JosephHarrison Not at all. We all bring different strengths to the table! Was just commenting on how you felt out of place, settle in & get comfortable!

I think it is quite useful for us to talk to the other visitors to this site. In the UK we get a fairly one-sided picture of the USA and this group seems more diverse. A younger viewpoint is essential, too.


Welcome! There are humans from all over and from what I have seen, a lot of ages are represented. The community is wonderful! 🙂


well hello, young you say? thanks. lol


Do not think that there is a give philosophy to follow here, everyone is quite pleasant. My grandmother was all english her maiden last name was Lonsberry very English. Age should never matter where it matters is maturity meaning how logical you are. Welcome to the realm of the realistic btw.


Thanks for joining us. I hope you feel welcome, and that diversity is welcomed. I’d love to be considered young. I’m 48, very fit, and often confused for younger, but never young. ?


Stay, at least for a while. See if it is stimulating enough. Other Brits have joined, and people from a number of different countries belong as well. Welcome. Oh, by the way, I am a grandfather.


Please give us a chance, after all, many Americans are from European descent. As far as age, I should be considered a fossil. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with.


Hi Pensionista! Welcome to the website. As to your remark that the site seems "a bit young", well, I'm 73 years old and I don't feel uncomfortable here. As for "a bit American", yes, it probably is, but what's wrong with that? I enjoy chatting with people from all over the world. It's a wonderful way to get different perspectives on issues. I am an avid classical music lover and I know there are many others on this site. I hope you stay on the site for a while just to check it out. Are we Americans that scary? Maybe our President is, but I think he's scary to a vast number of Americans. He was just a terrible mistake that some American voters made in 2016, but we, and the world, will hopefully survive him!


It does seem a bit American, but middle aged to older.

Depends on what you see as middle-aged! 50-60 seems middle-aged to me.

@CeliaVL I don't think many people are living to 100.
40 seems middle aged to me.


Define moral philosophy. Specifically Kant, or ethics in general?

Post a query and you will definitley get opinions.

There are a few subjects of the crown lolling about and the ages are pretty scattered along the time line. I was alive for the British Invasion (NOT the War of 1812), but prefer Elvis Costello and Sex Pistols.

Moral philosophy I would define as those questions where we can and often do use the words 'ought' and 'should'. I am interested in such issues as 'What is duty?' and more specifically, 'What is my duty?' and 'What is a good life, and how do I live it?'

@CeliaVL Hey Celia. No degrees in Philosophy, but nonetheless, a bit of a student.
I abhor "should-ism." You live in Texas, you SHOULD have a gun. Good people SHOULD go to church. Anytime I hear should or ought, my defense mechanisms kick in.

@CeliaVL A good life. Wow, that is the existential question. Can we even know what is good? That's why I am not an anti-theist. You won't see me on long rants about when people say God Bless You! after a sneeze. I like to think I am pragmatic. I arrived a place in my life where god no longer worked for me. So I left her there, at the crossroads. I felt better.
If religion helps someone get through the day, good luck to them.


well obviously its your choice but it is a very good place for some interesting chat irrelevent of the peoples orrigan. im from the UK myself. give it a bit of a look around and see how you feel is my advice.


Well, I'm a Yank, but not at all young anymore, except at heart, hopefully! Moral philosophy is important to many of us, so you fit right in there. We also have a few groups dedicated to music, tho not specifically your genre. That's cool, tho, turn folks on to what you love & they will reciprocate & we will all be broadened! Welcome & good luck!


Welcome . You can't help it if you are young ! Why would you want to go elswhere ? You may well be in the minority of liking baroque music ....I love opera . Enjoy yourself here .


Like, most of us are american, and a good percent are younger


There are plenty of oldies on here. But it's not a music site!


I'm a newbie far as being on this site goes. On the age side, I did develop an interest in geology from watching the earth form. Please stay.


it is very american and therefore can raise the eyebrows but there are some smart members around . I was wondering why there is no music or travelling sections to this but still there are some interesting reads through the babble

Besides a general Music Category, there are at least 2 groups dedicated to music!!!


We are not all as experienced and wise as you, But there may be a few here worth your time.


I'm 55 years young

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